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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 46 Recap

Ji Chong believes that his marriage with Ma Jiexing has become a cage that imprisons Ma Jiexing. He does not want Ma Jiexing to become a bird in a cage, nor does he want Ma Jiexing to live in lies, so he decides to break his engagement with Ma Jiexing. Faced with the reluctance of Ma Caixing, Chu Youwen said that Chu Youwen had always been in the deepest part of her heart, and they had always had a tacit understanding between them that she could not intervene. Quickly let Ma Xingxing accompany Chu Youwen to heal and accompany him through the most difficult moments.

Within twelve hours after death, people will hear what others say. Accompanied by Chu Youwen, Ma Zhuixing and Wen Yan said a lot of sincere things, thanking him for being with Chu Youwen for always, telling him that they would help him take care of Chu Youwen with Haidie and Mo Xiao. Hearing this, Chu Youwen was very moved, but he knew that Ma Zhaixing is now Princess Chuan, and did not want to get too close to her to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Ma Jiexing told him that he immediately broke off his engagement with Ji Chong, and also expressed his determination to stay with him and spend every day with him. Although Chu Youwen still loves Ma Zaixing, he still refuses Ma Zaixing’s feelings because he knows that he has been seriously poisoned and does not want to delay Ma Zaixing.

In order to comfort the rapid dissolution of the marriage contract, Princess Bao Na took wine to him. Knowing that Ji Chong reluctantly let go in order to make Chu Youwen and Ma win the stars, Princess Bao Na admired her very much. She felt Ji Chong was the most unrestrained man she had ever seen.

Yao Ji came to Chu Youwen and found that he was already very toxic, and his life was not long before, and she felt very sad. Chu Youwen’s insistence on dealing with Chu Yougui is equivalent to letting Yaoji kill him by herself. He hoped that Yao Ji would help him fulfill his last wish, which is to let him hold on to catching Chu Yougui after five days. After the four princes successfully ascended the throne and repaired with the country of Bu, the tyranny of Chu Kui could be put to an end, and the world was peaceful from then on. Facing Yaoji’s question, Chu Youwen said that he would not let Ma Diexing know about his poisoning, and he would disappear after he caught Chu Yougui.

Yao Ji brought Chu Youwen a wound medicine that could relieve the pain, provided that Chu Youwen could walk in front of him. Although there were only four steps, Chu Youwen fainted on the ground in the third step. Yao Ji hugged Chu Youwen distressedly, and vowed in her heart that she would never fulfill him. Seeing Yao Ji hugging Chu Youwen, Ma Caixing was surprised.

Five days later, Chu Youwen would sneak into the capital to deal with Chu Yougui. After that, he was ready to disappear into the world alone, leaving this remnant life. Knowing this, Ma Zaixing felt sad and hurriedly asked Haruka about the specific situation. Yao Ji told Ma Jiexing about Chu Youwen’s serious injury for Ma Jiexing. She begged Ma Jiexing to take good care of Chu Youwen’s scars and hide his aggrieved heart during the remaining six months of Chu Youwen. Ma Jiexing was so moved that he hugged Haruka and expressed his gratitude to her.

Ma Zhixing has been with Chu Youwen, helping him heal his injuries, washing and cooking for him. Faced with Chu Youwen’s question, Ma Zaixing told him that the life he wanted to live the most but couldn’t live on was to live a life without conflict with the wolf. If the wolf cub is no longer there, I still want to live like this, imagining that the wolf is still by his side. Hearing this, Chu Youwen was very touched, took the initiative to hug her, and told her that he wanted to live the same life as her.

Ma Qiexing said that before the last moment, he will not give up looking for a prescription to rescue the wolf. She happily made fish for the wolf cub. The wolf cub cared for her bones and kissed her actively.

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