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His Royal Highness Wolf (2020)

“His Royal Highness Wolf” is a chivalrous romantic drama directed by Meng Fan and starring popular actors such as Wang Dalu, Li Qin and Xin Zhilei. The play tells the story of the late Tang Dynasty, when the Liang Wang Zhu Wen usurped the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, establishing the back beam. Later Liang Kuizhou city lord Ma Ying’s daughter horse picked up the stars and got acquainted with the wild young man who grew up in the mountains and forests since childhood. The inexperienced wild boy was hunted down to save the young wolf and fell off the cliff.

Ten years later, King Bo met by chance and saved the star. He was impressed by the wisdom and bravery of picking stars. The picking also found that although King Bo, who was born in grassroots, had already been in a high position, he still retained his natural kindness and sense of justice. Under the influence and support of star picking, King Bo opposed harsh government, helped the people, helped justice, and prevented brothers from fighting. In the process, the relationship between the two of them also deepened.

Although there have been disputes and misunderstandings since then, the two have always had a good heart and treated each other frankly and never abandoned them. After going through many trials and tribulations, King Bo and Star Retriever have overcome various crises and challenges with kindness and justice, and finally reaped their own happiness.

The Wolf
Also known as: 狼殿下 , The Wolf
Country: China
Episodes: 49
Genres: drama, romance
Director: Meng Fan
Writer: Chen Yu-chan
Air Date: 19 November 2020
Networks: N/A
Starring: Zhu Youwen, Qin Li Xinzhi, Lei Xiao, Zhan Guo, Shu-Yao Zanghong

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