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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 36 Recap

As expected by King Helu, Chu Youwen had already sent troops. King Mo judged that with Chu Youwen’s madman character, as long as the country sent troops before him, and then sent him into the army, he would surely anger him and lead him to crime from the whole country. Chu Youwen must be pursuing an order to do everything possible, intending to annex Baiju City.

Ji Chong placed the elite troops General Wang Rong and Ma Jiajun around the city of Baizhu, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack. This battle is a protracted battle. King Tu raises grain and grass in the rear area and controls the military situation. Just when Ji Chong and Ma Qiexing were discussing strategy and tactics, the Bojun army had arrived.

Chu Youwen sent a letter from an envoy that he asked Ma Ma to meet outside the city gate the next day, emphasizing that this matter is related to the people of the world, and he also promised to allow Ma Ma to return safely. If Ma Caixing is timid and afraid to go to the meeting alone, once the hour has passed, Chu Youwen will personally lead an army to attack the city. After discussion, Ji Chong decided to be the guard of Ma picking the stars and go to see Chu Youwen with her.

Ji Chong talked to his parrot chasing the sun, telling his feelings for the horse picking the stars. As everyone knows, these words were heard by Ma Caixing himself. She pretended not to hear, and subtly changed the subject. Ma Jiexing asked Ji Chong to help him prepare butterflies as the first gift in return for Chu Youwen.

Liu Shouguang’s 30,000 cavalry has arrived, and Chu Youwen will meet before the horse picking the star array, attacking the heart before the battle and frustrating the will. Upon learning this, Chu Youwen laughed, because he felt that he would definitely be able to defeat the enemy country. Yao Ji found that Chu Youzhen had moved her fingers, she was very suspicious, and immediately asked Zi Shen to investigate Yang Hou.

Chu Youwen took Ma Jiajun’s scabbard to Ma Zaixing, and told her that he had caught Ma Jiajun’s spy who had mixed into Bojun Li. Ji Chong accuses Chu Youwen of crying mice and false compassion, and angrily wants Ma to win the stars and leave. Facing Ma Zaixing’s question, Chu Youwen said that his purpose was to become a minister and present the city.

After time passed, even if the Bo Army died together, it would not let any of the Ma Jiajun soldiers, including Ma Xiehan and Ma Jing. For the butterfly’s sake, Chu Youwen promised to give her two days to consider. He said that he closed his eyes, thinking about the plants and trees of Langshou Mountain, but unfortunately, after opening his eyes, he couldn’t keep anything.

Chu Youwen wrote to Chu Kui, telling him that the star-picker Ma had a false name, and his own words made her heart shake vividly. He suggested that Chu Kui come to the front line in person. In this case, the morale of the three armies will be boosted and the attack will be possible smoothly. Under Yang Hou’s encouragement, Chu Kui promised to take Chu Youzhen to Baizhu City with him, and to kill Ma Zhaoxing in front of him. Yao Ji noticed that something was wrong with Yang Hou, and followed him all the way, and found Chu Youzhen pretending to be sick, in order to avenge the eldest prince.

Chu Kui came to Baizhi City and brought 30,000 cavalry to Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen bluntly said that he would avenge Chu Youzhen at all costs. Hearing this, Chu Kui was very pleased. He asked Chu Youwen to personally lead the three armies, mobilize internal response, cooperate with the inside and outside, and set foot on the city in one fell swoop.

Yao Ji came to Chu Youwen and told him not to be soft, but did not tell him that Chu Youzhen had already woke up. After that, Yao Ji went to Chu Kui and confessed her crime to him.

In the battle between Bai Zhuan, Chu Youwen led his troops to find Ma Zhaoxing. At this time, Chu Youzhen was holding a dagger, threatening Chu Kui to hand over the Yuxi, and ordering the world. Chu Kui guessed Chu Youzhen’s conspiracy and sent someone to catch them. Facing Chu Kui’s question, Yang Hou told Chu Youwen that Chu Youwen was a conspiracy.

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