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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 12 Recap

In the dead of night, Chu Youwen came to the bed alone, staring at Ma Zhaoxing’s sleepy face, and then felt guilty, and failed to discover Chu Kui’s conspiracy earlier, which caused her to be hurt. After Baona and Chu Youwen tore their faces, they went out of the city overnight and even injured the guards. They were attacked halfway through. Even though the princess servants were all masters, they were still invincible and killed one after another.

Chu Youwen led his subordinates to search for Bao Na but failed. Only a few corpses were found at the attacked area. Jingxiang deliberately brought the Chief Guard Zhe, and seeing the conflict between the two sides, they almost saw each other, so he pretended to be peaceful, saying that he would come forward to find him. princess. Chu Kui heard that King Bo had been delayed in borrowing the troops to appease the envoys of neighboring countries, and ordered him to be imprisoned in the jail, and ordered Chu Yougui to quickly find Bao Na.

Since Ma Qiexing was sleeping very deeply, it was the next day after she woke up. Seeing the sachet in her hand, she understood, and then learned that the Bo Palace was turned upside down overnight. Now that Princess Po Na is robbed, her life or death is uncertain. Not only has she taken advantage of her army, but the relationship between the two countries is bound to deteriorate, and even the Four Highnesses will be in danger.

Hai Die turned her anger to Ma picking the stars because of this, and Ma Jing came forward to defend her, arguing with Hai Die endlessly. Ma Zhixing didn’t have time to consider other people’s opinions, and just wanted to rescue King Bo as soon as possible, so he decided to go to the palace to meet Chu Kui. Everyone was shocked as soon as this remark came out, and Ma Jing was also taken aback, and then turned into joy. Seeing Ma Zaixing take Ma Jing away from her back, Haidie knew that she had failed and couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

Mindful of the resourcefulness and resourcefulness of Ma Zengxing, Chu Kui readily allowed her to commit her crimes and lead a hundred imperial troops to search for Bao Na. He then said that if Ma Zengxing came back empty-handed, he might have to sacrifice King Bo. Ma Jiexing wanted to visit Chu Youwen in the jail, but the captain of the guard stopped at the door and refused to let him go until Ma Jiexing promised to find the princess at noon tomorrow, and finally got a chance to meet.

Chu Youwen knew that he was behind bars and could no longer protect the horse and the stars, and he strongly opposed her committing danger. As a result, Ma Jiexing did not retreat. Instead, he threatened to live and die with Chu Youwen. He even slowly stated that Chu Youwen has been around to protect him from the acquaintance to the present. He has repeatedly saved his life and got along. Bit by bit has made her decide that she will never lose. Chu Youwen hugged the horse tightly. Seeing the truth in adversity, the two finally understood each other’s intentions.

After leaving the prison, Ma Jiexing used Chu Youwen’s blood to command the wolf, and relied on the sharp sense of the wolf to find Bao Na’s whereabouts. Ji Chong used an eagle named “Chasing the Sun” to judge that someone was tracking, so he asked other bounty people to take Bao Na to evacuate as soon as possible, and he stayed behind and set up a poisonous scorpion trap.

Everyone followed the war wolf to the outskirts of the mountains. Although Haidie was silent along the way, he was more cautious than usual, and did his best to protect the safety of horse picking. She rushed to hide nearby, and it was quite interesting to see the horse picking up the star to order the wolf, until she heard her analysis of the whole process of the hijacking incident, she instantly put a smile away, only felt that this woman should not be underestimated, but she was a little reluctant to start. Kill.

After a short period of consideration, Ji Chong did not want to let the big fish Chu Yougui easily go, so he shot the poisonous scorpion next to Ma Zhai Xing with an arrow, thus becoming Ma Zhai Xing’s savior, and then mixed the true and the false. Way to inform the identity, take the opportunity to mix into their team. Ma Caixing was originally half-trusted, but after finding Bao Na through the clues provided by Ji Chong, he immediately dispelled his doubts.

Even if Bao Na was rescued, she still played the princess temper and insisted on Ma Xingxing to kill the group of robbers. However, a great change arose. A robber took a knife and slashed at Bao-Na. Everyone had no time to react, but Ma Qiexing directly rushed over to hug Bao-Na, and blocked the knife with his body.

Seeing that the machete was about to fall, a sharp arrow flew from a distance and shot the culprit, rushing to rescue him in time, Ma Qiexing thanked him with a gratitude smile. As for Princess Baona, she was still in shock. When she reacted, she suddenly hugged Ma Xingxing and howled.

Afterwards, Hai Die put the knife on Ji Chong’s neck and forced him to tell the known truth, but Ji Chong responded quickly and turned it back to restrain it. Ma Qiexing came forward to resolve the contradiction, rushed to avoid the problem in a few words, and did not know the master behind the scenes.

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