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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 28 Recap

In the morning, Hong He looked at Time’s listlessness and asked him what was going on. Time told him that Wei Da was not signed. When Hong He heard this, he was very surprised and thought that Wei Da did not want him. He didn’t expect Shi Jian to say that he and Fang Xu had broken up. He rejected them because he didn’t want to be a sparring partner. Hong He approached his master Lin Li and asked if there were any spots in their team. After hearing that Time was sixth in Group A, he said that this year’s spots were already full, and his results might be a bit difficult.

Yu Xiaoyang’s students invited the teacher to participate in the new preliminary competition. Yu Xiaoyang wanted to shirk, but after seeing the name of Time on the list, he changed his mind and said that he wanted to live with time because he had some connections with this child. Time heard that Yu Xiaoyang was calling to play chess with himself and couldn’t help being overjoyed. Chu Ying was also very excited when he finally waited for this opportunity.

Fang Xu told Yu Liang that he had lost the time sign, and he regretted that he was too straightforward. Yu Liang asked him not to blame himself too much. Fang Xu also said that the teacher would participate in the new preliminary competition and his opponent was time, which surprised Yu Liang. Fang Xu also found it weird. It was 1989 that he hadn’t seen his teacher participate in the new preliminary competition, and he didn’t expect that his opponent was still time. Yu Liang knew that he would soon know if time really caught up.

Hong He reminded Shi Shi to play steadily in the battle with Yu Xiaoyang, as long as Shi Shi failed to lose the five eyes, Lin Li would sign him. Chu Ying was full of confidence in this battle, and he felt that time to enter Lin Li’s team was a certainty. On this day of the battle, time is very tangled. If Chu Ying helped him win the battle, he could not explain to Yu Xiaoyang. Chu Ying said that he was looking forward to playing chess with Yu Xiaoyang day and night. The last time he sat face to face with him was eight years ago. How long does time want him to wait?

Then Shi Shi walked into the Youxuan chess room, Yu Liang, Yue Zhi, Sang Yuan and others in the other viewing room came. After Shi went to register, he turned around and found Chu Ying sitting at the chess table and staring at Yu Xiaoyang intently. He knew Chu Ying has been waiting for this moment for a long time, so he whispered Chu Ying’s name, Chu Ying smiled and got up and said that he just wanted to feel it.

Time decided to let Chu win this game. Maybe one of the gods was in this game. Chu Ying thanked Xiaoguang for fulfilling his wish. Time laughed and said that the matchup between ancient and modern players must be wonderful. Yu Xiaoyang wondered why Shiguang was still not seated, Shiguang said he was embarrassed and quickly took his seat.

Sangyuan asked everyone to bet on who could win. Fang Xu said that Yu Xiaoyang would win or lose in chess. Sangyuan saw that everyone thought Yu Xiaoyang would win, so he gambled on time to win. In order to protect time, Chu Ying decided to post Yu Xiaoyang’s fifteen eyes. After listening to time, he was very anxious and felt that it was too difficult for Chu Ying. Chu Ying thought that he had to consider the feeling of time and began to attack.

Hong He couldn’t help but sighed that time came and he had the courage to attack. Yu Liang felt that time was too reckless and a little underestimated. Sangyuan smiled and said it was funny, a little unexpected. Chu Ying set up bait everywhere, but Yu Xiaoyang did not move as he expected, so the chess game will become more and more complicated as it continues. Most of the spectators feel that time has little chance of winning, and finally time lost.

Yu Xiaoyang told Time that some things could not be covered up. He didn’t know why Time would carry such a heavy burden to play chess with him. He could feel a kind of extraordinary murderousness. He hoped that Time could be outstanding in future professional games. Performance. Hong He watched the time lose so many eyes, he did not know how to explain to the master. Although time was lost, Kuwabara saw that this game of chess had a great way, and if there were such games in the future, he would gamble on time to win.

Chu Ying felt a little ashamed of Time. After losing this round, he would not be able to enter Lin Li’s team. Time did not agree. He would continue to help Chu Ying find a hand in the future. Then they came to a newly opened Go shop and found someone scamming under the banner of Xiao Bailong, and Time planned to teach the owner who is known as a professional chess player in the next game.

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