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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 2 Plot

The question Ji Yanxin posed to students in class was an ancient tenon-and-mortise structure. Unexpectedly, it was unlocked by Qi Nian. Many students could not open it. This made Ji Yanxin very surprised for Qi Nian. Ji Yanxin brought Qi Nian with him. When I arrived at the office, this surprised many female students.

Ji Yanxin took the picture book and asked Qi Nian why he painted his portrait during class. But Qi Nian said that she was just working, and then Ji Yanxin asked how Qi Nian unlocked that mechanism? Qi Nian said that her father was studying ancient architecture, because whoever can open the lock of the agency can give Ji Yanxin a teaching assistant, so Qi Nian successfully sat on Ji Yanxin’s assistant teaching.

Qi Nian returned to the company and the leader said that she had met her male god very smoothly and had also been his assistant teacher, which made the leader very envious of her fortune.

It is not easy for Ji Yanxin’s friend Shao Zui to ask him who can unlock the agency. It is the first time that Ji Yanxin has taken the initiative to accept an assistant teacher after so many years. Shao Zui is still persuading Ji Yanxin that he should deal with the news that his father is doing his marriage.

Qi Nian went to work and saw that Ji Yanxin had made some arrangements for her work. At this time, Ji Yanxin found that someone was taking pictures of him, so he used Qi Nian to block his face. At this time, Qi Nian wanted to add Ji Yanxin’s WeChat, but was rejected by Ji Yanxin. .

After Qi Nian left, Ji Yanxin found Ji Qiu, who was taking pictures of him. Ji Yanxin took Ji Qiu’s camera away and asked her why she wanted to take these things. Ji Qiu is used to sell online, so that it can get a lot of attention, but it will affect Qi Nian, Ji Yanxin asks her to apologize to Qi Nian, otherwise his camera will not be returned to her, but Ji Qiu does not Willing to apologize to Qi Nian and left.

Ji Yanxin went to the class and saw Qi Nian hiding under his desk, so Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian to return to his seat quickly. Originally, Qi Yanxin wanted to make Ji Yanxin remember her as Qi Nian in this way. , But was kicked out by Ji Yanxin, and was laughed at by his classmates. Qi Nian and a friend said that she had an appointment with Ji Yanxin. As long as Ji Yanxin can remember her name within seven days, Qi Nian can stay by his side as a long-term teaching assistant. Ji Yanxin remembered her name.

In the early morning of Qi Nian, I heard that Ji Yanxin’s company had something to go back for six days, which made Qi Nian a little crazy. Originally there were only six days. Ji Yanxin actually asked for six days of leave and left him with so much work to do. Qi Nian collapsed and shouted that Ji Yanxin was a big devil.

Ji Qiu went to Qi Nian’s office to apologize to her and said that she was Ji Yanxin’s cousin. When Qi Nian heard that she was Ji Yanxin’s cousin, he asked her to help Ji Yanxin remember her name. When Ji Yanxin returned to school, he heard that his work had been done by his teaching assistant, and that he had finished drawing all the ancient architectural drawings that Ji Yanxin had to do. This surprised Ji Yanxin. Ji Yanxin wanted to see Qi Nian, and Qi Nian asked her what she had left. How is the job done? Ji Yanxin said coldly that he had performed exceptionally well, but he failed and left.

Qi Nian’s friends said that Qi Nian is a very patient and cheeky person. If Ji Yanxin was targeted by Qi Nian, he would not run away. Qi Nian caught up with Ji Yanxin and asked him why he said his job failed? Ji Yanxin tells Qi Nian that she is just a teaching assistant. In order to make Ji Yanxin remember her name, it is unqualified to do everything she shouldn’t be perfect.

Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian got soaked by the rain and went back to school to change their clothes, but there was no one in the locker room after school. At this time, someone passed by in the corridor. Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian hurriedly hid in the room with Qi Nian. Qi Nian asked if Ji Yanxin had already been there. Remember her name? But Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian what he wanted to find him?

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