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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 27 Recap

There was some commotion among the marching teams. Someone pointed to the sky, and Chu Youzhen, who was riding on the horse, looked up, and really saw a golden eagle hovering above them. Chu Youzhen was on his way back to the capital. Chu Kui sent him to the Taibao camp to investigate the enemy’s situation. Now the mission is over. Seeing that the battle between Liang and Jin is about to start, he suddenly called him back to the palace.

The golden eagle was traced, and Chu Youzhen felt better when he learned that Ji Chong was nearby. Soon there was a long roar from the front, and the golden eagle chased the sun. He saw a single horse rushing forward. The wind and dust came to the front of the brigade. As soon as the words fell, the rushing sword had reached Chu Youzhen’s neck. .

The sudden change suddenly occurred, and everyone present couldn’t respond, and they drew their swords and shouted, and a group of masked people suddenly appeared in the woods behind them, and they quickly surrounded Chu Youzhen and the others in an orderly manner. It was Ma Jiajun’s elite.

Seeing that Chu Youzhen fell into Ji Chong’s hands, Yang Hou didn’t say whether Chu Kui would agree to exchange hostages. Just because Chu Youzhen was held hostage, Chu Kui really wanted to blame him. He had several heads that weren’t enough. Chu Youzhen was captured, and there were a large number of ambushes around him. Yang Hou was helpless and could only watch Swiftly take Chu Youzhen away.

Since Ma Qiexing was confined back to the cell, her whole person was like a walking dead, without eating or drinking, she quickly lost weight, her body was haggard, and she lost interest in everything around her. Mo Xiao came to pick up the horse to meet Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen told Ma Jiexing everything. Ma Jiexing and Chu Youwen were cut off. Seeing that he burned the shadow puppets for the two of them, he became a stranger. .

Chu Kui was furious when he learned that Chu Youzhen was captured and the other party threatened to exchange hostages with Ma to win the stars. Chu Kui was furious, but he had to calm down and think. The chess game that Chu Kui had deliberately laid out before was now destroyed by Ma Jiajun. Only Ma Jiajun was left in his hand. I thought that she could be used to threaten Ma Jiajun, but he did not expect to kill Cheng Yaojin halfway to force him to surrender Ma Jiajun. star.

Considering the chess piece Ma picking the stars and the future emperor of Yang Kingdom, it is needless to say which is more important. So Chu Kui immediately ordered Chu Youwen to go to the grounding point and exchange the horse for Chu Youzhen. A group of people kept rushing, and the border would arrive in half a day, and finally they could rest temporarily.

Mo Xiao took a pot of water and walked to Ma Qiexing. Ma Qiexing still did not eat or drink. Although she was weak and unconscious, she heard Mo Xiao’s voice, but turned her head stubbornly. Seeing this situation, Chu Youwen only needs to force Ma Caixing to continue to live by using the radical method again.

On the border mang ridge, Chu Youzhen, who was tied up by the five flowers, was rushing into custody, followed by a group of elite Majia army soldiers. Not far away, a group of men and horses were visible. The golden eagle chasing had already reported that it was indeed Chu Youwen himself who took the horse. Win the stars to exchange hostages. He rushed forward with Chu Youzhen, and Chu Youwen dismounted, personally escorting Ma Zaixing and Ma Jing to meet him.

Unexpectedly, batch after batch of Lu Jun emerged from the mountains and forests, and quickly surrounded the few Bo Legion regiments. Ji Chong turned out to be the youngest son of King King, who was also a heroic teenager who was the master of the battlefield. But suddenly disappeared, no one knew its whereabouts.

Li Jizhao’s face was unhappy, and Yuan Ce, a counselor beside him, curled his eyebrows to watch the situation intently. Originally thought that this time he would definitely be able to kill Chu Youwen, Bu Jun was almost all the elite, but because of his illness, he cared too much about his children’s love, and saw that he was going to give up all his previous achievements, so he even had a dislike for Ma Caixing.

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