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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 6 Recap

Ma Jiexing swallowed the medicine to suppress the soul disorder and Zhu Youwen took a short route back to Beijing. This so-called short route turned out to be a cliff. The drug that suppressed psychopathy caused Ma Jiexing to suddenly fall into a coma. Zhu Youwen climbed down the cliff with Ma Jiexing on his back and successfully rushed to Ma Jiajun at noon. Ma Jiajun was very excited to see Ma Jiexing still alive and vowed to die allegiance to Ma Jiexing.

Zhu Youwen told General Ma that the death of Ma Ying was the result of an inner thief collaborating with the enemy, and this inner thief was Gu Qingping, the young master of Tongzhou City. When General Ma was in doubt, his Majesty went out of the city. He swore to General Ma that Ma Ying’s death had nothing to do with him, and wrote a blood book in front of the soldiers. At this point, Ma Jiajun truly believed in His Majesty’s innocence and swore an oath to surrender to the court.

Facing the kindness of Ma Jiajun’s entry to Beijing to die in a battle, Ma Zaixing knelt down to thank Ma Jing and General Ma, and General Ma and others were flattered. After this incident, Ma Jiajun now has a gap with His Majesty, and Ma Zhixing is determined to repair their relationship. Ma Jing was worried that Ma Zhixing would be injured on the road. Facing the rumored king of Bo, Zhu Youwen, who is ruthless and full of evil, this worry is really reasonable. Ma Zhixing recalled what happened along the way, telling Ma Jing that Zhu Youwen, although taciturn, took good care of her, and even suffered injuries to rescue her from the Tongzhou City Young Master.

Speaking of this, Ma Caixing remembered that Zhu Youwen was still wounded and hurried to visit him. Bringing ice water to Zhu Youwen’s room, Ma Zhixing was unexpectedly rejected by Zhu Youwen indifferently. But this did not make Ma Caixing give up, she bravely walked up to Zhu Youwen to apply medicine to him. Zhu Youwen’s upper body was scarred, but he never heard him complain, and he endured the pain all the way. This made Ma Qiexing distressed and tears burst into his eyes. Zhu Youwen’s revelation of Ma Jiexing’s true feelings did not impress Zhu Youwen. On the contrary, he believed that Ma Jiexing was only acting in front of him.

In the evening, your Majesty hosted a banquet in the Royal Garden, and the maid brought out the Dragon Phoenix Ruixiang Cup. Everyone guessed that your Majesty would announce something important. After he fell to his seat, he ordered everyone to not allow and all things that happened outside the city during the day, all things ended here. Ma Zhixing raised a glass to respect the prime minister regardless of the predecessors.

His Majesty signaled that she should thank Bo Wang Zhu Youwen for his life-saving grace, and announced that he would marry her and Zhu Youwen. Ma Diexing was shocked by this remark. She looked at Zhu Youwen and saw that Zhu Youwen had no expression of joy and excitement on her face.

In the face of His Majesty’s will, Zhu Youwen declined on the grounds that the world is undecided and that he has never thought of a big marriage in military affairs. His Majesty’s intention is to get rid of the divorce between the monarchs and the ministers through the royal wedding, and to show his grace to the horse and the loyalty of Ma Jiajun to him. Ma Jiexing agrees to marry Zhu Youwen, but he must first kill him before performing the wedding ceremony. His Majesty’s promise was immediately obtained as soon as he said this, he used a dragon and phoenix cup to give wine and set the marriage of the two.

Ma Qiexing drunk and left the table. At the bridge, she bid farewell to the wolf boy with wine, and ended the undeserved relationship. This scene was seen by Zhu Youwen, who sent the horse back to the palace. Ma Zhixing recognized Zhu Youwen as a wolf boy when he was dim, and was pushed away by Zhu Youwen coldly.

Ma Zhixing thinks that Zhu Youwen is a wolf cub, and the existence of the wolf cub is a stumbling block to her, because people and wolves can never be together, and the wolf cub is a monster in the eyes of the world. When the two of them were pushing, Ma Jiexing fell into the pond. Zhu Youwen was so furious that he waved away. Ma Jingxing was rescued by Ma Jing who came to look for her.

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