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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 43 Recap

Three days after Ma Zhixing decided, if he couldn’t wait for Chu Youwen’s reply, he would immediately set off for his return. It is not appropriate to stay here for a long time. Early the next morning, a terrifying scene appeared in Qiannu Camp. I saw a bloody corpse lying in front of the mine. The whole body seemed to be torn and bitten by a wild beast. It was terrible to see. The limbs were almost bitten off and his face was hideous. It was obvious that he suffered great pain before death.

Zhao Jiu and other war slaves who took special care of Li Qiang hurriedly surrounded Li Qiang’s corpse. They were all shocked. Zhang Yuan’s face was pale and his lips trembled…Look at the horrible state of the corpse being torn and bitten. They were attacked by beasts. , But this Qiannu camp is strictly guarded, how can there be wild beasts? As soon as my thoughts turned, the recent rumors popped into my mind. Are the rumors true? Can Chu Youwen really manipulate the wolf monster? It must be a good thing he did! Zhu Youwen was unwilling to be implicated by Li Qiang and was blamed, so he controlled the wolf to kill Li Qiang!

The scheme of His Royal Highness King Ying seemed to be a success. Guteng secretly sent someone to kill Li Qiang last night, pulled the corpse out of the Qiannu camp, let the wild dogs bite, then transported it back before dawn, and threw it in front of the mine. Recently, rumors that Chu Youwen manipulated the wolf to kill people are spreading. There is a lot of rumors, and Zhu Youwen will be blamed with a little association, and then the angry war slaves will be able to’fail’ and kill the monsters in their eyes! Zhang Yuan rushed up with another round of punches and kicks, and the other war slaves also gathered around and beat them. Zhu Youwen did not resist, and was soon knocked to the ground, covered in blood, Zhao Jiu couldn’t stand it, and stepped forward to block him. Just as King Ying ordered Chu Youwen to be executed, Liu’er rushed to say that Gu Teng and King Ying had jointly killed Uncle Qiang. Chu Youwen would not be free if he did not die.

The war slaves have all returned to the cell and gathered to discuss how to rescue Zhao Liuer. Chu Youwen thought of a good idea. There were a large number of officers and soldiers guarding Qiannu Camp, and they were unarmed, but they could steal gunpowder and blow up Qiannu Camp, and they would be able to rescue Zhao Liuer and escape here together. When the war slaves heard that they could escape from the Qian slave camp, they couldn’t help but smile. They all thought that they would die here for the rest of their lives, but they didn’t expect to have a chance to escape from the sea of ​​suffering.

You Chu Youwen heard the word’tou’ in his mouth. Everyone was shocked. But when you think about it, they have no place in Yang Kingdom. The enemy’s enemies are friends. They want to continue to survive and no longer To endure the frustration of hiding, indeed, there is only one choice. As soon as these words came out, the other war slaves felt reasonable and agreed one by one, willing to believe in Chu Youwen. Zhang Yuan was so angry that he threw the knife on the ground, turned his head and walked out of the cell to inform Gu Teng. Zhang Yuan seemed to hesitate. He wanted to open his mouth to intercede for Zhao Jiu and others. After thinking about it, he said that he was only hurting himself, so he didn’t say anything anymore and left. Everything is set up, now waiting for Chu Youwen to throw himself into the trap!

The next day, Zhang Yuan told Gu Teng that the gunpowder had been stolen. It turned out that it was not Chu Youwen but Gu Teng who was in charge. Zhang Yuan didn’t come to inform us at all! Instead, he took the opportunity to sneak into his barracks, and then deliberately sent people to disturb, causing Gu Teng to leave, and Zhang Yuan took the opportunity to steal the gunpowder! Chu Youwen managed to escape with Liu’er and others, but Liu’er’s father was dead.

After Chu Youwen successfully led the people to escape from the Qiannu camp, he met with Ji Chong, and King Shu secretly sent an elite army to support him and escorted these people to Boxiang City overnight. At this time, a large number of war slaves still couldn’t believe that they really escaped from Qiannu Camp, but what is certain is that they have seen Chu Youwen differently from then on. They have never shared the same enemy and become great benefactors.

Ma Qiexing walked into the room, coaxing Zhao Liuer to drink the ugly soup, and asked him if he wanted to see his uncles and uncles. Zhao Liuer nodded, jumped out of bed, and walked forward. Turning his head and pointing at Chu Youwen, he returned to look like a small adult, “You promised my father! Will take good care of me, pull me to grow up, but I will follow you! You are not allowed to leave me, have you heard? ‘Chu Youwen nodded, and Zhao Liuer was satisfied, and followed Ma Zhaixing to leave.

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