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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 45 Recap

Chu Yougui said that since they want to pray for the longevity forest, that place is a treasure of geomantic omen. It is still necessary to use Chu Youwen’s cronies to sacrifice, it is better to let out the wind to win Chu Youwen to come to rescue, and take him in one fell swoop. Chu Kui listened to Chu Yougui’s opinion and asked him to follow him to Zhanjiang.

Princess Baona heard that her brother Wang was going to receive Chu Kui, so she couldn’t eat. He told his maid that if he wanted him to eat, he would ask Brother Wang to drive Chu Kui away. But the matter is now, nothing can be changed, Princess Baona decided to go to Ma Zhaixing and them to report to them.

Princess Baona rushed to the country to find Ma Zaixing and the others, and told Chu Kui about it, and she also said that Chu Yougui must discuss something with her brother Wang. Ma Zhaixingdao must not allow them to form an alliance, and he must go to break the alliance. And also to rescue Mo Xiao and the others, Chu Youwendao already knew about this, he had decided to go to the rescue alone.

Ma Caixing didn’t allow him to be a key figure in breaking the enemy’s plan. If something happened to him, the plan would be ruined. Chu Youwendao, he is sure, he has cooperated with Yaoji Li Yingwai and is convinced that Yao Ji will help him, and that she and him live and die together.

Chu Yougui asked Zhang Jin to administer medicine to Chu Kui, and he was going to meet with King Zhe Bing instead of him. Yao Ji caught Zhang Jin who administered the medicine, and he told Chu Kui that Chu Yougui intentionally harmed him, so that his body would decline to this point. Chu Kui was furious and wanted to execute Zhang Jin. Yao Ji was willing to ask him to save Zhang Jin’s life. Chu Kui knew that they were all for his throne. Chu Youguizhen is discussing the covenant with King Zhu Kui. Ma Qiexing rushes to tell King Zhu Yougui about the conflict between Chu Yougui and Chu Kui. Princess Bao Na is also helping, so far King Wang does not want to interfere with them. All these things invited them out.

Yao Ji took Mo Xiao and the others to the sacrifice, pretending to make them bleed to death, and then sent Chu Yougui away, Chu Youwen appeared, and rescued Mo Xiao and the others. Wen Yan died of the poison because the meridians could not be resolved, and Chu Youwen was deeply saddened. At this moment, Chu Yougui noticed something and hurriedly turned back. Ma Caixing appeared and led him away. Chu Yougui chased him with his soldiers and horses. He was very happy to see that only the horse picked the stars. As long as the horse picked the stars alive, then the morale of the country would be greatly reduced.

When he started, Chu Youwen rushed to win the star for the horse and blocked an arrow and was injured. Just when Chu Yougui was about to take away from the two of them, he also rushed in. He let Ma Jiexing and Po’er go first. After he came to break, Chu Youwen was unwilling. It was time for him to take care of the horse and win the stars. Princess Baona came to Chu Yougui with a dagger at this time. If he dared to do something here, he would kill himself here. If he died in this place, let alone him, even Chu Kui would not be able to leave Zhu Kui alive. . Chu Yougui knew that he couldn’t catch them today, so he could only return with his soldiers and horses.

Chu Youwen felt so painful for Wen Yan, and set up a ritual ceremony for him in the backyard. Cut his wrist with a dagger and found that he was bleeding black blood, and his life was not long. Princess Baona asked Ma Diexing, why didn’t she visit Chu Youwen because he was injured to save him. Ma Zhaixing said, even though Chu Youwen was forced, there was blood and deep enmity between them, and his current status was not suitable for him to do these things.

After Princess Baona left, Ji Chong couldn’t help but tell Ma Jiexing the truth about Bai Xingcheng. Ma Jiexing broke down and cried. He kept the secret from Ji Chong Dao for the rest of his life. Why did he tell himself? I can’t do anything now.

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