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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 38 Recap

In the Chu State Palace, Chu Kui had no choice but to release his Second Highness to act as an agent of government affairs.

On the steep cliff, two figures, one behind the other, slowly moved forward. Every step of Chu Youwen was firm, confirming that he would not step on the air before moving on. Ma Jiexing followed him, constantly looking at the terrain, still figuring out whether there was a possibility of escape, but Ma Jiexing was soon disappointed. The mountain wall was so high and steep that only one person could walk, and the soldiers on horseback could not walk. This way.

Ma Zhixing lifted her head and looked towards the sky. The endless thick gray clouds enveloped her. Wherever there is a figure chasing the sun, it seems that she can only rely on herself. Ma Jiexing pretended to accidentally kick a small stone into the edge of the cliff, trying to judge the height of the cliff by the sound of the stone falling, but the snow beside the cliff was deep, and the stone fell into the snow pile and there was no sound. He kicked a few stones and used some strength, but he didn’t know that Chu Youwen had seen his every move.

After walking for more than an hour, Ma Zhixing gradually lags behind. After all, he has injuries on his body, and the weather is freezing and cold, and his strength is quickly lost. Only relying on a willpower to barely keep up with Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen knew that he would never get past the top of the mountain before dark, so he simply lifted Ma Qixing and put his back on his shoulders, ignoring her screaming objections, speeding up his pace. Hate and love, love and hate, love and hate are intertwined, continuous and unclear, a mess, driving people to go crazy.

The side effects of Euphorbia leucocephalus became more severe. Chu Youwen was afraid that he could not help him hurt Ma Jiexing, so he hurriedly settled Ma Jiexing. Seeing Chu Youwen’s crazy appearance, Ma Jiexing didn’t until Chu Youwen confirmed. She was deliberately let her use the wolf poison flower, so that he could not lead the Bo army, and thus defeated.

The next morning, seeing that she was lying in the ground, Chu Youwen had accidentally injured her because of his animal poison attack. He showed a self-blaming expression. He wanted to ask about the condition of the injury but did not know how to speak. At a loss, Ma Caixing hasn’t seen him for a long time. Chu Youwen, who carefully protects Ma Caixing, seems to have returned to the old wolf boy.

It turned out that Ji Chong had been following behind Chu Youwen, rushing to him, looking up and down, and tweeting, it turned out that the hero was saddened by the beauty of Beauty. I would like to ask if there are any heroes in ancient and modern dramas who can have such infatuation as you. Falling in love with a woman who can’t love, had no choice but to hurt her superficially, but secretly helped her everywhere, even losing her own army and giving her life. Ji Chong was surprised that this guy had done so much to win the stars for Ma, and now he has to go back to Chu Kui to die without saying a word or explaining anything. There is no such fool in the world.

Ma Jiexing’s hatred, Ma Jiexing’s pain, and more, Ma Jiexing’s love for Chu Youwen was so strong and so deep that Chu Youwen could see it all. Chu Youwen can’t repay Ma Jiexing’s love, so let Ma Jiexing hate it as much as possible, at least, Ma Jiexing can be freed. As long as Chu Youwen took all the hatred of Ma Jiexing, completely disappeared in this world. I was speechless. The man’s love for Ma Caixing in front of him far exceeded his expectations.

Only if you love one more person will you be willing to let her go. Ji Chong suddenly felt very bored. Once again, Ji Chong felt that he was being compared by Chu Youwen. Ji Chong originally wanted to say, “There will be a period later,” but both of them understood that once Chu Youwen returned to China, he might never see each other again. Among men, there are some things that do not need to be said, they all understand. But they all want to protect the woman they love.

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