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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 25 Recap

Chu Kui told Chu Youwen that Ma Jiajun was to blame for the death of King Bin that year. Only by destroying Ma Jiajun and Ma Zengxing can he take advantage of King Bin’s spirit in heaven. Chu Youwen, who regarded King Bin as his own hands and feet, obeyed Chu Kui’s orders on the surface. In fact, he had long since decided not to be deceived and used by Chu Kui, and secretly planned how to let Reaching Star escape Chu Kui’s clutches.

Seeing Chu Youwen agree to this matter, Chu Kui nodded in relief, finally showing a real smile on his face. Chu Youwen said that he would personally kill the broken horse and picking the stars. He didn’t want Ma Zhuixing to die unclearly. Chu Kui thought about it for a moment, and agreed.

When he returned home, Ma Jiexing saw Chu Youwen’s face ugly, and wanted to ask questions, but Chu Youwen accused him. The blinded Ma Jiexing didn’t hear the offending notes, thinking that Chu Youwen was still angry about going to the front, so he tried his best to appease Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen decided to teach horse how to fight for star picking in case of unexpected events. Chu Youwen rigorously trained the horse to win the stars. Anything can happen on the battlefield, including the two of them may become enemies.

Knowing that Jichong and Ma had a good relationship, Li Jizhao jumped off his horse and came to Jichong, feeling a little excited. He had secretly inquired in Kuizhou City, and finally learned from the owner of a tea stall that the night before the shopkeeper Fang Heng died, he asked Ma Fengcheng to meet him, and he was very worried, saying that on the day Ma Mansion was destroyed, a group of people mysteriously covered him. The entire tavern, at night and the next morning, suddenly disappeared. One of the men in black was particularly terrible. He was cold and murderous, reminding people of fear.

After the situation changed, the only surviving princess of the Ma Mansion returned to Kuizhou City. The man beside him unexpectedly looked like the mysterious man who stayed in the tavern that day and night. He quickly calculated the time when Ma Zaixing appeared in Kuizhou City. It was he who tried to induce Chu Youwen to go to Langshou Mountain the next day. In this way, Chu Youwen was very likely to be ordered to kill the Mafu, and was later recognized by the shopkeeper Fang. He was afraid that shopkeeper Fang would reveal the secret. Not only would he kill the father and daughter, but he also created the illusion of a fire, trying to cover people.

Swift learned the truth, and wanted to rush to Yang Country to save the horse and win the stars, but finally met Ma Jing, and simply told Ma Jing the truth first, and then took her back to the barracks. At the same time, Ma Jiexing and Chu Youwen were planning to try marriage, so they put on a happy dress. Haidie knew that this was a farewell, and she could not control her emotions. That night, Chu Youwen and Ma Jiexing exchanged love under the moonlight.

In the camp, Ma Fengcheng had a sick face, he forced himself to sit up, pointed to Ji Chong and asked, Ma Feng still did not believe in Ji Chong. The doctor was already dying, and the doctor could only prescribe more ginseng and other large tonic prescriptions, barely sighing, and procrastinating. Ji Chong took out the ring stone from his arms, and he gave the ring stone to Ma Fengcheng. Ma Feng Cheng Zhima took this copper bell with him since he was a child, and he understood that what Ji Chong said was true. Quickly rushing over his palms, everyone saw the word “shen” engraved inside the token.

Ma Fengcheng was taken aback, and then recalled that the shopkeeper Fang had indeed said that the man who appeared in Kuizhou City with Ma Zaixing that day looked like a mysterious person who stayed in a tavern on the day of the murder. He was not very concerned at that time. Although the treasurer Fang was asked to paint a portrait of Chu Youwen in order to reassure the treasurer, the treasurer Fang died in a misfortune, unable to confirm the identity of the mysterious person. Now the evidence is like a mountain, it turns out that all this is Chu Kui behind the scenes, he is so foolish, can’t see the truth, and put Ma Qiexing in danger. Ma Fengcheng was full of grief and indignation, tears of old man.

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