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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 27 Recap

Zhang Jiayun unexpectedly became the CEO and everyone was aggrieved. They felt that Zhang Jiayu was not enough to steal Qian Xixi’s position, but Zhang Jiayun not only did not feel guilty, but also resolutely arranged for everyone to report the data to her on time, and asked Duan Ran to accompany her tomorrow. The board of directors reports.

Feifei owed the rent for three months and changed the lock of the room. The landlord would not open the door no matter how much he knocked on the door. In fact, she was very scared in her heart. Pulling Qian Xixi was like pulling a straw to make Qian Xixi night. Stay with her. When Qian Xixi agreed, he also put forward the condition that Feifei must go to the hospital tomorrow to check the reason for the beard.

Zhang Jiayun wants to establish a performance appraisal system during the meeting. The continuous live broadcasts must be eliminated, and a reward and punishment mechanism must be implemented. He also proposed to cooperate with Yun Live, but he was opposed by Yu Shi, thinking that Zhang Jiayun abused his power and jumped to Chen Lang, Zhang Jiayun Everyone must obey to suppress by their own position.

Yu Shi brought everyone here to Duan Ran to complain, hoping that Duan Ran would come forward to stop him, but Duan Ran only cares about planting flowers and grass and has no opinion. Instead, he suggests that everyone should enjoy life. The meaning of life is to relax and be beautiful. Embracing nature, planting flowers and grass is his life philosophy.

Duan Ranzui asked everyone to work hard to support Zhang Jiayun to do a good job, and to support Zhang Jiayun’s three fires, but he lay down to sleep in an open manner. However, in fact, all of this was arranged by Duan Ran. For Qian Xixi, Zhang Jiayun temporarily took over the position of CEO.

Qian Xixi stayed with Feifei all night and made breakfast for Feifei to take care of her. Feifei blamed herself for messing up Qian Xixi’s life, and Qian Xixi came to take care of her. Qian Xixi’s sincerity won Feifei’s understanding. Duan Ran was worried that Qian Xixi would send her daily necessities, and the two had a sweet affection.

Coke sent a cloud live recruitment message. Since Qian Xixi left, the company’s employees have been absent. Coke persuaded everyone to change jobs. Little Yellow Duck planned to leave with him. The fifth brother was so angry that his fifth brother left the lounge. Zhang Jiayun followed silently.

Jiang’s mother was dissatisfied that Jiang Zheyang took the film recommended by Ouyang instead of using the one she recommended, and used the bitter plan to run away from home. Although Jiang Zheyang knew that Jiang’s mother was deliberately forcing him, he still compromised again for his mother.

Ouyang drank too much and called Duan Ran to accompany him. Duan Ransheng was afraid of Qian Xixi’s misunderstanding and quickly called for instructions. This made Qian Xixi very angry. Every time Ouyang drank too much, he would look for Duan Ran. Qian Xixi helped Feifei clean up the house and found a lot of online shopping boxes. Duan Ran came to mind. There are many platforms that can sell Perfect Blue products. For whatever reason, it must be said that something wrong with Congrui’s purchase.

Ouyang always WeChat persuaded Jiang’s mother to start from Jiang Zheyang’s point of view, and not always let Jiang Zheyang do something that was not suitable for him, but Jiang’s mother simply ignored it. Ouyang was in a terrible mood and suddenly felt that his job was a failure. Duan Ran praised Ouyang as Jiang Zheyang’s agent.

The people who fudged were lining up, and he was an elite in the eyes of outsiders. Guessed that it was because Jiang Zheyang’s mother was in a bad mood, Duan Ran offered to help fix Jiang Zheyang’s mother, but Ouyang refused to say why he was in a bad mood, but lamented that no matter how good the situation is, there will be a fall in the end. Duan Ran’s role today is to accompany her to drink, so Duan Ran no longer asks.

Zhang Jiayun called Bai Siyu, Little Yellow Duck, Fifth Brother, Coke and others to discuss a cooperation with YunLive, but the cooperation projects they said to everyone were different, and Zhang Jiayun showed that he wants to cultivate Coke as the head The anchor’s wish was to cooperate with Cloud Live for a special event with Bopineapple. In the end, Zhang Jiayun never forgot to tell everyone to keep it secret.

Feifei also admitted that because she had just broken up with Zhang Si and was in a bad mood, she complained to Rui Live. Duan Ran also told Feifei that Zhang Si had a new girlfriend. Qian Xixi blamed Duan Ranzui for being too quick and comforted him. Feifei should become an independent and strong woman, only in this way can she get the love she wants.

Cola came to see Chen Lang secretly, and the two stared at a painting. In the painting, Cola felt that people were cruel to animals, but Chen Lang saw the weak and the strong, and persuaded Cola to quickly push the Rui people to move to the cloud for live broadcast.

Zhang Jiayun asked Chen Lang to talk about cooperation and proposed a 50-50 split for live broadcast. Before Zhang Jiayun could talk about the cooperation project, Chen Lang was in a state of embarrassment, worried that the pineapple would be taken back by Zhang Jiayun.

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