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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 35 Recap

Before the start of the canonization ceremony, Wang rushed to plead guilty to King Bo, but Wang couldn’t rush, and rushed to his feet. Although King Bo had forgiven Chu Youwen, the two big men didn’t know what to say for a while, three years. It can be very short or very long, and they have forgotten what they should say.

In Chu, all the soldiers who had been recalled to Beijing gathered on the school field. Today, it was not Chu Youwen who took the lead in training the Boss, but Chu Kui himself. I saw him wearing a black armor, riding on a horse, full of energy, from time to time. He gave instructions, but Chu Youwen hadn’t appeared for a long time, and the doubts in the hearts of the army and the ministers became more and more serious. In the end, Chu Youwen came to the martial arts field to stabilize the military.

Not long after Ma Zhaixing lay in bed, there was a tumult outside Tangxingyuan, followed by the calls of the guards and maidservants. She was about to call Ma Jing to ask what was going on. The door slammed open and she drank. The drunk rush stood at the door, shaking. She stepped back step by step, her back suddenly hit the edge of the table, and she staggered back onto the table.

Ji Chong followed by bullying, and the whole person surrounded her upper body, and her body was full of alcohol. She raised her eyebrows and resisted the urge to pinch her nose. Ji Chong suddenly lowered his head and kissed Ma Zhaoxing. Ma Qiexing’s head went blank for a moment, and he pushed away Ji Chong in shock! Jichong was pushed by Ma Xingxing and stumbled a few steps back, hitting Liang Zhu with his head, and being drunk, he fainted.

The next day, Ji Chong woke up feeling sore all over, and found himself lying on the floor of a strange room. From the corner of his eye, I saw the IOU I was carrying with me and landed on the bottom of the bed. I quickly bent over to retrieve it. When I was taking it into my arms again, the door was kicked open. The unreliable Ma Qiexing appeared at the door with a short sword in his hand. , Yelling to kill Ji Chong, rushed for a moment, trying to recall last night, and suddenly remembered that he forcibly kissed the horse and picked the stars. But the IOU has already written that he and Ma Ma Catch the Stars to travel the world, and left quickly and contentedly.

Three days later, the front line came to report that the rebel Wang Rong had cooperated with Shubing to take down Boxiang City. After the Chu Emperor got the news, he was not angry but laughed. Boxiang City was originally Wang Rong’s lair. It was the first effort, but Chu Youwen had already sent hundreds of people disguised as various bodies and scattered around Boxiang City. After that, the Bojun attacked the city. As soon as the signal was sent, these people would unite inside and outside, smashing the army’s position in chaos. At Mao on the second day, Chu Youwen set off for Boxiang City.

Her identity changed abruptly, and the situation took a turn for the worse. In an instant, Ma Zhaixing and Chu Youwen were evenly matched. Not only was Ma Jiajun behind her, but at this moment there was more of the whole country for her to use, and even so far, she might betray the leader. She would beat him. , Is no longer out of reach! Back to the palace, no one can save Chu Youzhen, and Chu Youwen can only ask Yao Ji to come and save her. Chu Youzhen suffered from stupor, and there was no cure. Chu Kui blamed all the blame on Chu Youwen and banned Chu Youwen.

The sedan chair brought Ma Jiexing back in a low-key manner. Wang Xiao personally led Ma Jiexing to the conference hall. Except for the six army generals, many ministers of civil and military affairs in the country had been waiting for a long time. Seeing her coming, they all got up and shouted, “Meet the emperor” ‘. Ma Zhixing declined the theme recommended by King Mo, and said crisply, King Mo, please listen to Ma Zhixing’s words.

This time I went to Khitan and was able to complete the task smoothly. It was a blessing. However, Ma Zhixing knew that he was incapable of commanding the Ma Jiajun, so he would like to surrender his military power. As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the hall was shocked and their expressions were unbelievable. Astonishment flashed across Wang’s face, then he calmed down.

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