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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 31 Recap

Ma Zhixing told the king about all the things that Chu Youwen had done, but the king was unwilling to intervene in the grievances between the two. Chu Youwen smiled coldly and turned back to Ye Luyi, “Khan, you also heard it,” It is not so much for the sake of Khan to offer advice, but rather, she just came to the king to avenge her personal revenge, after all, this king is her father-killer enemy! ‘

Ma Jiexing was extremely annoyed in an instant. She was originally confident and had a chance to win. Who knew that Chu Youwen could not tell the difference between east and south with a few words, so she immediately followed his way! Tengu eclipse moon appears in the enthronement ceremony, regardless of whether he Khitan wants to continue to befriend Yang, the enthronement ceremony, the tengu eclipse moon, is always disturbing, and it is inevitable that people will doubt the legitimacy of his succession.

Chu Youwen borrowed a bow, closed his eyes and listened carefully. Ma Caixing was suspicious, and then listened carefully. There seemed to be a howling wolf on Konoha Mountain, and Ma Caixing suddenly felt bright in his heart. How could she forget that Chu Youwen had lived with wolves since she was a child, and the wolves howled to the moon, naturally, they had a different feeling to the eclipse of the moon. Ma Zhixing had read many military books when he was in Taiyuan, and many of them mentioned that the Tengu Eclipse is only a short-term phenomenon, and there is no need to treat it with superstition. Chu Youwen definitely understands this, but he used it to break the Tengu Eclipse. The chance proves that this omen has nothing to do with him.

Chu Youwen opened his eyes, slowly raised his bow, aiming at the sky, but did not immediately shoot an arrow, until the howling of the wolf on Konoha Mountain became clearer than the other, and his bow became fuller and fuller at the longest sound. After the wolf howl, he let go of his arrows. Except for the horse picking the stars, everyone looked up at the sky and waited with breath. Yuehua really slowly reappeared in the sky, the blood of the night sky faded, everything returned to normal, and the thunderous cheers under Konoha Mountain. Ye Luyi laughed even more.

Chu Youwen looked at Ma Xingxing arrogantly, and said that the king said seriously. This king just wants to prove that the so-called eclipse of the sky dog ​​and the omen from the sky have nothing to do with me. He also asks the lord of the horse to respect himself and refrain from making rumors or instigating. People! Ye Luyi asked Ma Jiexing to apologize to Chu Youwen, even though she felt very uncomfortable, she was clearly not the wicked person. He took a deep breath and walked slowly towards Chu Youwen. He was about to apologize, but he preemptively refused to let Ma Caixing apologize and insulted Ma Caixing. Chu Youwen pleaded with Ye Luyi for her, and Ma Jiexing was so angry that he could not even speak.

Bao-na listened to the training obediently at first, but the scolding became more unpleasant, she finally couldn’t help but retorted. The two of you came and I quarreled for a while, and found Ma Zaixing sitting on the side with a depressed expression, and hurriedly comforted her. . Ma Jiexing is very self-blame. Fortunately, she also praised King Bo for going to Haikou. She would never be affected by personal affair. Who knows that when she sees Chu Youwen, she loses the six gods, planted a big battle, and ended in a fiasco. Bao Na rushed out angrily to vent her anger at the star.

The next day, the new king’s enthronement ceremony was held at the foot of Konoha Mountain. On the high altar, there are green bulls and white horses on the left and right to worship the sky, twelve sun and moon flags and twelve king drums, as well as the most majestic and elite warriors.

The new king Yeluyi walked with his head up in front of the leaders of the eight tribes, and walked towards the national teacher Tamur on the altar. Just as he was about to take the wine from the national teacher, a melodious pipa sound came from afar, Yeluyi They originally liked Han music, but when everyone heard it, they didn’t take it seriously, but when they saw Ye Luyi’s expression suddenly became excited, they turned their heads and looked at the sound of the music, with an unbelievable expression.

Ye Luyi ignored the enthronement ceremony and was anxious to see someone playing the pipa. A smile appeared at the corner of Bao Na’s mouth, and she glanced at Chu Youwen, who was suspicious. Then her eyes fell on Chu Youzhen, who was next to him. Her eyes met, Chu Youzhen turned away, and Bao Na was a little puzzled. Soon, several Khitan warriors appeared with Ma Qiexing, Ji Chong, and a masked woman holding a pipa, and quickly followed Ma Qixing, like a flower protector. Letting Princess Pingxian appear in front of the new Khan is the real purpose of Ma’s picking the stars. Tengu Shiyue is just an episode.

It turned out that when the king was a proton in the country, Princess Pingxian passed by one day. He heard his cry, and when she asked, she realized that it was a little proton from Qizhitong. He was only eight years old and was sent to another place at such a young age. Princess Feeling pity, he deliberately played the pipa nearby from time to time, and sent the maid to send books and snacks to comfort his homesickness at a young age.

Although Yeluyi is happy to reunite with Princess Pingxian, she always shows people with a veil, and it is difficult to tell the truth from the false. Yeluyi showed regret. It was passed down in the palace in the past. The beauty of the princess in the palace was beautiful. In the past, he tried to sneak a glance at the princess on the screen, but he was unsuccessful. Determined to say everything to see the princess on the screen, thank you personally, and finally concealed the old eunuch, came to the residence of the princess on screen, but she was not there, only ran into a painter, in front of a half-painted portrait. , Princess Pingxian disappeared.

The woman in the painting embraces the pipa with her hands in her arms, her face is still blank, and her right arm wears a golden flower hinged white jade arm ring. The arm ring is made of three pieces of upper curved white jade. Both ends of the arc jade are made of golden and bronze pieces. The fitting, the outer edge of the copper sheet is in the shape of a flower, and the center of the flower bud is inlaid with three water jade gems, which impresses Yeluyi very deeply. The painter’s name was Chu Zhen, and he told Ye Luyi that the three-color water jade gems were royal tokens. Although he had not seen Princess Pingxian, if he had a chance to meet in the future, he might be able to recognize Princess Pingxian. Come.

Now when Ye Luyi recalled this episode, his eyes fell on the princess Pingxian’s arm. There was nothing. The princess sighed lightly. When he fled, the armband was missing.

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