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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 26 Recap

After Ma Fengcheng knew the truth, he swiftly attacked his heart and died. The traitor hidden in the Majia military camp took the opportunity to fly a pigeon to pass a letter to Chu Kui. Fortunately, he was discovered by Ji Chong, but news of the traitor letting Ma Jiajun rebelled still spread to Chu Kui’s ears.

Chu Kui asked Chu Youwen to speed up the night evil spirit, and brought back the hostage Ma to win the stars. Chu Youwen told Chu Kui that Yao Ji had poisoned Ma Zhai Xing. In order to use Ma Zhai Xing to contain the rebellious Ma family army, Chu Kui forced Yao Ji to hand over the antidote to the cold cricket.

And on the other side, the Zodiac has been unconsciously, right? Reaching the stars and poisoning him, didn’t you notice it. After taking a rest on the way, he continued on the road, and came across Ma Jing who came to rescue him. Ma Jing couldn’t. To explain more, he hurried to take Ma Qiexing away, but was surrounded by Bojun and a few masked men in black.

Two Ma Jiajun soldiers suddenly rushed forward and drew their swords to stand in front of Ma Zaixing and Ma Jing. Before Ma Jing spoke, the Bojun guards had taken action. The guards carefully selected by Chu Youwen were not weak in martial arts. The two Majiajun soldiers struggled to resist but were invincible and were killed instantly.

Ma Zhixing was shocked when she saw that the guard’s knife was about to strike Ma Jing again, and she quickly pulled Ma Jing behind her back. With swords and swords, Ma Qixing’s hands were suddenly tied tightly by iron chains. She looked to the left and right in horror. She saw two masked men in black appearing beside her, holding the other ends of the iron chains. The night that passed the door, those killers also attacked Dad with heavy iron chains.

With this similar technique, it was like a thunder blast on the ground, and Ma Zengxing instantly buzzed his head, huge fear slowly invaded the bone marrow, and the soles of his feet were faintly cool, and even the road was unsteady. Ma Zhixing struggled hard, the iron chains were extremely heavy and entangled so tightly that they couldn’t break free at all, until Chu Youwen took the initiative to show up, and the truth of the destruction of Ma House was self-evident.

In the end, Ma picked up the stars and stopped struggling, and sat on the ground, crying bitterly. Everything was nothing but a phantom last night. After all, Chu Youwen killed King Bo of the Mafu, and she was Ma Ying’s daughter after all. It turns out that Yao Ji was right. She and him were cursed by the heavens. Xing’er and Langzi had disappeared completely eight years ago.

When he rushed there, he saw two Majiajun soldiers lying outside the tea shop. He jumped off his horse and rushed into the tea shop. He searched it back and forth, except for the two dead bodies on the ground. It seems that Chu Kui has learned the news and is the first to start.

Ma Jiexing and Ma Jing were imprisoned in the sky jail. Compared to Ma Jing’s excitement, Ma Jiexing was quiet and weird, as if everything around her had nothing to do with her. Mo Xiao was still respectful towards the horse picking the stars, personally carrying a richer meal and clear water, separated by the iron pillars, and sent to the horse picking the stars cell.

Ma Jiexing picked up the rice bowl and threw it to the ground. The porcelain bowl shattered. She picked up a sharp piece and pressed it against her throat. Mo Xiao never knew that she had such a decisive side. For a while, he was a little panicked, seeing the porcelain bowl. The fragments have been cut into the skin, bleeding is coming, she does not seem to feel any pain, her eyes are strong and threatening that cannot be denied.

Mo Xiao knew that if she couldn’t see Chu Youwen, she would never give up self-harm. If she went to death in the jail, let alone he can’t afford the consequences, the master would be heartbroken. Haidie reported to Chu Youwen, who still wanted to save the princess. At this time, in the camp, hurriedly discussed with everyone the way to save the princess, the fourth highness Chu Youzhen had already set off for the palace.

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