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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 2 Recap

Xiaoou went to the hospital to see her father, but her father gave her a task to deliver medicine to one of his patients. Because of her family difficulties, her father had been supporting her. This person was named Liu Meiqin. Xiaoou found Liu Meiqin’s The son was actually Zhan Yu. Zhan Yu felt embarrassed after the two met, but Xiao Ou hurried forward to introduce herself to ease the atmosphere, so her mother asked Zhan Yu to take Xiao Ou to buy some fruits to entertain the guests, and the two walked along the road Zhan Yu He quickly explained that he left without saying goodbye because the family had no money, but Zhan Yu had already asked the nurse for Xiaoou’s phone number, and when he had money, he would return it to Xiaoou. Xiao Ou saw that Zhan Yu hadn’t eaten and invited him to eat noodles.

During the period, Zhan Yu asked how Xiao Ou found their home. Xiao Ou told Zhan Yu that it was a coincidence that she went there. She was giving medicine to her father. Zhan Yu gave Xiaoou said that his mother had caused the necrosis of the femoral head because of the doctor and too much hormone injections. His father had never taken care of them. He was just a bastard. Zhan Yu took out a lighter from his body that was worth a little money as her medicine. Xiaoou took a look at the compensation for the fee and said to keep it for him first, and take it back when he has the money.

The next day Zhan Yu went to Xiao Ou’s coffee shop. Xiao Ou hoped that he could go to work in her shop. Zhan Yu was a very clever young man and very diligent. She was responsible for everything in the shop.

That day, I went to a vendor to ask for payment. At this time, I went in with a woman and ordered a set meal. At this time, the vendor told her to pay her back quickly. After the two were cleared, Xiaoou smiled and said to the supplier to wait, so he poured a large cup of ice into his trouser pocket. This time the supplier was in a hurry to do it, and went over to hold the supplier strictly. The supplier’s hand, told him to be honest, how much money Xiaoou owed him, the supplier was scared and hurried away with the money.

Afterwards, rigorously recognized that Xiaoou was the one who beat him in the hotel, and Xiaoou also recognized rigorous, thinking that a gangster just walked away, and another one appeared. There is no way to say that the money will be given to rigorous soon, but rigorous don’t Qian, I only want the lighter on her bar, but Zhanyu gave her the lighter. Xiaoou couldn’t be rigorous, so rigorous told Xiaoou all the details on the lighter, which made Xiaoou want to return it.

I knew everything well. At this time Zhan Yu went back, Xiao Ou asked him, rigorously why Zhan Yu wanted to steal something? Zhan Yu called Yan Jing to go out and talk. After the two of them went out, Xiao Ou followed, but Yan Jing and Xiao Ou said that they had misunderstood and left. Zhan Yu and Xiao Ou said that they saw a lighter in the bathroom when they were working in a hotel. So what I took away was thinking about changing money to treat my mother’s illness and guaranteeing that it would not be like this in the future.

Every day after get off work, Xiaoou asked him to take the rest of his food home and eat with his mother, but Zhan Yu looked at an orphan outside the door and didn’t eat it, and hoped that Xiaoou could give him a part. This made Xiaoou feel Zhanyu is very kind, so Xiaoou wants to take care of this younger brother in the future.

Rigorous saw the joint person again and said that Zhan Yu should be the one arranged by Liu Wei, and he should be more careful with Zhan Yu in the future. When Yan Jing was having dinner with his father, he asked him how his career was. His mother quickly told his father to retire soon. The son in the province should start his own business outside. His mother took a photo and wanted to introduce him to him. This person was called Fang Chuchu. My father’s friend’s daughter has just inherited the family business. At this time, my sister passed by and asked my brother to work hard or she would be snatched away by others. My father gave a strict order to die.

Rigorous took Fang Chuchu to Xiaoou’s coffee shop, only to see the previous scene. Just when Rigorous flirted with Xiaoou, Fang Chuchu left, but when he and Zhanyu went outside to talk, they asked him seriously What is the relationship with Xiaoou? How did you get into his room at the hotel? However, Zhan Yu told him not to disturb Xiao Ou, and Xiao Ou went out at this time, and rigorously greeted her and left.

The beautiful sister Liu Wei and Yan Jing went to play golf. Mei said that his cooperation with Lu Wanjin Logistics Company had been interrupted. At this time, Liu Wei said that they just didn’t clean up, and Jing told them not to worry. He had a way to settle.

Yan Jing went to the joint site again, and the person who joined him gave him Xiaoou’s information. Ji Xiaoou showed no signs of drug trafficking. At this time, Ji Xiaoou called Yan Jing to pay him back. Ji Xiaoou hung up the phone when Yan Jing said met and talked. So Rigorous intends to use the pursuit of Ji Xiaoou to find evidence of KK’s drug trafficking.

Strictly asked Lao Cheng in the interrogation room if he woke up? The police told him that the most important thing was to assist them in their investigations and that there was no need to ask too much about other things.

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