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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 23 Recap

When Zhang Jin took her into the Imperial Study Room, she saw that her expression was not as calm as before, and she was full of indignation and dignity. Ma Zhixing came with a secret letter, and Chu Kui opened the letter. The letter stated that Chu Yougui was fighting for power and winning over the party with the prime minister Jingxiang, but was reprimanded by Ma Ying and several ministers. When Chu Yougui was angry, he secretly threatened to get rid of it. Since then, many ministers have been accused of being convicted by Chu Kui for collaborating with the enemy and conspiring to rebel. Hand for it.

Ma Qiexing aggressively angered Chu Kui, but was sent to prison. Chu Kui always felt that Ma picking the stars was a hidden danger. Chu Youzhen had successfully ambushed the Taibao camp. He did not order Ma Jiajun to directly prepare for battle and attack as quickly as possible.

In the Bowang Mansion, Wen Yan, Ma Jing and others are all anxious as ants on a hot pot, but they are helpless. Mo Xiao blamed himself even more, knowing that Haru Ji was more terrifying than Viper, but because she helped the master to speak, he underestimated the enemy for a while. When everyone was secretly distressed, Chu Youwen suddenly returned to the house. Wen Yan saw that the veins on his neck were dark, and the corners of his mouth began to ooze black blood, and he cried out inwardly. The three of them took Chu Youwen into the secret room, and Haidie took the heart chain and bound him firmly. The chain had spikes, and the roots pierced straight into the skin.

There is no cure for the veterinary poison, and the only way to let the toxicity slowly diminish over time, until Chu Youwen regains consciousness and regains humanity. The three of them couldn’t bear to see the master’s torment, and they retreated outside the secret room, all of them frowned. Wen Yan decides to go to guilt and sue Yao Ji.

Chu Kui took the imperial army and sealed the Palace of the Supreme Imperial Palace. Chu Kui winked, and the eunuch Zhang Jin beside him presented a letter to Yao Ji, which was the letter Ma Zhixing had previously presented to Chu Kui. After a while, the commander appeared, and the two soldiers behind him carried a small corpse, it was Hong’er.

Yao Ji knew that the situation was over, no matter what she said at this moment, Chu Kui would not believe it. The two imprisoned soldiers immediately pulled Haru Ji and carried her away. Zishen was alert and was not found by the Forbidden Army, but he was incapable of a savior. He could only watch Yao Ji be taken away.

Chu Kui used his wishful thinking and sent Ma’s army to attack the Taibao camp. This place is the important frontier defense town of the Jin State, and it is also a concentrated area of ​​army food. But on the battlefield, swords do not have eyesight, and if you find an opportunity to do the horse star picking, it will be an accident or blame for Jin, no one will doubt.

After being imprisoned in the jail, Ma Qiexing finally calmed down, thinking carefully about Chu Kui’s abnormal behavior, and becoming more suspicious. Even though he was reckless and didn’t know the severity, he smashed Chu Kui, but it was related to the destruction of Ma Mansion, why didn’t Chu Kui re-investigate it thoroughly. At this time, there was a commotion in the prison. Ma Qixing slightly raised his head and glanced outwards. He was surprised to see that it was Yao Ji who came in with handcuffs. Chu Kui’s chief eunuch Zhang Jin even held the key personally and opened the prison. The door, respectfully released Ma Jiexing out of the cell.

Zhang Jin tells Ma Caixing that everything was framed by Yao Ji, Zhang Jin deliberately concealed the death of Hong’er and his daughter, so as to prevent Ma Caixing from becoming suspicious again and not giving up on the real murderer. Although Yao Ji has repeatedly mentioned that Chu Youwen is no longer the former wolf boy, but cursing her and Chu Youwen face-to-face is too much, and Ma Caixing cannot help but become angry.

Knowing that Chu Youwen was poisoned, Ma Zhaixing was anxious, and after saying goodbye to Zhang Jin hurriedly, he jumped into the carriage and drove away. Everyone still didn’t know that she was released by Chu Kui. Haidie was the first to see her, she was surprised and happy, but at the same time she was sorrowful. Under the leadership of Hai Die, Ma Qixing came to Chu Youwen’s sleeping quarters, and saw him lying on the bed, his face pale and unconscious, her heart was pulled together instantly, tears poured down her eyes.

Whenever she encountered any danger, he always stood in front of her and tried his best to protect her, but this time he was poisoned by Haruka for her and became like this. Ma Jiexing had never seen him so fragile, but felt like a knife, and never left the bed all night. The white belly gradually appeared out of the window, and Chu Youwen, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes, only to feel like a world away, especially when he found Ma Caixing star guarding beside him, reaching out his hand in disbelief and stroking her hair. Ma Jiexing woke up suddenly, and after opening his eyes, he saw that Chu Youwen had woke up, with a slight smile on his pale face.

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