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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 10 Recap

Ma Zhixing said that he joked with King Bo that he did not expect the cold-looking King Bo to be so popular. King Bo embarrassedly said that it was the little princess Bao Na who was messing around and couldn’t take it seriously. His Royal Highness was also very heady to Princess Dabaona. King Bo saw that Ma Qiexing talked about Princess Baona with great enthusiasm. His Royal Highness gave Ma Xingxing an idea. With the help of the princess’s arrival five days later, as long as Ma Xingxing cooperates well, King Bo can borrow troops successfully.

In the Bowang Mansion, Princess Baona first sent things and a letter, which revealed the friendship of Princess Baona. In the delivery, there was a portrait of Princess Bao Na of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The princess personally filled in the characters and proposed to hang the portrait in various places in the palace, including four kinds of dried meat that King Bo loved to eat. Various circumstances showed Princess Bao Na’s madness for King Bo. At this time, the maid beside her pointed out that if the princess knew about the marriage contract between Ma Jiexing and King Bo, she was worried that it would be upset.

Ma Jiexing proposed that King Bo can borrow troops smoothly, and proposed to conceal King Bo’s marriage contract while the princess is here, but King Bo refused and hoped to take this opportunity to let Princess Bao Na give up. King Bo angrily mentioned that the princess put laxatives in his tea in order to prevent him from leaving, causing him to lose face and fled. In addition, the princess proposed in the letter the orientation of the room, the color is bright red, the room should be filled with peonies, and the corresponding rouge. Ma Zhixing ordered someone to transcribe the princess’s request and send a copy to the Second Highness for arrangement, and she personally convinced King Bo to cooperate.

In order to persuade King Bo to cooperate, Ma Zaixing made a deal with King Bo on whether he would drink soup or medicine. The horse picks the stars and knows that they are moved by reason and affection. King Bo couldn’t refuse to pick up the horses, but he finally agreed. At the same time, in order to make King Bo happy to cooperate perfectly, Ma Jiexing specially found Suo Jing’s lost fax and sent it to him. Seeing the goal was achieved, Ma Caixing drank the medicine refreshingly. At the same time, King Bo offered to ask Ma Qiexing to make a fruit for him. After Ma Qiexing, King Bo deliberately punished him with evil taste, but Ma Jing pointed out that King Bo hoped to receive the Qixi Festival gift that Ma Qiexing personally prepared for him.

At this time, Princess Bao Na arrived early, but King Bo was still in the palace, and Ma Zhixing immediately took everyone out to greet her. The quiet princess is particularly beautiful, but with one mouth, her nature is completely exposed. The princess’s savage behavior caused everyone in Bo Palace to collapse. In the palace, the Second Highness said that the palace and the information blockade had been settled. As soon as King Bo said that he was going to meet the princess on the day of arrival, he saw someone coming to tell the princess that the princess had arrived early.

In the Bowang Mansion, the princess didn’t hang her own scroll in the living room, and was very angry. Ma Zhixingyuan lied that the portrait was hanging in the Bowang courtyard. During the period, the princess also asked whether King Bo had a favorite girl. After hearing that there was no woman, the princess was so happy that she burst into tears. Randomly asked Ma Jiexing why it is so dirty. Ma Jiexing said that she was making fruit. Princess Baona asked Ma Jiexing to do it for her, and then gave it to King Bo.

King Bo and the Second Highness returned to the mansion, and they asked Ma Zaixing the first sentence of their meeting. Princess Baona didn’t like King Bo and asked other women as soon as they spoke, pretending to go home, and the Second Highness immediately ended the match. At this time, Ma Jiexing presented Qiaoguo in the name of the princess. King Bo knew that Qiaoguo was made by Ma Jiexing himself, and said that it was the best Qiaoguo he had ever tasted.

Princess Baona refused to talk about official affairs before the Qixi Festival, and came here to spend the Qixi Festival with King Bo. Princess Baona watched that the room where the horse picked the stars was closer to King Bo, and asked to change the room where the horse picked the stars. At the same time, Ma Caixing informed the princess of other staff arrangements. Bao Na mistakenly thought that Ma Jiexing was a servant, and she always frowned when she saw Ma Jiexing, so she gave Rouge to Ma Jiexing.

Ma Jiexing in the room was depressed because of Bao Na’s words. At this time, King Bo came to Ma Jiexing’s room and felt wronged by Ma Jiexing, and he was very sorry. King Bo’s understanding of Ma Caixing is very complicated and he is not happy. Early the next morning, Ma Jiexing saw the interaction between King Bo and Bao Na, and felt unhappy. Bao Na pretended to hurt her hand. King Bo agreed to feed the princess personally and wanted to go out alone. Comfortable.

In fact, Bo Xiang was unwilling to take Ma to pick the stars because she was worried about her leg injury, but Ma Qixing couldn’t sit still in the house and secretly followed Boxiang and the princess. On the street, King Bo chose to sell a sachet, ready to give it to Ma Zhuxing. King Bo knew that Ma Zhai Xing was following, so he sent Princess Bao Na to secretly find Ma Zhai Xing. Ma Caixing did not admit that he followed them, pretending that he came out to buy sugar candies. King Bo bought two packs, one for the horse and one for himself, and even lied that his bag was for Princess Baona. Ma Qiexing was unhappy in an instant, and King Bo teased that the sugar is sour.

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