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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 1 Plot

The cartoons produced by Qi Nian for the company are all muscular men, which makes the leader very dissatisfied. The leader must show her comics with love to have a market. Otherwise, he will go home with his luggage. Qi Nian couldn’t produce works on love themes. The leader could not give Qi Nian a few picture albums about love for her to study. I hope that Qi Nian can find inspiration from them and let her paint with a feeling of heart. But Qi Nian has never been in love, and I don’t know what it feels like to be heartbeat.

Qi Nian was holding a painting book and was painting on a park bench and saw a golden retriever dog. This dog is very close to Qi Nian, so Qi Nian gave this dog some delicious food. At this time, he saw the dog. The dog’s neck is written with its name Qi Bao, which makes Qi Nian feel that this dog is very kind and has the same surname as himself. At this time, the locator on Qi Bao’s neck rang and Qi Bao took Qi Nian and ran away. The dog ran to a boy with Qi Nian all the way. The boy was very handsome.

When Qi Nian saw this affectionate boy, he immediately felt heartbeat. The boy thanked Qi Nian for bringing his dog back. , Just when the two people were polite to each other, Qi Bao deliberately threw them down. Qi Nian and the boy fell to the ground, and the boy’s mouth was directly on Qi Nian’s mouth, and Qi Nian felt even more emotional. At this time, the company leader called Qi Nian and told her to go back and submit the paper quickly. Qi Nian asked the boy to wait for her by the river and would go back to him soon.

Qi Nian ran back to the company and said that he had to hand it in 30 minutes. Is there enough time? However, Qi Nian had inspiration after just having a kiss with a boy, and soon created a cartoon. The leader was very satisfied after seeing Qi Nian’s work. Qi Nian told the leader that her work was just in He The prototype of the male god Bian met, and he was more handsome than the comics.

Qi Nian remembered that when she had just returned to the company, she asked the boy to wait for her by the river and ran back to the river. Unexpectedly, when she returned to the river, the boy had already left. Qi Nian prayed that the unit boy was also in this city. She will see this boy in the future. It turned out that the boy was the elder brother of a big company. His family had been worrying about his marriage. At this time, the boy’s heart suddenly remembered the scene of being with relatives.

Qi Nian talked about her experience with a strange boy while having dinner with colleagues. Everyone said that she was daydreaming and was full of illusions with a strange man. Qi Nian also felt a little strange about her own thoughts. I hope someone can use it. Pour a pot of cold water to wake yourself, and at this time, I really poured a pot of cold water from the upper floor, which made Qi Nian very angry. The two girls downstairs said that she was broken in love. The friends of Qi Nian saw that the two girls were also in their school. Just tell them to go. Qi Nian’s friend said that a teacher in their school must have done it, because this teacher is very handsome, and every time a female student confessed to him, but the teacher refused like an iceberg. they.

In order to find the Prince Charming in his heart, Qi Nian looked for Qi Bao’s dog-hunting enlightenment on the Internet, hoping to find Ji Yanxin by looking for a dog. After a period of hard work, Qi Nian finally found news about Ji Yanxin in a university. It turned out that her male god was a university teacher. After Ji Yanxin entered the classroom, many goddesses were excited and restless, eager to answer Ji Yanxin’s questions, Ji Yanxin Seeing that Qi Nian was also in the class, she asked her to go to the office after class. Qi Nian’s friends said that Qi Nian was really lucky, and that many of the female students’ benefits for one year were received by her in one day.

Ji Yanxin’s girlfriend found Ji Yanxin and said she was going to get married. Ji Yanxin blessed her, but the woman was very angry and asked Ji Yanxin that his grandfather was very satisfied with her. Why did Ji Yanxin dislike him? Ji Yanxin told her because Qi Bao didn’t like her.

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