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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 15 Recap

The singers and dancers, assaulting people, are not as shocking as Ma Caixing. Chu Youwen was drunk in it. Until the end of the song, he recovered, and then accused Ma Caixing for apostasy and ruined face. The other three sons realized that Ma was not favored as in the rumor, so they jumped out and mocked her for being shameless.

Seeing this, Chu Youwen clenched his fists and smiled in agreement, but after Ma Zaixing left, he directly confiscated the unrighteous wealth of Qi Gongzi who squeezed the people in the name of the late Qi Shangshu, and then confiscated all Qi family property; Immediately afterwards, Master Qiao paid the tax in full, and doubled it; and Master Liu was accused of a hundred for uttering wild words. The three people who were still gloating just now turned pale, and it was too late to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Although Ma Qiexing was very sad, he was hurt by drinking because of his care, so he prepared the anti-alcoholic herbs and sent them to the room. After Chu Youwen returned to the room, seeing Ma Zaixing still unwilling to give up, he immediately humiliated her and insisted on taking off her shirt with the intention of taking her. But when she saw her grievances and crying, she couldn’t bear it, and simply let go.

Earlier, Ma Diexing didn’t understand why Chu Youwen’s attitude changed. Only now did he understand that he was acting in every scene, never moved sincerely, and his behavior in recent days has forced him to retreat. Chu Youwen truthfully told him that he deliberately broke the red line at the beginning. Even if he had a short period of beauty, he was confused and sentimental. He couldn’t give pure affection at all. The emperor gave the two to become a married couple.

At this time, City Lord Li suddenly visited and prepared a dancer named “Green Fu” for Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen wants to spend the spring evening with the dancers, teasing Ma Zhuixing can stay and observe, Ma Zhuixing is discouraged when he hears this, and goes straight away. Wen Yan sent someone to Jichong to inquire about the Golden Eagle’s exploration of the road, just to find that Jichong went to Mafu alone, acting suspiciously.

When Chu Youwen heard of this, he hurriedly led someone to intercept it and warned Ji Chong to take care of his business. As a result, he rushed and laughed instead of anger. He advised Chu Youwen to cherish the people in front of him as much as possible, and then took the candied haws to find Ma Zhai Xing, but Ma Mansion was empty.

After learning that Ma Jiexing was missing, he rushed to hope that Chu Youwen would send someone to search the city for it, but he was rejected. Chengzhu Li mistakenly thought that Chu Youwen hated horse picking the stars, so he used his ugly face to say all the bad things about picking the stars. He originally wanted to flatter him, but he was photographed on the horse’s legs. Instead, he was demoted as a city gate soldier by Chu Youwen and guarded Kui forever. State gate.

Because of the heavy rain that night, I was worried about the safety of the horse picking the stars, thinking that she had mentioned Langshou Mountain, so she hurried away without stopping. At this time, Ma Jiexing dragged his sick body to the cave where she and the wolf boy often go, and finally fell to the ground with a fever. In a trance, he seemed to feel that someone was taking care of him, but he didn’t know that this person was Chu Youwen.

After a whole night of meticulous care, Ma Jiexing finally had a fever, and when Ji Chong arrived at Langshou Mountain, Ma Jiexing woke up slowly, and Chu Youwen was nowhere to be seen. Ma Zhaixing was sad, and admitted that he came here to find courage. Although Chu Youwen is a shameless person and has no affection for her, the marriage contract between the two teachers is needed by everyone and cannot be terminated. Ji Chong knew that Chu Youwen was nearby. He deliberately concealed it without reporting, and continued to stand beside Ma Zaixing to comfort him, saying that everyone would love wrong, but in the future there will always be his own happiness.

When approaching the border, Chu Youwen received a letter from Jichong forging Princess Baona, as well as a token, the content was to invite him to Fuhulin tomorrow. Chu Youwen asked Ma Jiexing to help identify the handwriting, but Ma Jiexing did not notice that the notes were strange, but instead thought that the envoy Bao Na wanted to ask him to rekindle what he wrote.

Afterwards, Ma Xingxing decided to return to the capital immediately, and promised to give Chu Youwen freedom. From then on, the two were just fake couples. However, Chu Youwen’s goal was achieved, but he also completely hurt Ma to win the stars, and he didn’t expect Ji Chong to voluntarily resign from the post of Master Xiangma, frankly admiring Ma to win the stars.

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