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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 48 Recap

Chu Youwen saw Princess Baona sneaking into the barracks, and felt helpless for what she had done. He took the dirty Princess Baona, who looked like a cat, to eat, and accidentally remembered the scene where he ordered the horse to pick the stars to eat. Knowing that Ji Chong wanted to send someone to send herself back, Princess Bao Na began to practice bitterness and explained all the difficulties she encountered in coming to the country of Su, trying to influence Ji Chong. Hearing Princess Baona and her complaints, she felt a little reluctant and agreed to let her stay, but secretly sent someone to inform the king.

Swiftly rushed to Chu Youwen and Ma Zaixing to complain about Baona’s recklessness. Ma Zaixing and Chu Youwen told Swift that Baona had to find fresh forage to feed her horses every day, and also helped Baona sell miserably. Ji Chong was very worried, and hurried to find Bao Na.

Yao Ji stumbled all the way to Chu Youwen and Ma Di Xing, and told them that Chu Yougui sent someone to chase and kill him. The head of the dignified night evil, even Yao Ji suddenly approached without notice, which made Yao Ji very worried. Because this proved that Chu Youwen’s vitality was severely injured, and he could not rush into the imperial city to save people. Knowing that there is only one way to save Chu Yuwen, Ma Diexing is willing to give it a try.

In the military camp of Mingzhou, Zishen helped Chu Yougui give Chu Youwen a message, and handed over the persimmons he carved by himself to Chu Youwen. Chu Yougui asked Chu Youwen to go to Suyang City alone and retreat from the peace talks. If Chu Youwen did not appear within five days, he could not guarantee the safety of the four princes. Chu Youwen angrily crushed Chu Yougui’s persimmon, and immediately said that if Chu Yougui dared to touch a hair of Chu Youzhen, he would kill him immediately. Ma Zhixing didn’t want Chu Youwen to take risks, and asked King King to put Chu Youwen under house arrest.

Princess Bao Na came to give Ji Chong food and kept urging him to eat. Angrily accused Princess Pona, accused her of doing her own way, forcing others to accept her kindness, and never caring about others’ life or death. Listening to the sharp accusations, Princess Baona cried sadly. As everyone knows, the cruel words uttered by Ji Chong are not true words. He only said to hurt Princess Po Na for the safety of her. Before Bao Na left, she put her Amber in the room where she was rushing, hoping to bless him.

There was no movement from Lu Jun, and Chu Yougui beat Chu Youzhen with a poisonous whip, trying to force Chu Youwen out. Upon learning of this, King Bo ordered the entire army to raided Suyang at night, but was blocked by Ma Zhaixing. Ma Jiexing told the king of Chu and his party that he had found the cure for Chu Youwen, and hoped that after Chu Youwen recovered physically, he would discuss the matter of attacking Suyang.

Perceiving the anomaly of Ma picking the stars, he quickly decided to go to Suyang to save others. He found a secret road, a dry well leading to Suyang City, only one person could enter. In order to prevent Chu Youwen and others from blocking him, Ji Chong did not tell them, and told his subordinates not to tell others about it. As everyone knows, Chu Yougui left this secret road on purpose. When he rushed out of the secret road, Chu Yougui ordered someone to shoot him with an arrow.

In order to help Chu Youwen realize his wish, Ma Zaixing did not hesitate to be poisoned, and there was not much time left. She begged Yao Ji not to tell Chu Youwen about this, and she also wore a wedding dress and other Chu Youwen. Chu Youwen didn’t guess Ma’s intention to pick the stars, and happily imagined her days after recovery. Chu Youwen and Ma Zhuixing formally worshipped heaven and earth, drank a cup of wine, and promised to never separate from each other. The two kissed intimately under the tree, very romantic. As everyone knows, Ma Jiexing stunned Chu Youwen with sleeping pills in order to prevent him from taking risks.

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