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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 42 Recap

Chu Youwen was beaten by slaves, and the warden and others sat and watched, leaving Chu Youwen bruised and bruised. Chu Yougui first used to check the condition of his illness and prevented Yao Ji from intervening in Chu Youwen’s affairs, and then secretly planned to kill Chu Youwen. Zishen offered to ask Chu Kui to play, but Yao Ji refused. She felt that if there were any mistakes, it would be difficult to gain Chu Yougui’s trust. The people around the imperial city were spreading that Chu Youwen manipulated the wolf and wanted to avenge Chu Kui. Yao Ji thought this was Chu Yougui’s purpose for spreading the rumors, because he wanted Chu Kui to order Chu Youwen to be killed. The rumors spread too quickly, Haruka could not stop it.

A few years before the enemy’s territory, the people experienced a drought, and the people had a miserable life. After a bumper harvest this year, they were all confiscated as official food, which has caused the officials to force the people to rebel. Seeing couples who had no money to eat, Ji Chong felt very distressed and gave them some money. For these innocent people, Ji Chong and Ma Jiexing decided to persuade Chu Youwen to form an alliance and get rid of Chu Kui.

In Qiannu Camp, rumors that Chu Youwen manipulated the wolf to kill people have spread. As everyone knows, all this is within Chu Yougui’s plan. Chu Yougui sent Taibu away, and he asked Gu Si Prison to arrange the next plan to completely drive Chu Youwen into the land of immortality.

Ji Chong recognized Zhao Liuye and asked what he meant by the wolf monster. Zhao Liuye said that there are wolf monsters around 300 kilometers around Qiannu Camp, so no one dares to take to the streets now. Hearing this, Ji Chong asked Zhao Liuye to bring himself and Ma Zaixing into the Qiannu Camp to meet Chu Youwen, and in exchange, he could give him a sum of money. Facing Zhao Liuye’s refusal, Ji Chong and Ma Jiexing told him that he had no brothers, threatening him to take him to Qiannu Camp.

Zhao Liuye took Ma Xingxing and Ji Chong to Qiannu Camp and saw Chu Youwen as he wished. Seeing Chu Youwen’s body hurt, eating leftovers and doing all the slavery, Ma Caixing felt very distressed. Zhao Hujun suspected that Gu Teng deliberately planted Chu Youwen on all the previous events. Chu Youwen didn’t expect that after having nothing, it would be the beginning of the real atonement, and that he could become the wolf boy in the heart of the horse.

Zhao Liuye told Ji Chong and Ma Caixing that according to Gu Teng’s habit, he had to spend the night in a confinement room if he dared to confront his slave. The confinement room was just behind the firewood room, where there was a small window, and Ji Chong and Ma Zhixing saw Chu Youwen from there.

Facing Chu Youwen’s sarcasm, Ma Zhuexing told him that he already knew everything about Bai Zhi’s battle. For the death of the eldest prince, Chu Youwen and the fourth princes decided to rebel in Baizha and took Ma Zhaixing abducted for self-preservation. Being exiled in Qiannu Camp is equivalent to waiting for death. Ma Zhaixing persuaded Chu Youwen to let go of his grievances, become an ally of the country, and help him overthrow Chu Kui’s tyranny. Knowing that Ma Zaixing wanted to fight a bloodless war, Chu Youwen didn’t believe it, because he felt that Chu Kui was bloodthirsty and aggressive, and King King was jealous of hatred. It was impossible for the two sides to fight without bloodshed. Ma Zhixing left Chu Youwen with trauma medicine and a scythe, and told him that within three days, if he changed his mind, he could use the scythe to send a signal and he and Ji Chong would come to rescue him.

Knowing that Ji Chong and Ma Jiexing were here to save Chu Youwen, Zhao Liuye was very angry and drove Ji Chong and Ma Jiexing away. Ma Zhixing was very worried about Chu Youwen, and she told Ji Chong many things about Chu Youwen in Langshou Mountain. Ma Zhixing thought that Chu Youwen was not a monster, but Chu Kui was the real monster. In order to satisfy his desire, Chu Kui turned him into a monster.

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