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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 15 Recap

The emperor promised to remember his father’s “never add a gift”. He thought of his father who was suffering in Mount Wutai, tears streaming down his face, and Wei Xiaobao was also crying. The emperor sent him to Qingliang Temple to become a monk. , Will always be by his father’s side. When he passes away, Wei Xiaobao can return to the vulgarity. Wei Xiaobao does not want to be a monk, and is willing to worship the emperor as a teacher. He is willing to wait for him for a lifetime. The emperor promises to let him go to Wutai Mountain.

The emperor promised to rush to Mount Wutai and persuade the emperor to return to the throne. Even if he did not want to be emperor again, he would continue to practice in the palace. Wei Xiaobao learned of the emperor’s true intentions before agreeing to go to Mount Wutai. Princess Jianning broke free of the guards and rushed in to find Wei Xiaobao to settle the account, but was forcibly driven away by the emperor.

Princess Jianning had been waiting at the door. As soon as Wei Xiaobao came out, she picked up Wei Xiaobao’s ears and asked Fang Yi and Mu Jianping’s whereabouts, accusing Wei Xiaobao of not taking her out of the palace. The eunuchs secretly came to watch, and Princess Jianning Take Wei Xiaobao to his palace to discuss in detail and force Wei Xiaobao to marry her. Wei Xiaobao knows her temper and finds all kinds of excuses. Princess Jianning refuses to forgive and asks Wei Xiaobao to go to bed and wait for her.

Princess Jianning just wanted to share a bed with Wei Xiaobao. The queen mother suddenly came to see her and asked about the situation of the emperor. Princess Jianning secretly hid Wei Xiaobao’s hat. She wanted to get Wei Xiaobao’s boots back, but she was caught by the queen mother. , Princess Jianning lied that she was disguising herself as a man. The Queen Mother didn’t believe it at all. She believed that there was a man hidden in her palace, so she rushed in and searched. Unexpectedly, Wei Xiaobao was helping Princess Jianning make the bed.

Wei Xiaobao made an excuse to go out. The queen mother desperately stopped him and the two fought. Wei Xiaobao used the bishop Hong’s martial arts to subdue the queen mother. Wulong Ling suddenly fell out of her arms. As for the identity of the Dragon Messenger, the Queen Mother immediately changed her attitude.

Wei Xiaobao explained that Lu Gaoxuan and Fat Toutuo were also coming to the capital with her. If the queen mother dared to kill him, the two of them would report to Lord Hong in time. Wei Xiaobao threatened to send the queen mother and princess Jianning back to Shenlong Island. Pleaded for Princess Jianning, and persuaded Wei Xiaobao to marry Princess Jianning, but Wei Xiaobao flatly refused.

The queen mother took out thirty snow ginseng Yuchan pills from her collection, and gave twenty of them to Wei Xiaobao, ten of them to Lord Hong and his wife, and the other ten pills on their own. Wei Xiaobao worried that this pill and Leopard Tire Yijin Pills might There was no conflict, only to know that the Queen Mother had taken Leopard Tire Yijin Pills. She asked Wei Xiaobao for this year’s antidote. Wei Xiaobao didn’t have any, so she agreed to give her the antidote to the Lord of Hong, Xiaoli. The queen mother believed that it was true. Liu Yan and Deng Bingchun forwarded the three collected books to Guru Hong. Wei Xiaobao lied that Guru Hong had received them and urged her to continue searching for five other scriptures.

Wei Xiaobao asked the Queen Mother to tell in detail how she joined the Shenlong Sect. Just when the Queen Mother wanted to speak, the maid suddenly came in and told Wei Xiaobao to see the emperor. Seeing that the Queen Mother actually kneeled for Wei Xiaobao, she hurried to the side in fright. Wei Xiaobao hurried to see the emperor. The emperor drafted an imperial decree for awarding Shanglin Temple. He asked him to take the guards and Xiaoqi camp cavalry to the Shaolin Temple to declare the decree. The official, he was grateful to the emperor.

Wei Xiaobao happily went to the rouge shop and bought a lot of women’s rouge gouache in one go. He returned to the inn and gave them all to Shuang’er. Princess Jianning followed him to the inn. Seeing Wei Xiaobao and Shuang’er Qingqing, I was so angry. The stick broke in and beat Wei Xiaobao, Shuang’er desperately protected Wei Xiaobao, Princess Jianning was forced to death, but this is the second floor, she had to give up.

Princess Jianning wanted to marry Wei Xiaobao to make a big house, let her be a side house, and follow Wei Xiaobao to the Shaolin Temple. Wei Xiaobao complained and forced her back to the palace with Princess Jianning on her back, and promised to find a rich man for her, Princess Jianning. Resolutely opposed and threatened to turn Wei Xiaobao into a real eunuch. Wei Xiaobao took the guards and the cavalry of Xiaoqi camp mighty. Except for the capital, they camped on the way. Wei Xiaobao felt bored, so he pulled the guards and gambled with him.

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