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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 40 Recap

Ma Jing opened the book, and it turned out to be full of portraits of beautiful women. The subordinates couldn’t explain clearly, Ma Jing took this portrait and ran to the place where Ma picking up the stars, telling him that His Royal Highness actually wanted to find flowers and ask Liu on the eve of the wedding. Ma Jiexing didn’t care too much and told Ma Jing that he would return the things and apologize to Ji Chong. Ma Jing was angry. Why was Ma Jiexing not angry at all? When Chu Youwen also went to the brothel, Ma Jiexing was not the same attitude.

I rushed over and heard Ma Caixing outside the door saying that he had sacrificed his marriage in order to save Ma Caixing. What position does he have to blame him? Stop making a fuss and listen to what he said quickly and understand that Ma Xingxing really doesn’t love himself.

He rushed to buy a person drunk, the manager came to persuade him, it is better to let go of the knot in his heart, and live in peace like this, hurriedly said that he is a horse star for the horse, I don’t know, and think why he fell in love with the horse starring so well. , Why can’t he indulge himself, he could have lived a free and unrestrained life. The main pipe Ma Xingxing is the emperor, and the bird in the cage is also the bird in the painting. If he leaves the bird cage and leaves this, then there is no need for it.

Here Yao Ji wanted to use astrology to intercede to save Chu Youwen, but Chu Kui didn’t believe in Yao Ji, so he kicked him out and ordered Chu Youwen to be executed on the second day. Ji Chong also learned of the news. Just before his wedding, he told Ma Jiexing that Chu Youwen was going to be sentenced to death. Ma Jiexing calmed down his mind, saying this was what Chu Youwen asked for. It has nothing to do with him. He asked Ji Chong why he had to tell him this at this time. Ji Chong said that he felt that the relationship between him and Chu Youwen should be known about this matter, and Ma Caixing said that he would not care about it anymore. Ji Chongdao even if he hid something from him in order to keep him, he wouldn’t blame himself. Ma Zaixing said that he believes that all decisions made by Ji Chong are for his own good. The last two got married.

Here, Chu Youwen was sentenced to capital punishment. Just when he was about to be executed, Chu Yougui told him the news of Ma Jiexing and Ji Chong’s wedding, but Chu Youwen was very happy. He thought it was a happy event. When Chu Yougui was executing his sentence, suddenly thunder fell from the sky, splitting the wood that bound Chu Youwen, and it suddenly rained. At this time, Yao Ji told Chu Kui that the astrological signs had changed and the Chixiao sword was destroyed for no reason. Flooding in Huainan, this sign indicates that God did not let the Emperor Chu kill Chu Youwen.

Emperor Chu was helpless, if he didn’t kill Chu Youwen, how could he show his emperor’s might? Yao Ji offered a plan, and he asked the Second Highness not to ask the cause and effect of the matter, and let Chu Youwen out. Chu Kui excuses that Chu Youwen’s rebellion is another hidden story, but the defeat is a fact, the death penalty can be avoided and the living sin cannot escape, so he was assigned to the Qiannu Camp, and he will never stand up.

Although Yao Ji rescued Chu Youwen, she could deceive Chu Kui. Now Chu Yougui will not be deceived so easily. Ji Chong told Ma Jiexing that Chu Youwen was not executed, so that he didn’t have to endure his emotions and did whatever he wanted. Ji Chong also told Ma Jiexing, although Chu Youwen was not sentenced to death. But he was also sent to the Qiannu Camp, where all the prisoners were captured by Chu Youwen, and Chu Youwen would not be well, it would be better to die. He invited Ma Diexing to have a glass of wine together, just as the grudge between him and the king, so that he could feel less hatred in his heart. Ma Qiexing took it. The wine was very strong, but he rushed forward. The strong wine was so good that he was drunk quickly.

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