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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 47 Recap

Chu Youwen teaches Zhao Liuye martial arts, and he wants Zhao Liuye to protect Ma Chuanxing, because he can’t stay with Ma Chuanxing to protect her, things are unpredictable. Ma Zhixing was very moved. She told Zhao Liuye that she would not let Chu Youwen leave her.

Chu Youwen took Ma Zhaixing to the woods and told her that she missed her when she was not by her side before. Ma Qiexing took the opportunity to tease him and Yao Ji and Lvfu girl. Seeing Ma Qiexing jealous, Chu Youwen was very helpless and hurriedly kissed her and ended the topic. The two loved ones hugged each other tightly in the woods and became close.

Ma Jiexing made Qiao Guo to Chu Youwen, and wanted to celebrate Qixi Festival with him in advance. Chu Youwen and Ma Jiexing have been together for nine years, after experiencing misunderstandings, love, hatred, and guilt, they finally got together. Those in the past told them that at this moment, they should cherish each other even more. Chu Youwen guessed that Ma Zhaixing had made a clever fruit. He prepared a red thread in advance, tied a knot on his finger, and told her that he only needed Ma Zhaixing to be a woman in his entire life. In contrast, Chu Youwen gave Ma Caixingxing a slip knot. He told Ma Caixingxing that if one day she is gone, she should not give up and continue to find happiness. Ma Zhixing firmly tied the red rope on his side and told Chu Youwen that he would only spend time with him in the future.

At night, Chu Youwen dreamed that the prince accompanies blindfolded herself to practice sword late at night, guessing that the fourth prince might be in danger, and woke up in a panic. Chu Yougui broke through the door at night and sent someone to stabbing the guard soldier. He sent a person who looked like Zhang Jin to pretend to be Zhang Jin to go to the Taibu Palace to find the son of God to spy, and lied that Chu Yougui rebelled in advance. Zi Shen did not recognize that this was a trap, and said very seriously that Chu Youwen might be the one who leaked out the news about dealing with Chu Yougui. Just after he said Chu Youwen, Chu Yougui sent someone to arrest Zishen. After learning that the emperor joined with Chu Youwen to kill himself, Chu Yougui sent someone to kill Zhang Jin like a lunatic, and then went to the palace to kill the emperor.

Chu Yougui assassinated his father and queen, and pushed the charge on the four princes, and shamelessly put a wise hat on himself, falsely claiming that the emperor passed the throne to himself. He sent people to surround the people around the emperor, except for the four princes, everyone died under Chu Yougui’s arrow. At this time, Yao Ji was also hunted down. She guessed that the imperial city had fallen, and her plan to deal with Chu Yougui had failed. Just when she wanted to bring her injuries to Chu Youwen, unfortunately, she fainted on the ground due to excessive bleeding.

King Pu told Chu Youwen and others about Chu Youzhen’s killing of Chu Kui. Chu Youwen immediately stated that the person who killed Chu Kui was not Chu Youzhen, but Chu Yougui. He and Chu Kui were better off, but a few days later he went to Beijing to capture Chu Yougui and let Chu Youzhen succeed him. Unexpectedly, Chu Yougui guessed his plan and chose to start first.

Chu Kui left his last life. If he encounters misfortune, he can attack Mingzhou within three days. Upon learning of this, King Ming and his party were very excited. As long as they captured Mingzhou, they could approach the imperial city and rescue Chu Youzhen. Princess Baona wants to marry away, but Brother Wang is unwilling.

Mingzhou, Yang State, Mingzhou defenders have retreated. In order to successfully enter the imperial city, rush to recruit troops immediately. Privately ran to the country of Bo to look for Princess Baona who was rushing, and learned that he was recruiting soldiers, happily signed up. Helpless, her strength is too small to complete the tasks assigned by the army in time.

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