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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 41 Recap

She quickly drank the spirits and stared at the horse. She clearly knew what she wanted. She drank a lot of wine outside, and went back to the room with spirits. How could she hold her in front of her beloved woman. Ma Zhaixing said, he didn’t need to control, he rushed to say that he hoped that when Ma Zhaixing really put down everything and fell in love with himself, he would give the bridal gift again, and then fell on the other side of the bed and got drunk. Ma Qiexing carefully covered him with a quilt, then got up.

Seeing Chu Youwen wake up, Yao Ji brought him water with wolf bone blossoms. He knew that Chu Youwen didn’t want to drink it, but now he needs this thing to continue his life. Chu Youwendao, Emperor Chu finally woke up, knowing that killing himself with a single knife was not enough, he would torture himself slowly. Yao Ji told him that he was sent to Qiannu Camp, and that he would have the opportunity to suffer in the future. He needs to live well. Seeing that his beloved man is not as happy as he is in the arms of other men, he has to live to atone for his sins. Chu Youwen asked him why he wanted to save himself. Yao Ji’s excuse to save him was something that he was sure of. As for the reason, he didn’t need to know.

Chu Youwen asked him for two things, Yao Ji guessed one of them and found a chance to rescue Mo Xiao, Wen Yan and others. Another thing about Chu Youwendao was that he wanted to see the four princes, Yaojidao, the four princes were put under house arrest by the Emperor of Chu in the King’s Palace of Xun. They sent heavy soldiers to protect them on the surface, but they were actually imprisonment. No one can see the Fourth Prince.

Chu Youwen knew that she was hopeless, and Yao Ji gave him the medicine before leaving. Chu Youwen took the medicine, held Yao Ji, and asked him why he was doing this to herself. Yao Ji recalled that it was Chu who fought for the evil. Youwen rescued himself from Emperor Chu’s torture, freeing himself from physical suffering.

On the second day, Chu Yougui was ordered to take Chu Youwen to Qiannu Camp. Yao Ji excused that Qiannu Camp had an epidemic and she wanted to go with him. Before leaving, Chu Yougui ordered someone to bring the four princes and the four princes. Sitting in a wheelchair, still pretending to be stupid. Chu Youwen told him not to be afraid, now he is an adult, and he must learn to protect himself. Chu Yougui sarcastically said that now Chu Youwen should think about how to save his life. Chu Youwen said that he is a damn person. I hope that Chu Yougui will learn from himself and not follow his old path. Chu Yougui snorted and set off with Chu Youwen.

Ji Chong discussed the situation with King Tu and Wang Rong, and now Yang Guo retreated to a place that was easy to defend and hard to attack. He would surely be able to cultivate and rejuvenate. When they adjusted well, the opportunity would be missed. Ji Chong suggested that Chu Youwen is now being rushed to the Qiannu Camp. If he can be rescued and persuaded to help King King resist the Emperor of Chu, then they will definitely be able to win. Ma Jiexing hurriedly stopped when he heard it. Wang Rong was unwilling. Ma Jiexing said that Chu is cruel. Even if he rebelled against the Chu Emperor because he was blinded by the Chu Emperor, his nature is hard to change. If Chu Youwen is unwilling to be with them Cooperation is not conducive to war.

Wang asked Ma if he had a great wish to win the stars. Ma said that he hoped that the world would be peaceful, the people would stay away from wars, and the Kings would be able to win a war without a single soldier. Why not fight for him? Ma Caixing was persuaded.

Chu Youwen was detained to Qiannu Camp. In order to arouse the hatred of Chu Youwen and Qiannu Camp, Chu Yougui deliberately let him enjoy privileges in front of everyone, without being stabbed, so that slaves hated Chu Youwen even more. To his death. The jailer also tried his best to continue to stimulate the conflict between them, and Yao Ji was also dismissed by Chu Yougui, so that he had no chance to rescue Chu Youwen.

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