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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 4 Recap

After Ma Jiexing retired, there were still an endless stream of people who proposed marriage, so she thought about a problem that made it difficult for people who came to propose marriage so that she could be cleansed. The young master of Tongzhou, Gu Qingping, came to visit.

Xiaofeng mistakenly thought that he was also here to propose a marriage, and as usual lied that Ma Caixing was unwell and inconvenient to meet the guests. Gu Qingping obviously saw Ma Zaixing playing with tea sets in a pavilion not far away. Xiaofeng saw that this person was unwilling to leave, so she took him to Ma Zaixing.

Ma Jiexing didn’t seem to see him, still playing with his own things. Xiaofeng pointed to the three camphor wood boxes on the ground and asked Gu Qingping which box contained butterflies. Gu Qingping asked if Ma Caixing was a butterfly lover, and Xiaofeng answered yes.

Gu Qingping smiled clearly and said that none of the boxes contained butterflies, because the boxes were made of camphor wood and had a peculiar taste. If the butterflies were kept inside, they would die soon. As a butterfly lover, Ma Jiexing would never put butterflies in it.

Gu Qingping got the right answer. Ma Caixingxing couldn’t help being curious and looked up at him. Gu Qingping explained that he was not here to propose a marriage, but to send a letter to the lord. When Ma Qiexing heard it, he got up and saluted, apologizing for the uncomfortable hospitality. Gu Qingping didn’t care, just teasing Ma Xingxing was as difficult as rumors. Gu Qingping saw that the pavilion was planted with female dills, and it was so beautiful.

Xiaofeng explained that this is Ma Zaixing’s favorite flower. Gu Qingping shook his head and said that he didn’t like this kind of flower, because it needs to live by relying on others, just like life. Only by letting yourself live out of yourself is correct. Gu Qingping’s words aroused Xiaofeng’s appreciation. Xiaofeng felt that Gu Qingping was different and very similar to Ma Caixing, so she wanted to leave Gu Qingping for tea. But Gu Qingping had no intention of this, and left.

Xiaofeng persuaded Ma Caixingxing not to be immersed in the past, but Ma Caixingxing could not forget Zhu Youwen. Zhu Youwen fell off the cliff, which was a pain in her heart that could never heal. She has been immersed in this kind of grief. One day Zhu Youwen can still appear in front of her alive, but she also knows that her betrayal hurt Zhu Youwen so deeply.

Even if he is alive, it is impossible to forgive herself. She only hopes that Zhu Youwen can be somewhere in the world, as before. Live kindly, love to eat candied haws and meat buns, it is best to have a considerate girl to accompany him.

At this time, Zhu Youwen has come to Kuizhou City to monitor Ma Ying’s every move. He and Yanwen and others were sitting and resting in a teahouse on the side of the road. The meat buns and candied haws in the distance made Zhu Youwen’s eyes a little dull. He thought he wanted to eat, so he proposed to buy some, but Zhu Youwen scolded him. There is a crossword puzzle hanging at the entrance of the tea house, and those who can solve the puzzle can get free.

Zhu Youwen guessed the answer to the wolf. He thought that the person who made the question was deliberately imagining it, but he didn’t know much about the wolf, and the question itself was wrong. Several people got up and left and went to check in at the inn. What Zhu Zhiwen didn’t know was that the puzzle was written by Ma Zhuixing and made a mistake deliberately, hoping that the person who guessed it would be Zhu Youwen.

Ma Caixing heard that the puzzle was solved and pointed out the error in the problem. He was very pleased and asked the whereabouts of the solver, but the teahouse owner didn’t know. Ma Jiexing couldn’t help being disappointed. In order to make her happy, Xiaofeng suggested to take her to the shadow puppet stage set up today.

The shadow puppet stage is located in the restaurant where Zhu Youwen stayed. The restaurant has been booked by Zhu Youwen and no longer welcomes foreign visitors. The owner of the restaurant saw Ma picking the stars, so he secretly let her in. Ma Zhixing and Zhu Youwen passed by, but did not see each other.

Ma Zhixing walked slowly and came to the curtain of the shadow puppet show. She picked up the shadow puppet. It was the story of Xiaoxing and the werewolf. She couldn’t help but fiddle with it gently. Zhu Youwen saw the shadows on the curtain.

The scenes of him and Ma Zhaixing in the past appeared like shadow puppets in his mind. As they kept calling, Zhu Youwen slowly approached Ma Zhaixing. At this moment, Yanwen came to report, and Zhu Youwen left with him. When he came back, Ma Zhaoxing was no longer seen. He grabbed the restaurant owner and asked who was playing with the shadow puppets.

The owner said it was his daughter Xiaohong. Xiao Hong’s face was hurt, she was always laughed at and she had no friends. Xiao Hong has always hoped that she can be like a little wolf and make sincere friends like Xiaoxing. After hearing this, Zhu Youwen sternly told Xiaohong not to believe this story, otherwise he would be injured. Only making yourself strong is the way of life.

Xiaofeng tells Ma Jiexing to find someone who understands the question. When Ma Jiexing arrived, it turned out to be Gu Qingping. Ma Jiexing was angry that Xiaofeng and Gu Qingping had combined to deceive himself. Gu Qingping persuaded Ma Zaixing not to immerse himself in the past. He was so depressed because of a woman that his mother could not feel at ease when his mother died. He didn’t want Ma to follow in his own footsteps.

Ma Ying rushed back from the capital. In order to preserve the Ma family, he handed over Ma Jiajun to his majesty to dispel his suspicion. Ma Jiexing talked with his father all night, and his father understood that the reason Ma Jiexing regretted the marriage and refused to propose was to wait for Zhu Youwen. Ma Ying was very guilty and did not want his daughter to continue to do this. He hoped that his daughter could be taken care of and that he could take care of him. , Hug grandson.

Ma Jiexing feels that she is not filial and has never considered her father’s feelings for many years. She nodded and promised her father. Ma Caixing looked at the bell, this was the last time. Ma Jiexing asked his mother, his father told her with gentle eyes. Before we could finish, there was a riot outside. It was Wen Yan who led Ye Sha to the Ma’s house. They hid from Zhu Youwen and destroyed the Ma’s house according to his majesty’s order. Just leave horses and horses alone.

The Ma family’s blood flowed into a river overnight, and Ma Caixing saw her father die in front of her with her own eyes. She was also severely injured, unconscious, and brought back by Yanwen. Zhu Wenyou fell silent when he saw Ma picking the stars. He didn’t expect to see her again on such an occasion. But he finally understood why Ma Xingxing would abandon himself at that time, because she was the princess of Mafu.

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