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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 30 Recap

Ma Zhixing ordered Ma Jing and Ma Xiehan to join forces to throw Xiao Shizi into the pond. There was a crash and water splashed, accompanied by Ma Caixing’s crisp laughter. Swiftly lying on his back, lying on the pool water, his face was comfortable and happy. But it’s worth it to fall into the water and feel more embarrassed.

King Jin finally summoned Ma Zaixing. Under Shi En’s leadership, she came to King King’s study. After Shi En reported, Ma Zaixing walked in and saw King Jin concentrate on the information sent back by the spies before he was burying the first case. King Bo nodded slowly, but did not raise his eyes, still staring at the information in his hand, as if he was contemplating. Princess Ma, do you know what happens to the servant who served the princess? ‘Asked King Bo.

The king has already ordered the relevant people to be severely punished for the beating of twenty rods. Ma Qiexing’s heart froze and waited for his request. However, a few days have passed since the incident. I am afraid that he has already been beaten and punished. It’s uneasy. King Mo asked Ma Dixing to successfully disrupt the cooperation between the two countries, and the day when Mo and Ma Jiajun sent troops to attack, it was just around the corner.

The timing has entered the golden autumn, the clear blue sky is like washing, the northern geese are flying south, the autumn breeze is blowing, and the maple forest is dyed red. The envoy to the new Khan’s enthronement ceremony is slowly passing through Konoha Mountain. On the other side of Konoha Mountain, Baona took her close guards, riding a horse and looking around in the woods. After a while, Ma Caixing appeared from behind the tree, and then rushed and Ma Jing also appeared. Na Xin jumped off the horse, came to Ma Zhuixing, and threw her hands up,’I was specially sent to chase the sun to deliver a letter, and I was invited to meet here. It is so mysterious, is it to surprise Chu Youwen’s brother? ‘Meeting Bao Na again, Ma Caixing was equally delighted, but after hearing his name, his smile stiffened and he couldn’t smile anymore.

Bao Na sensed something was wrong, and looked at Ji Chong again, Ma Qiao Xing wanted to say something but stopped, Ji Chong couldn’t get past and said the truth. After narrating the causes and consequences of the rush, she first widened her wonderful eyes and couldn’t believe it, but Ma Jiexing looked sad and sorrowful. So Chu Youwen had been tricking Ma Jixing? Bao Na bit her lower lip, trying to say something. She spoke a few times but she couldn’t say anything. In the end, her eyes were red, and tears fell. She stepped forward and hugged Ma Zaixing tightly. It was too painful. Now, even she was so painful and at a loss what to do, not knowing what to do, let alone the horse picking the stars?

As soon as Bao Na clapped her hands, the guards behind her held several sets of clothes. Ma Jiexing and the others were about to change their clothes. The grass on the side shook violently. The next moment, a black shadow burst out, rushing quickly, protecting him in front of Ma Jiexing, while drawing a bow and shooting arrows. After the arrow hit the black shadow, he fell to the ground and let out a whine. It was a huge wolf! After the wolf fell to the ground, he grinned towards Ji Ji, tried to get up several times but failed, and suddenly turned her head to the horse to pick the stars. She couldn’t help but feel that the wolf seemed familiar.

Bao Na saw that the wolf was wearing a collar. It was probably a war wolf trained by Chu Youwen. The Bojun team should have reached the foot of the Konoha Mountain at the other end. Ma Caixing looked at the wolf’s eyes and recognized that he was once the leader. She went to rescue Bao Na’s war wolf.

Four war wolves were put into the Muye Mountain Forest, but only three came back. Chu Youwen couldn’t rest assured and personally took Mo Xiao into the woods to find the wolf. The wolf suddenly moved his ears, straightened his upper body, and turned to look at him. Seeing that the wolf was still alive, Chu Youwen heaved a sigh of relief. Someone saved the wolf? The person who can save the wolf, in the world, he only knows one. Chu Youwen followed the maid until he saw Bao Na, Chu Youwen dashed into a big tree, looked at Bao Na team, only one The hem of the celebrity maid’s skirt was obviously missing a corner, and he looked up, but the maid turned her back to him and could not see her face.

To conceal his identity, Ma Qiexing pretended to be a maid next to Bao Na. Bao Na entered the golden tent only for a while. An old maid suddenly walked over and grabbed Ma Qiexing’s arm, while chanting in Khitan. , Pulling her to the other direction. The old woman actually took her to Chu Youwen’s tent, and then the curtain was lifted, and Bao Na probed in, pretending to find the horse and starring unsuccessful, and led the maid out of the door.

Chu Youwen and the fourth prince met the king. Chu Youwen patted his palm twice. After a while, several Bojun soldiers carried two large wooden boxes into the account. When preparing for the enthronement ceremony, the Four His Highnesses pointed out that New Khan loves the culture of the Central Plains, and also loves literati poetry, calligraphy and painting. This is why Chu Youwen has specially searched for all the precious calligraphy, calligraphy and calligraphy in Beijing, including many famous calligraphers of the former dynasty. At this moment, Bao Na led Ma Jiexing and Ji rushed in. Ma Jiexing told the new king, who was furious.

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