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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 5 Recap

Bo Wang Zhu Youwen learned that Ma Zaixing was the head of Ma’s princess, and only then understood the reason why she abandoned him in the Mafu. The young master of Tongzhou City heard about the Mafu tragedy and went to Mafu specially. Everyone knows that the corpse of Ma Jiexing, the magistrate of Ma Mansion, has been charred, and the body is hard to distinguish.

However, the copper bell worn by Ma Zhixing could not be destroyed by the fire. The young master of Tongzhou City discovered this suspicious point and made people search for the copper bell. The people of Mafu did not discover the existence of copper bells, and the young master of Tongzhou City inferred that Ma Jiexing was not dead, so he proposed to search for the whereabouts of Ma Jiexing south with Mafu as the center.

On the other hand, after Ma Jiexing regained consciousness, he suffered from mental irritation and suffered serious physical injuries. There is news from Ma Xiehan that Ma Zaixing’s family was ruined by Shu Guo. Ma Jing proposed to ask her Majesty to send troops to attack Shu Guo, pay the blood debts, and avenge Ma clan. However, all this is in His Majesty’s plan. Ma Jiajun is willing to fight against King Su for the deceased. The death of Ma Ying alone in exchange for Ma Jiajun’s priceless military spirit is very satisfied. He ordered the Prime Minister Jingxiang to welcome Ma Jiajun back. Beijing.

Ma Jiexing, who suffers from sacral disorder, loses consciousness and is like a puppet, unable to swallow even Zhu Youwen feeds her a drink. The medicine is not effective, and now he can only take risks and try to fight poison with poison. It’s just that these powerful medicines also need a single medicinal material. Nuluo’s herbal medicine is soft but not weak, and it can neutralize the toxicity of Ma Qiexing’s body and protect her heart.

So Zhu Youwen went to the nearby Xingyue Mountain alone to look for N. sylvestris, ignoring the rumors of the tigers in the mountains. When Nvs. sylvestris was found, two tigers suddenly appeared, and Zhu Youwen fell into a desperate struggle with the tigers.

When Wen Yan took care of the star picking alone, the young master of Tongzhou City came to him. Zhu Youwen repelled the tiger and brought back peppermint and dillweed. As soon as he entered the door, he found that the young master of Tongzhou City was feeding Ma Qiexing, acting affectionately. After drinking the peppermint herb, Ma Jiexing suddenly spoke. It turns out that Ma Zaixing likes the taste of mint, and Zhu Youwen took advantage of this.

The prime minister Jingxiang greeted Ma Jiajun outside the city. Unexpectedly, General Ma suspected that Ma Ying’s death had other reasons to capture Jingxiang and forced his majesty to prove his innocence with a bloody oath. His Majesty cannot but send someone to notify Bo Wang Zhu Youwen to return to Beijing quickly.

When Zhu Youwen was about to take Ma Jiexing back to Beijing, he saw that the house was empty. Ma Jiexing was taken back to Kuizhou City by the young master of Tongzhou City. The young master of Tongzhou City made this trip only to lead the horse to pick up the stars and surrender to King Mo. Zhu Youwen had already seen this conspiracy, and he rescued the horse from the hands of the young master of Tongzhou City.

When the two were fighting, Ma Zaixing recovered his memory and recognized Zhu Youwen as a wolf boy. Zhu Youwen did not recognize Ma Zhuixing at this moment, which made Ma Zhuixing very disappointed. In the evening Wen Yan asked Ma Zhaixing about his memory before he lost his memory.

Zhu Youwen told Ma Zhaixing that Ma Ying’s death was not caused by King Mo alone, but colluded with the young master of Tongzhou City. On the corpse of the young master of Tongzhou City, a letter of collusion between him and Li Jun and a special tiger-shaped token were found, which also proved that Zhu Youwen’s judgment was correct.

Ma Zaixing held the letter and token in her hands and was filled with grief and distress. She decided to bid farewell to Zhu Youwen and others and return to Mafu to deal with related matters. However, Ma Jiajun concluded that Ma Ying’s death was related to his Majesty, and gathered people outside the city, and the war was about to start. In order to prevent this war, Ma Zaixing agreed to return to Beijing with Zhu Youwen.

Ma Jiajun soldiers approached the city, half a day earlier than Zhu Youwen’s plan. If they can’t rush back to the capital in time, no one can stop Ma Jiajun. As a member of Ma Jiajun, Ma Zhixing knew the urgency of the matter, so he took the initiative to ask for danger.

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