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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 32 Recap

Yeluyifu ascended to the throne, met his deceased, and was full of ambition. After a while, he became red-faced, until the national teacher sent someone to pass it on, and it was time to set off to worship the ancestors at the Muyeshan Ancestral Temple. As soon as Yeluyi left, the atmosphere in the golden tent instantly cooled down. Chu Youwen didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but drank the wine silently, observing the words and deeds of Princess Pingxian, trying to find the flaws.

Ma Qiexing ignored his provocation, and was about to leave with Princess Pingrong. He did not expect that he suddenly stretched out his hand and held Princess Pingyuan’s arm to prevent her from leaving. Princess Pingxian slowly turned her head, her eyes fell on the Qiqi and Wanggu in the corner of the golden tent. Because Princess Pingxian did not recognize the drum, Chu Youwen suspected that Princess Pingxian was a fake.

After careful consideration, apart from the former palace people, I am afraid that no one else will know the true appearance of Princess Pingxian. Although the former king killed the former royal family, he closed his eyes to the palace people who did not interfere in the government. , Allowing him to escape from the palace, the court painter painted portraits for the royal family and nobles. He must have seen the true face of Princess Pingxian. As long as the artist of the year is invited, he will be able to determine whether the princess is true or not. Chu Please let me down with text.

This is rushing and knowing the plan of King King and Ma to pick up the stars. Ma Zhuixing explained that he must pay attention to the timing. Once the time is over, no matter how hard the move is, it is useless, so he knows the danger and sometimes has to fight back. Send a rush to intercept the painter.

In the middle of the night, Ma Caixing left the felt tent and sneaked into the Khan’s golden tent while there was no one left. The light in the tent was dim. After her eyes gradually adjusted, she began to find the Qiqi and Wanggu. She saw dust accumulating on the Kinggu and the Qiqi was old and old. She took out the cloth towel from her arms and wiped it gently. The dust on the king drum.

It’s not easy to rest in the middle of the night. Chu Youwen’s voice suddenly came from the darkness. She had long expected that this action would lead him to appear, and she continued to wipe the drum carefully without panic. Although Ma Qiexing’s hands are inconvenient to move, he still learns something. He reluctantly picked up another strap from the tray and slapped it violently at Chu Youwen. The strap was made of animal skins, and he screamed when he swung it hard.

The whirring sound is quite vigorous, but to Chu Youwen it is not painful or itchy. Chu Youwen easily grabbed the other end of the strap and pulled it hard. Ma Jiexing’s center of gravity was unstable and he went straight forward. Falling straight into Chu Youwen’s arms, a strong man’s breath and body temperature hit her. She was ashamed and annoyed, but her body was limp, and she was unable to struggle.

The sudden intimacy and ambiguity had too much impact on the two of them, so that both of them were stunned. No one wanted to push anyone away first, and managed to understand that it was impossible to be inseparable from the person in front of him in this life. At this moment, the two bodies are deeply attracted to each other, and the long-lost personal warmth and the love that is ready to come out are so strong that it is almost suffocating.

‘His Royal Highness Chu Youwen? Princess Horse? Why are you two in the Khan’s Golden Tent late at night? When the two heard the human voice, they jumped away like a fire, Ma Zhaixing’s cheeks burned, Chu Youwen only felt his heart beating like a drum, both of them looked embarrassed and did not dare to face each other. Fortunately, the golden account The light inside was dim, and the old mother who accidentally barged in when she heard the voice was dim, and she didn’t see any clues.

The old mother lit the oil lamp and saw that Chu Youwen was still holding a white belt in his hand through the weak light, while Ma Caixing’s hands were bound by the cyan belt, her expression changed drastically, “His Royal Highness Chu Youwen, Ma The princess, this green and white belt represents the love of the blue cow and white horse. It will be worn by the Khan himself at the firework dance ceremony tomorrow night! ‘The two had no choice but to tie each other.

Ma Jiexing took a deep breath, resisted the nervousness, walked to him, stretched out his hands to go around his waist, but when he reached half of his hands, he found that he couldn’t fit together, so he cursed in his heart that the waist was okay to practice such a strong waist. What, while breathing desperately, his entire small face was almost on his chest, and the hands behind his waist were barely closed, and the white harness was tied.

But I didn’t expect Liu Xin to be caught by Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen asked Ma Jiexing to kill Liu Xin. Ma Jiexing couldn’t do it. She hated Chu Youwen to death. When Chu Youwen turned and left, the bowstring was pulled. She was full, and the arrow was filled with the strongest hatred, anger and unwillingness. She had never killed her by herself in her life. She gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and let go! The arrow flew straight toward Chu Youwen’s vest, and a figure rushed out, blocking the arrow! Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Chu Youwen waited to hear and shouted around him. When he turned his head, he saw the man who blocked the arrow fell on the ground with the arrow stuck in his chest, and the blood flowed. It turned out to be Chu Youzhen!

Ma Jiexing heard his yelling and suddenly opened his eyes. Only then was he surprised that the arrow hit Chu Youzhen who had rushed out halfway! Ma Jiexing dropped the Benlang Bow and rushed to see Chu Youzhen’s injuries, but he pushed her away fiercely, and the gentleness and attachment he had for her disappeared instantly!

The next day, Bao Na came back from Konoha Mountain. She heard that a major event happened last night. Chu Youzhen was injured by a dark arrow. She was worried about the safety of Ma’s picking the star. When she came to her tent, she saw that the Bojun was guarding her. Stepping into the felt tent hurriedly, he saw Ma Qiexing’s hands tied up, his face was haggard, and his expression slumped, sitting on the bed without saying a word.

Before Ma Zhixing could reply, Haidie had walked in and wanted to take Ma Zhixing away. Even if Bao Na wanted to show her prestige, facing her brother Wang, there was nothing she could do. As soon as Ma Qiexing was accounted for, the guards on both sides of her left and right, Zhixian, drove her down to the ground, and Chu Youwen just stood aside, turning a blind eye. Just when Ma Caixing was about to be taken away by Chu Youwen, he rushed in. King, if this guy killed Ma Caixing, you would definitely regret it, because Ma Caixing was the daughter of Princess Pingxing.

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