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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 26 Recap

Qian Xixi has always been an inferiority complex. Even she herself despises that inferiority self, but she can’t control her self-esteem. She knew that the CEO was Duan Ran, but she overheard Duan Ran’s parents. Duan’s mother didn’t want Qian Xixi and Duan Ran to work together. The more they were, the more Qian Xixi wanted to win over the CEO. He actually became the CEO by a ghost, but the position of the CEO also allowed money. Xixi was exhausted. At the beginning, I felt that Duan Ran didn’t have enough experience in this industry and wanted to give Duan Ran time to grow. Now he resigned and felt unworthy of this position. After Duan Ran learned the real situation from Zhang Jiayun , Decided to apologize to Qian Xixi.

Jiang Zheyang played a piece of music for Qian Xixi, and also truthfully stated his feelings for Qian Xixi. From the beginning of his classmates’ interests, to everything about Qian Xixi’s body deeply attracted Jiang Zheyang. But Qian Xixi rejected Jiang Zheyang, hoping that he would not waste time on her, and the two would become good buddies in the future.

Su Su and Yu Shi finally waited for Zhang Si, but Zhang Si already had a new girlfriend. Su Su was very disappointed when he went back. He always felt that he was out of luck and couldn’t do anything. Even blind dates always met. To the scumbag. Yu Shi persuaded Su Su not to get married in a hurry. One day she will meet someone who knows how to cherish her. Watching Su Su fall asleep, Yu Shi put the clothes on Su Su’s body, Su Su’s mouth rose.

Duan Ran asked Zhang Jiayun to leave home to live in the hotel, specially prepared flowers to sincerely apologize to Qian Xixi, shouldn’t understand Qian Xixi’s hard work and pressure, Qian Xixi was pleased. Duan Ran hid his clothes, wore Qian Xixi’s pajamas and didn’t leave as if she was playing tricks. He was also worried about his handsome appearance. Moon Heifeng walked up the road to the road and met a young girl besieged. Qian Xixi couldn’t help laughing But she also warned Duan Burn that she must leave when she comes out of the bathroom. At the same time, Duan’s mother also began to suspect that Qian Xixi and Duan Ran were in love, and always blamed Duan Shengyun for putting the two together to work. Duan Shengyun did not notice that they were in love.

Jiang Zheyang and Ouyang went to meet with the producer. Although they had a good conversation, Jiang Zheyang was not happy. Ouyang saw that Jiang Zheyang was frustrated because of Qian Xixi’s affairs. Jiang Zheyang also felt that he should not confess. So early, although Qian Xixi hadn’t mentioned Duan Ran, the more he didn’t mention it, the more he felt Qian Xixi liked Duan Ran. It was the same when Ouyang was in love with Duan Ran at the time. When the two were in love, as long as Qian Xixi was in a bad mood, Duan Ran could leave her and chat with Qian Xixi all night. It is also a complaint.

Qian Xixi packed his things and prepared to leave. Everyone was reluctant to leave Qian Xixi. As soon as Qian Xixi left, President Shen came to represent the board of directors and wanted to listen to everyone’s opinions and select a new CEO as soon as possible. Everyone unanimously recommended Duan Ran, but Duan Burning still refused to accept it. Yu Shimao then recommended himself to be CEO, and wanted to make a guilty service to clean up Qian Xixi’s wrongdoing, but no one accepted it.

At the same time, Qian Xixi went to find Feifei alone. Feifei was sad and sad that she could not contact Zhang Si. Now Zhang Si has blocked her phone number and WeChat account.

Mr. Shen gave everyone time to consider voting. Everyone discussed and voted for Qian Xixi unanimously. She felt that she was the most suitable person to be CEO. Qian Xixi would rather resign for everyone and take good care of everyone. , Duan Ran also had an idea after hearing everyone’s opinions.

However, Mr. Shen rejected it with one vote. No matter how good Qian Xixi was, he was in vain. The person who left was not included. However, there were two votes for Zhang Jiayun among the voters. Therefore, according to the rules, Zhang Jiayun should be the CEO.

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