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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 1 Recap

Ji Xiaoou was called by the chairman to ask about all the things that happened between Ji Xiaoou and Yan Jing and Zhan Yu. It was a long, long story. Ji Xiaoou fell into In memories.

Fang Niya is Ji Xiaoou’s good sister. She was worried that Ji Xiaoou had been single and wanted to introduce her to her. She forced Ji Xiaoou, who was working in a coffee shop, to a party where only successful people would go. Met one or two prince charming. Ji Xiaoou had bad luck that day. As soon as he arrived at the reception, he saw Yan Jin lying by the pool and vomiting. He just glanced at it inadvertently but didn’t expect to encounter Yan Jin’s molesting, so angry that Ji Xiaoou gave Yan Jin a slap. At this time, the anti-narcotics police came to the reception and arrested a group of people suspected of carrying drugs for inspection. Fangya hurriedly pulled Ji Xiaoou away.

The next day, Fangya took away the money she bought in spite of Ji Xiaoou’s blockade. In desperation, Ji Xiaoou had to go home and ask for help. His mother blamed Ji Xiaoou’s older youth for not getting married. She knew that she had created a business outside and had to go home to take it if her career failed. Money turnover. Ji Xiaoou’s father felt sorry for Ji Xiaoou and secretly gave her money.

Ji Xiaoou met Zhan Yu who had fainted on the bus and took him to the hospital. He also paid Zhan Yu for medical expenses with the money on his body. Zhan Yu promised to return the money to Ji Xiaoou. Ji Xiaoou saw that Zhan Yu had no money and generously expressed Not in a hurry. But when Ji Xiaoou went to the hospital again the next day, Zhan Yu had already left, and the nurse had no choice but to comfort Ji Xiaoou as if it was a disaster.

Yan Jin used to be an anti-drug police officer. In order to avenge his brothers, she took the initiative to act as an undercover agent. When she met Ji Xiaoou that day, she participated in a drug negotiation with the Little Beauty Group. Yan Jin met Mei Sister here and discussed future cooperation. Mei Sister Deliberately let his subordinates keep toasting to Yan Jin, causing Yan Jin to drink too much. In order not to show her horse’s feet, Yan Jin went to the bathroom and vomited. He happened to see the police come to fight for drugs. Yan Jin deliberately grabbed Ji Xiaoou as a cover to molested him. He didn’t expect to be slapped severely by Ji Xiaoou. After waking up the drunk Yan Jin, Yan Jin quickly flushed the drugs from the toilet. This slap saved Yan Jin, so Yan Jin remembered the grace of this slap.

The police left in a hurry without finding the drugs. Sister Mei deliberately sent someone to the room to pretend to assassinate Yan Jin. The knife was against her throat and Yan Jin remained motionless. This made Mei Sister believe that Yan Jin really drank too much. I knew it well and knew that this was a temptation for Mei Sister. The next day, Ma Zai deliberately showed Yan Jin the video of the assassination recorded yesterday. Yan Jin pretended to be angry and rebuked them that they should not break in privately and stepped on their mobile phone.

Yan Jin did not find the vital lighter at home, so she ran to the hotel yesterday to find it. She suspected that she had fallen to Zhan Yu, who was playing the violin, but Zhan Yu was a temporary worker and had already left. The person who joined Yan Jin also revealed the news to Yan Jin. In fact, Liu Wei was behind the scenes of the real Little Beauty, not Mei Sister. Yesterday, the drug search was a drama performed by them. They suspected Yan Jin’s identity and deliberately reported it to the police.

The purpose of the arrest was to get Yan Jin out of the game. Fortunately, Yan Jin had been prepared for a long time before she could reveal her identity. Strictly and secretly followed a drug dealer to a bar, and after watching them complete the transaction, the dealer disappeared. In the interrogation room, the police asked what kind of person Zhan Yu was.

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