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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 28 Recap

After a conversation with Chen Lang, Zhang Jiayun has determined that the inside line behind Chen Lang’s secret collusion is Coke. Otherwise, Chen Lang would not know about Popineapple. Chen Lang wanted to take Zhang Jiayun to the company. Zhang Jiayun satirized Chen Lang that he did not. Know what she wants.

Coke and Little Yellow Duck wanted to sign a cloud live broadcast, and they encouraged everyone to go together. The fifth brother, Bai Siyu and others did not agree to go. They thought they were sorry for Qian Xixi’s help at the time. Zhang Jiayun did not object to Coke and Little Yellow Duck leaving, but they needed Everyone give her some time.

According to Duan Ran’s request, Zhang Jiayun took the long-done plan to Mr. Shen and asked to use sharp funds to buy back the shares of the head office so that everyone had shares in his hands, so that the brain drain could be prevented. After being strongly opposed by Mr. Sun, Mr. Shen believed that the top priority was to solve the current acute problems, and then talk about other things. Duan Ran then talked to Duan Shengyun again about the benefits of employee stock ownership while eating at home, and Duan Ran was persuaded.

When Qian Xixi was shopping in QE, he happened to encounter a customer maliciously extorting and returning the goods with counterfeit brand clothes. Qian Xixi saw through the high imitation of the clothes at a glance, said several anti-counterfeiting signs, and successfully blocked the customer. Of blackmail. The store manager appreciates Qian Xixi’s professional knowledge and actively invites Qian Xixi to work in the store.

In order for Qian Xixi to find a job, Zhang Jiayun, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran went out to the night market to celebrate Qian Xixi’s new job. Duan Ran also worked with Zhang Jiayun to design voting, which made Zhang Jiayun a shadow CEO. Duan Ran hides behind Zhang Jiayun and pretends to be a dude, but Chen Cang is a master of secrets, making plans and secretly manipulating everything, all he does is for Qian Xixi to come back one day.

Qian Xixi is satisfied with his current job and is willing to be a salesperson. Qian Xixi feels close to Duan Ran. Zhang Jiayun sees that Qian Xixi is dating Duan Ran and blames Qian Xixi for not being friends with him. Without saying a word when they were together, Qian Xixi turned around and blamed Duan Ran for being too big a mouth. Duan Ran was yelling wronged.

With Qian Xixi’s efforts, it was finally clear that Feifei purchased Perfect Blue products from different channels, so it turned out that Perfect Blue had a problem instead of Sharp. This has nothing to do with Qian Xixi, Qian Xixi The return is expected. Zhang Jiayun announced that the industry and commerce department has cancelled the punishment on Rui, and at the same time announced the employee stock ownership.

Duan Rankan took the initiative to find Coke and asked her why she was Chen Lang’s insider? Things happen frequently on the live broadcast platform, and the anchors they find are always pried away, and not many people know about it. Zhang Jiayun also came out and told Coke that everything was a temptation between her and Duan Ran, and deliberately separated and talked with several anchors, just to see what news Chen Lang would know in the end, and to determine who the insiders were. Seeing that his own affairs have been exposed, Koke also truthfully stated that the reason for Chen Lang as an insider was to find opportunities and to pursue the sense of existence that he really found through hard work.

Duan Ran persuaded Coke to stay, and hoped that Coke could also take charge of this place. Coke believed that there would be no good results if he stayed. In addition to guilt or guilt, Duan Ran would no longer retain.

Although the industry and commerce cancelled the punishment on Rui and allowed to start live broadcast, Rui has no brand and no good anchors. Duan Ran and Zhang Jiayun are worried that the little yellow duck will go with Coke, and then double 11 The sprint became a problem again.

Little Yellow Duck persuaded Coke to stay. Coke felt that Zai Rui was always Yuanyuan’s shadow. When Yuanyuan was there, she was a shadow. Yuanyuan could not get rid of the feeling of shadow even after Yuanyuan left her. She wanted to start again from a different place. Little Yellow Duck can’t help the fifth brother and they decided not to leave with Coke, and Coke promised to help Little Yellow Duck after mixing.

Duan Shengyun accidentally saw Qian Xixi selling clothes, lively and cheerful, with excellent sales. Duan Shengyun was comforted and smiled. Duan Ran persuaded Qian Xixi to go back to Rui. Qian Xixi thought that Zhang Jiayun and Duan Ran cooperated well and changed everything inside. She also feels very happy when selling goods. She was very tired when she was the CEO, and Rui was actually also She doesn’t need her that much, Qian Xixi is satisfied with her current life and doesn’t want to go back. Seeing Feifei posted a very good circle of friends, Qian Xixi was happy to like Feifei.

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