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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 14 Recap

Guru Hong is an old man who is more than a few years old. As soon as he appeared, all the disciples present worshipped him. Only Wei Xiaobao looked around. Lu Gaoxuan led everyone to sing praises to Guru Hong. Su Quan urged the Black Dragon to quickly put eight books on “42. After the “Zhang Jing” was handed over, the Black Dragon Envoy had found the whereabouts of the four books. The six people he sent to the palace including Deng Bingchun and Liu Yan were all killed by Xiao Guizi.

Su Quan heard that Liu Yan had taught Wei Xiaobao martial arts before his death. Wei Xiaobao lied that Liu Yan liked his handsome uncle, so he often came to his house to drink and sing. Su Quan was furious and condemned the black dragon for making things unfavorable and wanted to kill him on the spot. When he died, the black dragon envoy became angry. He publicly exposed that Su Quan killed his loyal minister. At that time, 108 people followed the leader of the incident. Now there are only more than ten people left. He is willing to use the snake bone to break himself. Su Quan sent someone to bring the snake bone. Opened the bronze cauldron, threw the poisonous snake inside towards Su Quan, killing him on the spot.

Su Quan charged the black dragon envoy with conspiracy and insisted that he wanted to murder Lord Hong. The black dragon envoy was going to kill Su Quan. The white dragon envoy was also on the sidelines. He counted the countless crimes of Su Quan and asked Lord Hong to get rid of Su. Lord Hong was unmoved by the enchanting evildoer. The black dragon envoy signaled to the white dragon agent to take action. He held Su Quan, and before the white dragon envoy acted, the Lord Hong subdued him, and the two sides were at war.

Wei Xiaobao hurriedly stepped up to persuade him, claiming that the inscription “Master Hong and his wife Hong Fu Qitian, and life and Tian Qi” on the inscription, no one can kill Su Quan, otherwise he will be struck by lightning, and Fattou Tuo and Lu Gaoxuan whispered. Wei Xiaobao went up and said that Wei Xiaobao had the courage to step forward and persuade the black dragon ambassador, not to lose a big name because of small mistakes, and get the name of an anti-thief. The black dragon ambassador did not want to betray the leader of Hong, but he has been forced to this level. If he let it go, Worried about being held accountable by Lord Hong.

Wei Xiaobao, in turn, persuaded Lord Hong to forgive the Black Dragon Envoy for a while, and the Hong Jiao weighed over and over again and ignored the past. Wei Xiaobao cleverly resolved a life-and-death lore with his three-inch tongue. The Black Dragon Envoy was still not at ease and let Lord Hong. Going up and swearing a poisonous oath, they will never hold on to what happened today. The two of them made vows separately. Wei Xiaobao called one, two, three, and Lord Hong and the Black Dragon Envoy let go at the same time.

Su Quan asked for credit for Wei Xiaobao, and Lord Hong publicly appointed Wei Xiaobao as the White Dragon Envoy. Wei Xiaobao was confused. Fat Toutuo, Lu Gaoxuan and others congratulated her. Su Quan left Wei Xiaobao alone, and Wei Xiaobao immediately showed his true colors. He seduced Su Quan in every possible way. Early the next morning, Su Quan discussed with Master Hong and sent someone to the palace to steal the four books. Wei Xiaobao took the initiative to ask Ying to perform this task. He asked Chilong to send the little girls together.

Su Quan flatly refused and sent fat. Tou Tuo and Lu Gaoxuan accompanied him to the capital and gave the Five Dragon Order of Lord Hong to Wei Xiaobao. They also rewarded each person with a Leopard Tire Yijin Pill according to the usual practice. Fat Tou Tuo and Lu Gaoxuan grinned and swallowed it in pain. Wei Xiaobao swallowed it without stopping. Smash your mouth.

Master Hong left Wei Xiaobao alone and taught him the opportunity. When Wei Xiaobao returned to his residence, he learned from Fat Toutuo that Leopard Tire Yijin Pills are poison. If they can’t get back the scriptures on time, they will be poisoned and die. Wei Xiaobao advises them not to worry, as long as they bring back one or two scriptures, they will be fine. Ask the Lord Hong to find the medicine.

That night, Su Quan took the initiative to find Wei Xiaobao and wanted to leave Shenlong Island with him. Wei Xiaobao was worried about being chased by the people of the Shenlong Sect, but he coveted Su Quan’s beauty. Su Quan made it clear that he liked Wei Xiaobao, and Wei Xiaobao couldn’t wait to send her away. Su Quan claimed to be ordered to try the three heroic tricks of Bishop Hong Jiao, but Wei Xiaobao could only resist.

Fat Toutuo and Lu Gaoxuan hid outside the door. Hearing movement in Wei Xiaobao’s room, they were worried that he would do something to Su Quan that would hurt them, so they threw a stone at Wei Xiaobao’s room. Su Quan ignored the others and took the maid. We leave quickly. Wei Xiaobao woke up early in the morning and saw Shuang’er come to him. Wei Xiaobao was ecstatic. He immediately called Fat Toutuo and Lu Gaoxuan on the road.

Wei Xiaobao and his party quickly came to the capital and checked into the same inn. Wei Xiaobao took out the scripture from the hole in the wall and couldn’t wait to return to the palace to see the emperor. Wei Xiaobao burst into tears as soon as they met. The emperor hurriedly called him to the back room and Wei Xiaobao took it out.

The “Forty-Two Chapters” handed to him by the emperor, the emperor learned that his father was still alive, and tears filled his eyes with excitement. Wei Xiaobao imitated the emperor’s tone and sent a message to the emperor, asking him to “never add gifts.” When Princess Jianning heard that Wei Xiaobao had returned to the palace, she ran to the South Study Room and was stopped by the guards.

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