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The Wolf 狼殿下 Episode 9 Recap

Hearing that King Bo went to Taimiao to rescue himself, Ma Zaixing was very worried about whether he could get out of his body. Wen Yan asked Ma Jiexing what he thought of Lin Guang’s case. Ma Jiexing inferred that Lin Guang was not a real assassin. There must be something that made him prefer to sacrifice himself to protect. Since he believes that Lin Guang is a good person, he will not persistently pursue to reveal what Lin Guang wants to hide and protect. the truth.

Wen Yan smiled slightly after hearing what Ma Zaixing said. Ma Jiexing and King Bo almost said exactly the same, the two are really a perfect match. Wen Yan was entrusted by King Bo and invited Ma Zaixing to go to the other courtyard for a report. King Bo waited elsewhere and returned to life with the inkstone that had been smashed by King Bo. Hearing Ma Qixing’s answer, the corners of Bo Wang’s mouth rose slightly.

The night is here. Ma Zhixing came to the courtyard as scheduled. The moment the door was opened, the sky full of fireflies were dancing like stars. Ma Jiexing couldn’t help touching with her hands. She couldn’t help chanting a poem. King Bo came from behind Ma Jiexing, naturally holding Ma Jiexing’s unfinished poem followed. The two opened their hearts and talked. Ma Zhixing didn’t understand why King Bo wanted to bring him to the forbidden area of ​​the other courtyard. King Bo led her to the iron tree. The flowers of the iron tree bloomed, and King Bo opened his heart. Ma Jiexing was the first person to walk into this yard. Ma Jiexing was surprised that King Bo’s attitude changed so much.

King Bo said that he had always thought that the marriage contract between Ma Jiexing and him was just for profit, but it was not until last night that he discovered that Ma Jiexing is a kind and beautiful person who will protect his beliefs and is not afraid of misunderstandings. Hearing King Bo’s praise, Ma Jiexing couldn’t help but laugh. King Bo prepared a banquet and invited the horse to pick the stars. Ma Jiexing was worried that he would go crazy again like the night of the wedding.

King Bo took the initiative to mention the wolf boy with Ma Jiexing. Ma Qiexing had a few glasses of wine, and his true feelings were revealed, and he couldn’t help but burst into tears. She confided her thoughts and guilt for the wolf boy. When he saw the identical faces of King Bo and Langzi, he couldn’t help crying. King Bo easily embraced the horse and comforted her, if King Bo was still alive, he would forgive Ma for the star. Ma Jiexing fell asleep peacefully in King Bo’s arms until dawn.

When Ma Qiexing woke up, she found the two close to each other and was extremely shy. She wanted to leave secretly. Unexpectedly, King Bo stepped on her clothes. She gently removed King Bo’s feet, pulled out her clothes, and hurried away. She didn’t know that King Bo was just pretending to be asleep. As soon as she left, she opened her eyes. Ma Jingxing, who returned to the room, was teased by Ma Jing.

After a night of candid exchanges between King Bo and Ma Zaixing, their feelings warmed up. In order to see the horse and win the stars with the best appearance, King Bo asked his subordinates to help him choose clothes. At the same time, tell everyone to protect the horse and pick the stars well.

King Bo mysteriously wants to give Ma Zhaixing a gift, and Wen Yan takes Ma Zhaixing to the martial arts training ground. It turned out that he wanted to teach the horse the same weapon as star picking, so that he could protect himself in times of danger. Wen Yan and several people looked around at Ma Jiexing and Bo Wang Xuewu, always feeling that they were talking about love.

The imperial physician gave Ma Qiexing a consultation. Ma Qiexing was sweating profusely. Wang Bo was distressed and reprimanded the imperial physician to make him lighter. As soon as the imperial physician diagnosed him, King Bo greeted him and wiped his sweat gently for Ma Zaixing. Ma Zaixing looked at such gentle Bo Wang with a different kind of sentiment. King Bo asked the imperial physician Ma Jiexing about his condition in detail, and told Ma Jiexing to keep it in mind. Ma Jiexing looked at him earnestly and asked him why he was so good to him. King Bo was a little embarrassed because the two had a marriage contract. Ma Jiexing also replied earnestly, she would definitely do well for Princess Bo.

His Majesty asked King Bo to enter the palace to discuss the envoy’s visit. King Bo saw the Second Highness in front of the palace. The two were arguing, and King Bo had a bad attitude, because Lin Guang’s case almost hurt Ma win the star.

Your Majesty asked the Second Highness to assist King Bo to receive the messenger Bao Na, and he was not allowed to neglect. King Bo’s face changed when he heard Bao Na’s name. King Bo saw Ma Jiexing in the yard and hurried over, worrying about her injury. Ma Jiexing saw that King Bo looked solemn and asked. The Second Royal Highness smiled and explained that this Princess Bao Na is a fake public for her own sake, and is basically for the favorite King Bo. Ma Jiexing teased Bo Wang is very popular.

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