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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 39 Recap

Ma Jiexing woke up and saw that Ji Chong was injured, she was very anxious and hurried to help bandage it. Facing Ma Jiexing’s questioning, he rushed to tell her that the wolf bone flower made Chu Youwen a defeat on the battlefield. When he woke up and found that he was defeated, he took advantage of Ma Jiexing’s coma and took her away as a hostage to threaten him. Bo Jun. The Ji Chong sent chasing the sun to find the horse and finally found her. Ma Caixing is very self-blaming. She feels that she will lose the battle by chasing the horse. Seeing Ma Ma picking up the stars and rushing away from the back, Chu Youwen felt very disappointed.

Chu Yougui came to Chu Kui and expressed his loyalty to him. Chu Yougui returned to Prince Yun’s Mansion and looked at the shoes of his unborn child. He was heartbroken and vowed to avenge his son. Knowing that Jing Chuchu was reciting the Buddha in the temple, Chu Yougui did not send anyone to find her, because he felt that Jing Chuchu was kind and would beg to save Chu Youwen. Everything is waiting for him to stabilize the game, and Chu Youwen will talk about it after finishing up.

Chu Youwen rescued Ma Jiexing in full view. Some people questioned the emperor and Chu Youwen’s old relationship, and worried that Ma Jiexing would turn back like Chu Youwen in the future. Ma Zaixing is a belief that the soldiers gambled with their lives. Bai Zhu’s battle caused everyone’s doubts, and all the soldiers were shaken.

Even though Ma Qiexing’s face was tanned, she still refused the rushing cloak and instead covered her head with leaves. Chu Youwen wrote a note “I see the same name in life and death, Han Shui” to Yao Ji and asked her to meet. Thinking of the cruel words he said to Ma Zhaixing, Chu Youwen felt very sad. Yao Ji asked Chu Youwen whether he had deliberately let go of the spy and planned the wolf bone flower.

Chu Youwen prepared himself to return to the palace, changed his life, and told Yao Ji about the rescue of Chu Youzhen from imprisonment. He asked Yao Ji to take care of Chu Youzhen, Wen Yan and others after he died. , And said that if you save them with your own life, all this is worth it.

Yao Ji wanted Chu Youwen to find Ma Zhuxing, and even told him that she would take care of Chu Youzhen and Ye Sha for him. Chu Youwen calmly said that there would be no possibility of being together with Ma Zaixing anymore. This was the best ending he could hope for. Chu Youwen gave the dagger to Yao Ji to help her defend herself.

Chu Youwen returned to the city alone to plead guilty, and Chu Kui immediately sent someone to take him to prison. Knowing that Chu Youwen had returned to the capital, Ma Zhixing was very surprised.

After returning to the country, Ma Zhixing immediately went to Ma Jing and asked her how the soldiers said about themselves behind their backs. Knowing that everyone suspected that his old relationship with Chu Youwen was over, Ma Caixing felt very uncomfortable. Ji Chong fights the injustice for Ma Jiexing. He decides to marry Ma Jiexing to prove that Ma Jiexing and Chu Youwen are innocent.

Knowing that Ji Chong was going to marry him, Ma Jiexing went to him with tangerines and told him that even if everything is not satisfactory, but he is already in front of him, he can only be content with Changle, because this is the best time. s Choice. Ma Jiexing expressed his gratitude to Ji Chong, thanking him for helping him countless times before, for everything he has done for him, and he is willing to lose the marriage, preserve his fame and fulfill his wish.

King Jin and others expressed their gratitude to Ma Jiexing for marrying Ji Chong for the sake of the overall situation. After wearing the wedding gown, Ma picked up the stars, not as happy as he thought, and more disappointed.

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