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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 33 Recap

The scroll is already old. It should be said that the appearance of the woman in the painting is almost the same as that of Ma Zaixing. Yeluyi is dubious. This portrait is indeed very similar to the one I saw back then, but the women in the painting are Ma Ma Zaixing. But this woman is not a horse picking the stars, but a princess Pingxian who is only eighteen.

When the curtain was lifted, an embarrassed and dusty old man walked in slowly. At first glance, he knew that he was on the road overnight. This rush, regardless of him, was an old man. He kept running on the road without stopping, leaving him with old bones. Almost falling apart! Although Chu Zhen was dim-eyed, as soon as he entered the golden account, he was surprised when he saw Ma picking up the stars. The old and weak knees weakened, and he almost wanted to bow down and worship. When he changed his mind, he was puzzled.

Ye Luyi was indeed familiar with the old man, and he was the painter he had seen before, but he still questioned: “Even if this old guy painted a portrait for Princess Pingxian, he has never seen her daughter, Qian Xin. What can I prove if Wanku brings him? “But he knew the secret of Shuiyue jade, Yeluyi looked at Chu Zhen, and the old man slowly said: “Shuiyue jade is a royal token. There are three colors of blue, white and black. Although it looks inconspicuous, if you put it in In the water, through refraction, it is instantly dazzling and brilliant. ‘

Although Ma Jiexing was shocked, from the beginning to the end, he only felt that this was a quick expedient measure. Yes, there are many similarities between Princess Pingxian and her mother, but how could Ma Jiexing be the former leader? The daughter of the princess? What’s more, there is no tri-color water moon jade on her body? Ji Chong asked Ma Qiexing to take out the copper bell. Ma Qiexing nodded. The copper bell was the only thing that mother kept her. She took out the copper bell from her arms, quickly took it, and then took it out of her arms. Before, Ma Xingxing had been obliged to give him the bronze ringing stone.

Ji Chong handed the three inconspicuous three-color ringstones to Ma Zaixing, she took them, walked to the water basin, and slowly put the ringstones into the water. Everyone at the scene watched with breathlessness. As soon as the ringing stone entered the water, it burst out with colorful rays of light, dazzling and dazzling. Everyone felt a flower, the brilliant brilliance spread out from the water, and the horse standing in front of the water basin was instantly enveloping the horse to pick the stars, just like a goddess. Down to earth. For a while, everyone remembered the national master Tamur’s prophecy yesterday: Taibai Venus appeared in the east, it is hard to see in a hundred years, and there are noble guests from the east, which is closely related to the future destiny of my Khitan.

It turns out that the Taibai Venus observed by Tamuer does not refer to Liang Chu Youwen, nor does it pretend to be Princess Pingxian, but the girl of Princess Pingxian picking the stars! Very similar appearance, the royal token of water and moon gems, until this moment, Ye Luyi had to believe that Ma Jiexing is indeed the daughter of Princess Pingyuan! Ma Jiexing was stunned and couldn’t believe it. In a blink of an eye, he went from being a prisoner about to be sentenced to death to a former emperor!

It has now been confirmed that Ma Caixing is indeed the daughter of the princess of the Plains, that is, the daughter of his benefactor when he was a child. Ma Jiexing has taken refuge in the country. If he really joins Chu Youwen to send troops to advance, wouldn’t it be a kindness and revenge? Ye Luyi knew that he was wrong, and after thinking about it, he has a good understanding of Chu, and his Royal Highness Chu Youwen, one day, I promise you that I will never interfere!

It turned out that her mother, Feng Ji, was actually the former princess of Pingxian. When her mother was alive, she never mentioned this story to her. She stayed at the Ma Mansion only to keep her blood and let her grow up safely, and her father , No, Ma Ying should be her adoptive father. He treated her as if she had gone out. Before her mother died, she swore to her last vows that no matter what happened, she would not let her leave the Ma’s family, and wanted her to be her forever. Ordinary girls are just fine, those wars, those royal killings, and those national hatreds have nothing to do with her.

Her identity changed abruptly, and the situation took a turn for the worse. In an instant, Ma Zhaixing and Chu Youwen were evenly matched. Not only was Ma Jiajun behind her, but at this moment there was more of the whole country for her to use, and even so far, she might betray the leader. She would beat him. , Is no longer out of reach! Back to the palace, no one can save Chu Youzhen, and Chu Youwen can only ask Yao Ji to come and save her. Chu Youzhen suffered from stupor, and there was no cure. Chu Kui blamed all the blame on Chu Youwen and banned Chu Youwen.

The sedan chair brought Ma Jiexing back in a low-key manner. Wang Xiao personally led Ma Jiexing to the conference hall. Except for the six army generals, many ministers of civil and military affairs in the country had been waiting for a long time. Seeing her coming, they all got up and shouted, “Meet the emperor” ‘. Ma Zhixing declined the theme recommended by King Mo, and said crisply, King Mo, please listen to Ma Zhixing’s words. This time I went to Khitan and was able to complete the task smoothly. It was a blessing. However, Ma Zhixing knew that he was incapable of commanding the Ma Jiajun, so he would like to surrender his military power. As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the hall was shocked and their expressions were unbelievable. Astonishment flashed across Wang’s face, then he calmed down.

Ma Jiexing’s residence has been changed to Tangxing Garden. The courtyard has already been cleaned, and Ma Jing has moved in first. As soon as Ma Jiexing arrived, he waited for Qingling in the main hall to come out to greet him. His expression was ugly, but when she saw When Ma Caixing held the ashes of Liu Xin in his own hands, his face instantly eased and his eyes were red.

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