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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 29 Recap

Chu Youzhen knew that his third brother had given up too much for the royal family, whether it was freedom, dignity, or affection, so he was rather distressed apart from annoyance. He simply drank so drunk that he broke into King Bo’s mansion and threatened to kill King Bo and let him go. Wolf boy.

However, today is different from the past. The wolf boy had already died at the bottom of the cliff. After rebirth, it was only a sharp blade in Chu Kui’s hand. Not only was it unable to protect Ma Zhaoxing, it even hurt her deeply. In order to completely cut off the souvenirs, Chu Youwen ordered the people to remove all the female dills in the mansion and clean up the room where Ma Qiexing was left. No traces were allowed, as everyone knew that he was deceiving himself.

Ma Jiexing stayed up all night studying military books, expecting Ji Chong to teach her how to practice arrows, but saw a group of young maidservants filed in with breakfast, and praised Ji Chong’s heroism and handsome, and envied Ma Ji Xing’s ability to be loved by his son. Seeing the maidservants so obsessed with Ji Chong, Ma Caixing was unbelievable and had to finish breakfast obediently.

Ji Chong took Ma Xingxing to see the chief executive, wanting to learn about the former prince princess from the chief executive, but the chief executive refused to disclose the news. The two sang and acted together in harmony, finally forcing the general manager to confess the truth, and thus learned that the princess Pingxian had escaped from the dead and her eyes were destroyed. Since then, she has lived in Tangxingyuan without leaving home, and planned to spend the rest of her life at a low level, so Wang Mansion Few people inside know the truth.

After learning of the incident, Ji Chong and Ma Jiexing jointly wooed Princess Pingxian to help her get rid of the checks and balances of King Mo. Ma Jiexing didn’t want to be involved in it quickly, and he did not agree on the face of it, but in private, he sneaked over the wall and entered Tangxingyuan, but was rejected by Princess Pingxian before he showed his intention.

Faced with Ma Jiexing’s lofty ambitions, Princess Pingxian didn’t feel anything at all. It was not until Ma Jiexing took out the female Luocao that she was willing to go to the martial arts field to see the strength of Ma Jiajun. However, the two of them came to the barracks together, and suddenly heard loud noises coming from the camp. When they approached, they saw that the soldiers not only drank and ate meat during the day, played and played, and even threw their swords at will. Never return to the appearance of elite soldiers and heroes.

Seeing that Ma Jiajun’s military discipline had fallen into disarray, Ma Zhaixing was furious, and on the spot ordered everyone to immediately rectify and practice, and immediately pleaded Princess Pingxian to give another chance. Since the soldiers had mostly been poisoned by the miasma before, and their bodies were still recovering, now they are training under the scorching sun, and they are inevitably overwhelmed.

King Jin learned that Princess Pingxing had been taken away by Ma Zhaixing, and hurried to the Majiajun military camp, and stopped the soldiers who were training. After sending away Princess Pingxian, King Shu pointed out that Ma Jiexing was blinded by hatred and was not suitable for the main general. Ma Jiexing ignored him and wanted to train Ma Jiajun, but he was stopped by Ma Jiajun’s commander.

Thinking of the unrequited grievance, and the ugly attitude, Ma Zhai felt that he couldn’t hold on to his face, and his emotions fell out of control for a while, and then the dispute started again. Seeing that she was irrational now, he simply stopped arguing, and directly carried her up and threw her into the pool. As the whole body was soaked in cold water, Ma Qiexing instantly became sober, and she was extremely ashamed of her behavior.

After finally waiting for Ma Caixingxing to soothe her emotions, Ji Chong and Ma Xiehan took the opportunity to explain the token and wine and food, and then Ji Chong returned the token to Ma Caixing to encourage her to forget her hatred temporarily and cheer her up again because of this. Block token is not a tool for her revenge, but a responsibility and accountability.

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