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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 24 Recap

When he woke up, Chu Youwen took the initiative to hug Ma Zaixing, and he reproached himself that he didn’t protect her well, so that she was caught in Haruka’s tricks. Chu Kui knew that all this was Yao Ji’s conspiracy, so he didn’t blame Ma Zhaoxing. This incident can pass safely because Wen Yan has taken over everything. Seeing Wen Yan’s sacrifice for himself, Chu Youwen was very moved. Mo Xiao, Wen Yan and others said that they just hope that the Bo Wang and his wife will be safe. Chu Youwen assured them that he would no longer be injustice to them, and that they would not sacrifice for themselves.

Chu Youwen asked Mo Xiao to find Wen Yan the best doctor, and declared that Wen Yan had returned home from leave, and let Wen Yan stay in Chu Youwen Mansion to recover. Chu Youwen had always had the luck to believe that as long as Ma Zhaixing didn’t know the truth about the Mafu case, as long as Ma Jiajun was there, she could be protected. Ma Jiajun is about to attack Taibao camp. If the troops are damaged and the use value is greatly reduced, the necessity of Ma Jiexing’s retention in Chu Kui’s heart will be greatly reduced.

Ma Jiajun suffered from the miasma and fell into the tricks of Chu Kui. Upon learning of this, King Jin asked Wang Shizi Li Juqi to find someone to jointly rescue Ma Zaixing and Ma Jiajun, after Bao Zhongliang.

Zi Shen wanted to use Yi Rong Shu to rescue Yao Ji, but Yao Ji refused. Zishen was very puzzled, why didn’t Yao Ji confess to Chu Kui that Chu Youwen let Fang Owner and Hong’er go. Yao Ji bluntly said that Wen Yan and Chu Kui had expected this for a long time, and if they had said it themselves, they would not believe it, and it is very likely that they would be accused of framing the prince. Zi Shen saw that everything Yao Ji did was to keep Chu Youwen by his side, hoping that he would become the Chu Youwen he wanted.

Ma Zhixing and Ma Jing were not aware of Wen Yan’s broken hand muscles and hamstrings. They naively thought Wen Yan really went home to visit relatives. When Chu Youwen was playing with Ma Caixing, he took the initiative to kiss her. During the chat, Ma Zhuixing told Chu Youwen that she had met Yao Ji in the prison. She said that she and Chu Youwen were cursed by heaven and would never be together. She also said that the real Chu Youwen is not something Ma Zhuixing can bear. Ma Zaixing vowed to say that even if he was cursed by heaven, he would be with Chu Youwen, and no one could be separated.

At the garrison of the Majia Army on the border of Taibao Camp, when Ma Fengcheng and his soldiers went to survey the terrain, they were poisoned with miasma, and the toxin has penetrated into the internal organs and cannot be cured. Learning of this, Ma Xiehan felt very uncomfortable. Ma Fengcheng told him that his only regret was not being able to avenge Ma Ying. He decided to hand over Ma Jiajun to Ma Xiehan and let Ma Xiehan lead his troops to avenge him.

He rushed to Kuizhou City to find out about Fang’s shopkeeper, and asked the teahouse owner if Fang shopkeeper had offended others. The owner of the tea house told Ji Chong what the shopkeeper Fang knew, and boldly speculated that the person living in the shopkeeper Fang was the assassin. Upon learning of this, he rushed to find General Cheng in the country. Li Juqi, the son of King Mo, came to Ji Chong and told him that Ma Ying’s murder had nothing to do with Tu Jun. If you want to know the specific details, you must return to the Thai insurance camp with yourself.

Knowing that Ma Fengcheng had a miasma, Ma Jing was very anxious. Chu Kui ordered the imperial physician to go to Taibaoying for treatment, and also proposed to let Ma Xingxing go to the front line to fight. Chu Kui asked Chu Youwen to set up an ambush for Ma Jiajun, no matter whether he wins or loses, he cannot let them survive, including Ma picking the stars. Chu Youwen pleaded with Ma Yingxing to stay, but Chu Kui refused. He told Chu Youwen that it was Ma Ying and Ma Jiajun who killed his Highness.

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