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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 37 Recap

Chu Youwen looked at the arrow for a long time, and suddenly he caught his horse’s belly, and then slowly rode towards Boxiang City single-handedly. Jueying never stopped, and Mo Xiao stepped forward to dissuade him. He suddenly turned around and threw the spear hard. The head of the spear landed only a short distance from Mo Xiao’s toes. Half of the spear head was buried in the ground, and the tail of the spear was still shaking. , The remaining power has not disappeared. Chu Youwen ordered the soldiers not to take one step further. Chu Youwen jumped off his horse and pushed it lightly. Jue Ying was extremely spiritual, and he really walked towards Mo Xiao, turned his head halfway, and glanced at his master with dismay. As if known that this is a farewell.

Wen Yan, who was supposed to stay at Chu Youwen Mansion, quietly appeared in the Bojun camp. He rushed to Boxiang City to dispatch the internal response sent by Emperor Liang earlier under the order of Chu Youwen, but it was not for internal and external attacks, but Let all insiders withdraw. Chu Youwen had walked to the arrow that Ma Zhaixing had, swished several times, and shot several arrows on the city wall of Boxiang, and they all landed at his feet.

The warning was strong: Go forward again, and ten thousand arrows will fall. There was a dead end, but another arrow came. This arrow was sent by the horse to catch the stars. It directly hit his left arm. The wolf poisonous flower saw blood, and the animal poison in his body was quickly mobilized, and his face remained smiling.

Seeing that the master was about to die under the heart of thousands of arrows, Mo Xiao ran back to the Bojun camp, grabbed a large shield, and performed light work to come to Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen raised his head and looked at the city wall, searching for her in the arrow rain Figure. A wild impulse struck, he was lucky with his dantian, and he raised his head and howled, that was the last cry of the wolf. For so many years, he has suppressed his wildness as a wolf, unwilling to admit the past, but at this moment he completely releases himself, with a wolf howl, how much grief, longing, struggle, guilt, regret, regret, and reluctance are hidden.

It was too late, it was fast, the Bojun next to Hai Die ignored Chu Youwen’s previous orders and rushed forward, holding a high shield, taking the initiative to shield Chu Youwen from the rain of arrows, and forming a dense circle around him. real! That was Chu Youwen, the coach who took them from birth to death! As the Bojun, how could it be possible to watch his coach die in front of the enemy without rescue? Even if you disobey the military order, you will not hesitate!

As soon as the city gate opened, Wang Rong led three thousand elite soldiers to kill. The battlefield outside Boxiang City suddenly became a battlefield. Everyone met each other and the killing sound shook the sky. Horse Picking Star rode out of the city on horseback. Shield formation, knowing that Chu Youwen must be inside, and arrow rain will no longer do anything to him. She staggered when she got off her hips, her center of gravity was unstable and she fell, and the soldiers of the Bo Army swung it down again. Ma Xingxing reluctantly reluctantly avoided, and the copper bell in her arms fell to the ground with such a small voice that she was easily killed by the battlefield. The sound was covered up, but Chu Youwen heard it, and he rushed to the front and desperately took Ma Zaixing away.

Ji Chong led five hundred elite soldiers and came quietly to the back of the Bojun camp. From far away, he saw Chukui camp with the Nine Dragons Banner erected in front of the tent. The old thief had no idea that the old thief would dare to send troops. Surprise.

At this time on the battlefield, Chu Youwen held a horse in one hand and picked up the stars, while riding a horse galloping with the other.

I wanted to let myself die under the rain of arrows and repay everything with my life. Who knew I would fall into this situation? As the sun gradually went west, Jueying ran into the mountains and forests, and it was not easy to run. He hugged her off the horse, patted the black horse’s buttocks, and signaled it to go back on its own. Chu Youwen suffered even more serious blood loss from his injuries. There were arrow wounds everywhere, and there were even clusters of arrows that had not been pulled out, but he had no time to take care of it, and his heart was hanging on Ma Caixing. After walking for a long time, Chu Youwen found a deserted monastery. He asked the abbot to save the horse and pick the stars, but he stood guard, kneeling down and begged God to save the horse and pick the stars.

Over the night, he never closed his eyes, worrying about taking care of her until dawn. After dawn, the abbot told Chu Youwen that it was okay for the horse to win the stars, so Chu Youwen was relieved. Ma Zhixing woke up and still wanted to attack Chu Youwen, but Chu Youwen only wanted to send the topping to a safe place.

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