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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 22 Recap

Ever since Yao Ji pretended to trade with Chu Youwen and healed Ma to win the stars, Chu Youwen knew that the matter was fraudulent. Because he and Haruka are strong rivals, Haruka cannot easily help herself with the emperor on his back. Wen Yan asked Chu Youwen if this time it was not a fake poison but a real poison, would Chu Youwen deceive the emperor and secretly pick up the stars to detoxify Ma.

Chu Youwen said that if he really had to betray the emperor, he would first resign from the head of the night evil and not involve them when he chooses to protect the horse and pick the stars. After this test, the emperor could not completely trust Chu Youwen. Now that the crisis is pervading, Chu Youwen wants to find a way to get Ma Zhuixing to leave.

Ma Zhixing was still angry because of Chu Youwen’s visit to Baihualou, and spoke to him sarcastically. Chu Youwen frankly told her that when he and Mo Xiao went to Baihualou, they weren’t drinking and having fun, but were ordered by the emperor to investigate the rebels and the troubles. Chu Youwen told Ma Caixing that no matter whether he was by her side or not, he would remember that he was Xing’er’s wolf boy, and nothing could make Xing’er sad. Hearing this, Ma Caixing was very moved, and the two kissed closely.

Chu Youwen asked him to plant flowers in the yard, and also asked Mo Xiao to prepare Ma Zhaoxing’s favorite wolf pot, and everyone had fun together. Chu Youwen was the first to be out, and Mo Xiao didn’t fear the look in Chu Youwen’s eyes, so he shot directly. As punishment, Mo Xiao wanted to flick Chu Youwen’s forehead. Chu Youwen was very unconvinced, and was angry and wanted to single out with Mo Xiao.

Yao Ji came to Chu Youwen’s Mansion to visit Chu Youwen, and happened to meet Ma Zhuixing who came to greet Ma Jing at the door. Ma Zhixing took her to find Chu Youwen and showed her the flowers and plants that Chu Youwen had bought for herself. Yao Ji told Chu Youwen that she took the emperor’s order and invited Ma Caixing to participate in the preparations for the Zhuzhen banquet with her. The emperor will prepare ten good pieces of horse meat to celebrate with the prisoners in the dungeon. Haruhime tells Ma Catch the Star about this rule and asks her to select prisoners who can obtain horse meat.

Ma Jiexing is very sad. The wolf cub is no longer there. Even though the body is still there, the simplicity and kindness of the wolf cub have disappeared. Chu Youwen came to her and told her that he was a wolf boy and also Chu Youwen. He hoped that Ma Caixing could take good care of himself, regardless of whether he could accept himself or not.

Chu Youwen and Mo Xiao left Bowang’s Mansion overnight to find the shopkeeper Fang and Hong’er, and gave them a large sum of money so that they would leave at dawn and never return to Kuizhou City. Knowing that Chu Youwen had secretly left them alive, Yao Ji realized that Chu Youwen had really changed. She thinks that Chu Youwen not only changed herself for Ma Xingxing, but also wanted to hide from the sky and set himself on fire. In order to prevent Chu Youwen from making a big mistake, Yao Ji sent someone to kill the shopkeeper Fang and Hong’er.

When Ma Jiexing stopped people from repairing the yard, Yao Ji came to her and asked her to go to a place with herself in order to eliminate the misunderstanding between her and Chu Youwen. Yao Ji brought Ma Zaixing and Mo Xiao to Duan’s house and told her that Duan’s mother was still alive. After Lord Duan’s death, Chu Youwen asked Wen Yan to prepare the medicine and send it to Duan’s house on time every month, but couldn’t bear to see Lord Duan’s mother fend for themselves. Knowing this, Ma Caixing was very moved and decided not to blame Chu Youwen.

Ma Qiexing was unguarded and easily fell into the trap they set up. Upon learning of this, Chu Youwen immediately rushed to the Taibu Palace and asked her where to send Ma Di Xing. Yao Ji told Chu Youwen that she was going to kill Ma Zhaoxing and let him return to the cruel and cruel Chu Youwen. At this time, Ma Zhai Xing came to the emperor, begging the emperor to re-investigate the case of Ma Mansion being destroyed.

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