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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 44 Recap

Ma Zhixing seemed a little absent-minded along the way, his mind was full of the confession that Chu Youwen just said. After walking straight for a while, she realized that Zhao Liu’er who was following her was abnormally quiet. She stopped and turned her head. Seeing that the child looked sad and his eyes were red, she thought of her father Zhao Jiu. Ma Jiexing warmly expressed his condolences, Zhao Liuer’s heart was sour, tears rolled down, Ma Jiexing only felt that Zhao Liuer was sick with himself and pity each other, they also lost all their relatives, and they can only be alone in this world. Go up and live bravely by yourself. She knelt down and gently wiped away tears for Zhao Liuer, as if she was wiping away sad tears for herself when she was a child.

As soon as Chu Youwen entered Taiyuan, he was called into the King’s Mansion. Although he was dressed in a commoner, his body was bruised, but his aura was still compelling, but he was less hostile in his gestures, more calm and restrained, as if he were a piece. The sharp stone was finally polished away, no longer hurting people, but it was still strong and indestructible.

Chu Youwen stepped forward to pay him a visit. King Bo’s subordinate Bo Jun fought against Bo Jun several times. Bo Jun’s defense was tight and orderly. No matter what tactics they used, they were always unable to break through. King Bo had already secretly admired this young man. Now that he has become a slave, he still has a strategy and led the war slave to successfully escape from the Qian slave camp. This is even more convincing and delighted in his heart. If this person can serve for him, destroying Yang is just sooner or later.

The status of the war slaves was special. Some people were even more constrained for serious crimes. In order to avoid being noticed, and Chu Youwen requested, they quickly settled them in a deserted small village near Taiyuan City for the time being. After building a few houses and serving good wine and meat, the war slaves had a pretty comfortable life. Drinking a cup of wine, the war slaves laughed about how they died of nine deaths, Zhang Yuan said that the wonderful place is more than hand-painted, everyone praised and cheered, and mourned the unfortunate companion who lost his life. Many people immediately aroused homesickness and their eyes were red. It is probably impossible to go home in this life. But Chu Youwen has already joined forces with King King, ready to take the brothers home.

Chu Kui coughed again, and Zhang Jin hurriedly stepped forward to comfort him. He pushed Zhang Jin away impatiently and called Yaoji hoarsely. A black figure appeared at the door of the sleeping hall, and Yingying knelt down to meet him. Yao Ji replied respectfully: Yao Ji went to Qiannu Camp in person, and Zhu Youwen defected, and the people involved fled without death. There is no evidence that His Royal Highness Ying had any deception.

His Royal Highness King Ying has recently buried his head in state affairs, and has been alone. There has been no sign of forming a party for private purposes. However, Chu Kui’s body was getting weaker and weaker, and Yao Ji decided to go to Ziya to hold a ceremony to sacrifice to the heavens. He also proposed to bring out the Yesha three as living sacrifices. On the surface, they became sacrifices, but in reality, they rescued the three.

One day, Ma Xingxing went to visit the villagers in the orphan village, but saw Zhang Yuan hurrying over holding Liu’er. It turned out that Liu’er was injured by a trap. Ma Jiexing went back to the house and quickly looked at the herbal medicine. After searching for a long time, he could not find it. Just as Zhang Yuan was about to look for it again, a pair of big hands appeared in front of her, palms full of herbs with purple berries. She looked up, and it was Zhu Youwen who handed the purple bead grass.

The cooperation is endless, and the jealousy who followed along the way watched from the side, becoming jealous. Although Ma Xingxing deliberately avoided Chu Youwen these few days, when the two met, everyone could see the tacit understanding. No need to speak, as long as one look at each other could know what each other was thinking. Ma Qiexing pressed Zhao Liu’er’s feet, and Chu Youwen held both ends of the beast patch with both hands. The two even breathed in sync.

Zhang Jin found a substitute for the dead ghost because of greed and fear of death, but was intercepted by the Second Highness. Yao Ji found Chu Youwen in the night and told him about the plan to rescue the Ye Sha three. Chu Youwen couldn’t respond to Chu Youwen’s feelings for Chu Youwen from beginning to end.

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