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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 13 Recap

Wei Xiaobao pulled both of his children and ran away. Fattouduo suddenly woke up, guessing that Wei Xiaobao was the eunuch Xiaoguizi, and hurriedly stopped them. Wei Xiaobao defended them in every possible way, and let Fattouduo feel it to verify that he was determined not to do it, to be right. Wei Xiaobao searched his body, and Wei Xiaobao resisted desperately. As a result, he dropped his silver and the “forty-two chapters” on the ground, and Fattouduo confiscated the scriptures on the spot.

At this moment, the eighteen arhats rushed down from the mountain. Knowing that they were not their opponents, Fattouduo pulled up Wei Xiaobao and ran. The two asked the eighteen arhats to rescue Wei Xiaobao, and the eighteen arhats surrounded the Fattouduo. Tell him the whereabouts of the other seven scriptures. He lied that they were all engraved on the stone tablet.

He knew that Fattouduo could not read the characters, so he pointed to the words on the stone tablet Hubian. Fattouduo was dubious. Wei Xiaobao had a serious idea that it predicted a dragon. Pang Touduo believed in the past and present life of the Master Hong. He paid homage to Guru Hong, and was subdued by the Eighteen Arhats on the spot when he was distracted. Wei Xiaobao snatched the scriptures and put Fat Tuo away.

Fat Toutuo asked Wei Xiaobao to go back with him to see Master Hong. Wei Xiaobao politely declined. Fat Tootuo agreed to let them go, and then kowtowed at the stone tablet. Wei Xiaobao was so amused by his ridiculous appearance that Wei Xiaobao hurried away with his children. . Fattou Tuo rubbed the words on the stele overnight and carefully stored it.

Wei Xiaobao took Shuang’er back to the capital. He didn’t want to go back to the emperor. He first checked into an inn. He wanted to think through the scriptures before saying. Wei Xiaobao was worried about being chased and killed by someone sent by the Queen Mother. Shuang’er was not allowed to move anything. Checked in and out of the room.

Wei Xiaobao started to doze in a daze. Shuang’er was always paying attention to the movement outside, and suddenly heard someone looking for Wei Xiaobao’s whereabouts, and hurriedly woke him up and left. The carriage passed by a teahouse. The coachman wanted to drink a cup of tea, so the two went to the teahouse to buy tea. The coachman took the opportunity to hold Wei Xiaobao away.

Wei Xiaobao woke up in a daze and found that he was on the boat. Fang Yi was by his side to take him to a fairy island where there were no bad people. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of Shuang’er. Fang Yi had sent someone to find Shuang’er. Wei Xiaobao clearly Remembering that they were robbed by Zhang Lao San, Fang Yi explained that Zhang Lao San was looking for him, so he released everyone else.

Wei Xiaobao and Fang Yi bumped all the way to a small island, passing through a forest. They were both bitten by a snake and fainted on the spot. Wei Xiaobao woke up again and found himself lying in a small wooden house. A servant-like person was feeding him medicine. Wei Xiaobao wanted to go to Fang Yi, only to find out that she was recovering from her injuries elsewhere.

Lu Gaoxuan picked up Wei Xiaobao and asked him to explain an inscription that was drawn down. Wei Xiaobao guessed that Fat Tou Tuo had given him it, so he made up again. Lu Gaoxuan was very happy and asked Wei Xiaobao to write down the inscription, but he did not. Can write, can only find all kinds of excuses to delay time, Lu Gaoxuan held the inscription high, Wei Xiaobao could not write it, he could only bite the bullet and drew a row of tortoises from small to large. Lu Gaoxuan forced him to sign on the turtle shell, and Wei Xiaobao had to admit that he would not While writing, Lu Gaoxuan was furious and pinched Wei Xiaobao’s neck.

After hearing the news, Pang Tou Tuo came and learned that Wei Xiaobao did not understand words at all, let alone the inscription on it. Lu Gaoxuan complained that Pang Tou Tuo was stupid. He wanted to write down the inscription and give it to Master Hong, but he became self-defeating. Lu Gaoxuan thought of a good one. The way, according to the number of words in the inscription, he wrote an article about mosquitoes praising the Lord Hong, and asked Wei Xiaobao to recite all of them to the Lord Hong, hoping to get through.

Lu Gaoxuan and Fat Toutuo brought Wei Xiaobao to see Master Hong. His wife Su Quan came out, Lu Gaoxuan was confused by her beauty, and Wei Xiaobao was also surprised by Su Quan’s appearance.

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