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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 11 Recap

Ma Jiexing heard Chu Youwen’s joking, only feeling ashamed and angry, and immediately ran away, but the careful thinking of this daughter’s family made Ma Jing guess thoroughly.

I learned that Chu Youwen and Baona were practicing calligraphy in the room. Ma Qiexing didn’t say anything, but went straight to find Chu Youwen. He tried various methods to stop him, and even persuaded them to go to the hall on the grounds of loneliness. . At first, Chu Youwen secretly steals his horse and gets jealous, but still doesn’t know how to constrain, and continues to sing the opposite. Bao Na was upset when she heard that, she pulled Ma Qiexing aside to warn her not to make trouble, otherwise it would delay Chu Youwen from giving the sachet.

In the end, Ma Zhixing concealed his sorrow and agreed that the two would continue to stay in the study. Chu Youwen’s smile froze when he heard the words, and then left in anger. At this time, the atmosphere in the study was cold. Chu Youwen only looked at books and didn’t want to take Li Baona at all. Bao Na leaned on the table and thought about it, guessing when Chu Youwen gave her the sachet and how to take out the sachet. As a result, Chu Youwen went directly to the Ma Zhexing room after Bao Na was asleep.

Originally, Chu Youwen wanted to give the sachet to Ma Zhaoxing, but there was no one in the room, so he had to hang the sachet on the bed net and went out to search for it. Finally, he found a familiar figure on the martial arts field. Ma Qiexing took the Benlang Bow by himself, thinking about all the previous things, both vinegar and angry, and venting his anger at the Scarecrow with several arrows.

When Ma Jing saw Chu Youwen standing behind her, she immediately retreated, leaving room for the awkward couple to get along. On impulse, Ma Zhixing insinuates that King Bo is inferior to Wolf Tsai, but he reveals his sincerity in front of him. Because of this confession, Chu Youwen’s smile increased without diminishing, and she embraced her in her arms, and she wanted to kiss her deeply. She was so embarrassed that she escaped.

Bao Na woke up without seeing Chu Youwen, and she found a sachet on the bednet in front of the window of Ma Zhaoxing’s room. Seeing this, she was furious, and she took the sachet to find Chu Yougui’s theory and angrily accused him of deceiving herself. Chu Yougui was not surprised. Seeing that Bao Na was very affectionate, she decided to take the opportunity to provoke her, fooling her into starting with Ma Caixing, and judging her true mind by observing Chu Youwen’s reaction. However, He Baona was too simple, knowing that Chu Yougui had another purpose, but agreed with his suggestion and once again became a tool to be used.

At the same time, the thief Chen Kui fled all over the street, as if he was being followed by a ghost. Unexpectedly, there was a handsome man standing on the street. He was about double ten years old and had a smiling face, but his skills were more terrifying than a ghost. The man defeated Chen Kui in threes and twos and dragged him to the Beiyamen to ask for a bounty. The officials recognized this person, but did not say clearly. After all, they could catch the four major criminals in just ten days, and only the bounty hunter disease. Chong can do it.

Chu Yougui learned of the identity of Ji Chong, and he knew that he was born in a widow village on the border of Bo. He has been an orphan since he was a child. He is unruly on the surface, but is really kind. The bounty earned in recent years has been used to supplement the elderly and children in the village. Even if everyone does not accept his kindness. Because of this important piece of information, Chu Yougui planned to hire Baiji Chong to do something for him, and when he saw that Chu Yougui had acted generously, he immediately responded.

Under the pretext of preparing for the Qixi Festival gift, Bao Na invited Ma Zhixing to go out with her. She thought it was just an ordinary purchase, but she did not expect to go hunting in the mountains. Bao Na was willing to give up her mount Binger, but Ma Di Xing couldn’t refuse, so she agreed.

As a result, Bing’er went crazy when he reached the mountain, causing Ma Zengxing to fall from the horse and was injured. Bao Na learned from the maid that the royal doctor came to the clinic for treatment, and she was quite confused about her identity.

After receiving the news, Chu Youwen hurried back to the Bowang Mansion. After Wen Yan’s analysis, he guessed that there must be something weird in it, so he made a little trick to make Baona show off. Seeing the Dongchuang incident, Bao Na simply admitted that Ma Jing was not accidental, but intentional, and it was only because of Chu Youwen’s empathy.

Facing Bao Na’s accusation, Chu Youwen took the initiative to confess to the marriage contract with Ma Caixing, and returned intact the brocade box and scrolls Bao Na had previously presented, which made her feel humiliated. Po Na was so angry that she took out the military alliance book hidden in the scroll and burned it. Chu Youwen was shocked when she saw this, and she was dissatisfied with Po Na’s attitude to regard diplomatic relations between the two countries as a trifling matter. She threatened to inform the emperors of the two countries. .

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