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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 13 Recap

Even though the conclusive evidence is not yet in hand, Ma Jiexing vaguely guessed who did it, and quickly admired her insight, and revealed that the robbers would meet at the mountain temple tomorrow. In other words, who would go to the mountain temple on time Here, it will go out of the way. To express his gratitude, Ma Qiexing simply signed an IOU at the request of a rush, but he did not know that he was caught in the trap.

After saving Baona, Ma Zaixing took her back to the palace for life. Chu Kui was very pleased to see the princess returning safely, and quickly praised Ma Zaixing for being bold, and never let him down. Because the real murderer had not been captured, Ma Zhixing was afraid of internal supernatural powers and external ghosts, so he informed Chu Kui of the plan, hoping to refrain from making public statements.

Today, Bao Na has not changed much in her personality after this storm, but her attitude towards Ma Jiexing has really eased a lot, and even ordered Ma Jiexing to pay more attention to her mission and return safely. Knowing that she cares about herself, Ma Jiexing smiled clearly, and then informed Bao Na of her previous transaction with the Chief Guard, and asked her to go to the Sky Prison as soon as possible to prevent the Chief Guard from angering King Bo.

The Guards secretly escorted Bao Na away. Ma Jiexing, Wen Yan and the others got ready to go. They didn’t expect Chu Youwen to appear in armor and finally had the opportunity to personally give the sachet to Ma Jiexing. As for the person who went to jail for him The little princess who is serious introspection. At the same time, Ji Chong sneaked into King Yun’s mansion by night, truthfully described the rescue process of Princess Bao Na, and asked Chu Yougyu for 12,000 gold, which could teach him a plan to protect himself and escape smoothly.

Due to the long night, in order to prevent failure, everyone hid in the mountain temple in advance, did not raise the campfire, and endured the mosquito bites until dawn, which was approaching Shenshi. With the sound of the broken temple door, everyone tensed their nerves and waited for the identity of the inner ghost to be revealed. Unexpectedly, the person who pushed the door was actually the prime minister. Everyone surrounded him, Jingxiang intended to fight desperately, but he was finally caught.

As Ji Chong said, this matter is related to the two countries. Moreover, Prince Yun’s Mansion is responsible for the princess’s palace and the horses. So Chu Yougui decided to abandon the car to protect him, and rushed to the palace in advance to meet with Chu Kui. He took the initiative to expose that Jingxiang was the one who kidnapped Bao Na. The purpose was to fight King Bo and indirectly fight for him.

Chu Kui was extremely angry, thinking of Chu Yougui’s reining in the precipice, and refused to pursue it, and then ordered Jingxiang to be arrested and executed quickly. Even if Chu Yougui couldn’t bear it, there was no other way. On the same day, the news of Jingxiang’s copying and cutting spread wildly. Jing Chuchu begged Chu Yougui to intercede. It can be seen that the husband looked solemn and reluctantly refused. The fetus in his belly almost miscarried.

Ji Chong sat in the study and decided for himself, waiting for Chu Yougui to send the gold. Because he knew the emperor’s suspicious nature, he presented Chu Yougui a bottle of Duanxi Powder. After taking this medicine and wine, it can make people look like Poisoning, only suspended animation can clear oneself with fate, let Chu Kui shed doubts, and ease the relationship between husband and wife by the way. At the end of the road, there is no more fate left. Chu Yougui obeyed Ji Chong’s suggestion to swallow the poison, and really regained Chu Kui’s trust.

Since Princess Baona turned danger to bargaining, she edited her book to explain the causes and consequences. She not only persuaded King Zhe to borrow troops, but also promised to let the Fourth Royal Highness Chu Youzhen return to Beijing. Chu Kui had a happy heart, and felt that the credit should be attributed to Ma picking the stars, and immediately ordered the eunuch Zhang Jin to send the silk satin. Chu Youwen did not expect that Bao Na would be so reasonable, and was slightly surprised.

At this time in the Bowang Mansion, Bao Na decided to teach her to shoot an arrow in repaying Ma’s life-saving grace, but she did not expect to pull the bow to start a posture one second before leaving the bow, which was equivalent to a false shooting. Looking at the samurai on both sides, they clapped their hands vigorously, all of them applauded, as if the arrow that Po Na just hit didn’t land, but hit the bullseye. Ma Jiexing is not as hypocritical as others, but directly pointed out the problem with Bao Na. As a result, Bao Na was deeply moved, thinking that only King Bo and she dared to tell the truth, so she decided to give Chu Youwen to Ma Jiexing. .

Ma Jiexing learned that he was willing to borrow troops so far, but felt that his heart fell to the ground, and his father’s vengeance was about to be avenged, and he kept practicing revenge scenes. However, Chu Youwen was in a complex mood and faceless, even Ma Jing brought Qiaoguo to make up for the Qixi Festival for him and Ma Zhuixing, still worrying about it. Ma Jing tied the red line to Ma Zhexing and Chu Youwen, which meant that they would never be separated. Chu Youwen understood that white lies and self-deception are completely different, so he secretly competed, broke the red line, and then turned and left.

That night Chu Youwen fell into a nightmare, as if going back in time, there was no betrayal injury, there was no Ma Mansion to destroy the door, only the good points between him and Ma Caixing, talking about marriage. Unexpectedly, as soon as the picture turned, Chu Kui suddenly appeared, and Chu Youwen was forced to kill Ma Diexing, and was awakened instantly, that is, returning to reality is still a lingering fear.

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