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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 28 Recap

Li Jixiu’s face was unhappy, and Yuan Ce, a counselor beside him, curled his eyebrows to watch the situation intently. Originally thought that this time he would definitely be able to kill Chu Youwen, Bo Jun was almost all elite, but because of illness, he was too concerned about the love of his children, and seeing that he was going to give up all his previous achievements, how could Li Jizhao not be anxious in his heart, and even stared at the horse. Also aroused disgust. It is important to know that the use of the Lu army and the taking in of the Ma Jiajun is not without any objection from the people of the country. It is the king of King who is alone in order to fight against the public.

Chu Youwen was convinced that he kept his promise. After retreating five miles from Mangling Mountain that day, he ordered Ma Jing to be released and a horse was left behind so that she could rendezvous with Ma Zhaoxing as soon as possible. In order to ensure the safety of the horse picking the stars, the master and servant will rush to Puyang Taiyuan under the escort of Ma Jiajun’s elite when they meet. Along the way, Ma Jiexing looked cold and reticent, as if the kind-hearted woman in the past had already died, but now that she is still alive is just an empty shell supported by hatred.

Leading the Ma Jiajun to join the Kingdom of Shu, and being used by the King of Shu, means that one day, Ma Zaixing will return to attack with Ma Jiajun, and meet and fight with Chu Youwen on the battlefield. They once loved each other so much, but the next moment, they will deeply hurt each other. . She stared at the ancient city of Taiyuan that was getting closer and closer, and she knew in her heart that the horses and horses in the past would die again.

Tai Yuan became the foothold of Ma Jiajun. Ma Zaixing’s carriage drove to the gate of Tai Yuan City. The gate was heavily guarded and strictly guarded. After entering the city, the view of the city was not what she thought before. , Lively and noisy. Although there are many shops on the street, there are no private vendors. The street is very clean and tidy. The people walking on it also appear to be self-controlled. No one talks or laughs loudly, but there is no fear on the people’s faces. This is the national style.

The former dynasty died, but now Chu Kui is even more eye-catching. He wants to expand his territory and dominate the world. The state of Bu, which is known as the rejuvenation of the former dynasty, has naturally become a thorn in his eyes. Chu Kui clearly feels the threat and oppression of Chu Kui, and he is ready to go . Looking around the city quickly, he still felt so proud of his father’s management methods. Suddenly Ma Caixing saw the wolf chasing all the way, destroying the livelihood of the small merchants and vendors, and blamed him.

Under the personal leadership of Wang Shizi Li Jixu, Ma Zhixing and Ma Jing came to the King’s Family Temple. Ma Jing stayed outside the door. After Li Jixiu informed him, he asked Ma Zhixing to enter, and then he followed in. As expected to be King King, a few simple words can tell the blind spot of the horse picking stars and point to the core of the problem.

Although Ma Jiajun loves to win the stars, Ma’s demons have not been removed. The most taboo on the battlefield is for a time. She even named Ma Ying to suppress her arrogance. Only then did Ma Jiexing realize how reckless he was, and when he first arrived in the country, he encouraged the king to attack him, without considering the overall situation, or even considering the situation of Ma Jiajun, and he couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Seeing Ma Caixing confessing his mistake, King Jin gave a warm word and comforted him. Ma Caixing didn’t say much, and turned around after thanking him.

Shi En directly took Ji Chong back to the Dongkuan compound where he used to live. On the coffee table next to the wooden table, there was a bowl of sweet soup. He didn’t need to lift the lid. He knew it by smelling the taste. It was the mother’s favorite stew before his death. He drinks lily white fungus and pear soup. Time flies by Zeng Feijun, his mother is no longer alive, and he is no longer the old boy who didn’t know the heights and the boundlessness of the world. This bowl of lily white fungus and pear soup tastes sweet, but the heart is slightly sour.

Under the advice of the general manager, Ji Chong understood that only by becoming the king of Chuan Chuan and the marshal of Chuanlong army, he could protect Ma and win the stars. After seeing Chu Kui, he rushed to find Ma Zaixing, and Ma Zaixing was persuaded by everyone to be his teacher and learn how to exercise and practice arrows.

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