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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 2 Recap

Qi Nian opened the organ box, and Ji Yanxin took her to the office. Not only did he look through her picture album, but he also found a memory card with all his photos in Qi Nian’s bag, but he also wondered where the memory card was. Come. Ji Yanxin asked her what could open the organ box, and Qi Nian proficiently discussed the principle of tenon and tenon joints, and said that because his father was a restorer of ancient buildings, he had learned a lot since childhood.

Ji Yanxin, who must do what he said, asked Qi Nian what he wanted. Of course, Qi Nian hopes to have more contact with him. Ji Yanxin’s brain circuit is also powerful, so he directly recruited Qi Nian as a teaching assistant, and investigated her within a week.

The editor in charge looked at Qi Nian’s drawings and praised her for the good results of the materials, and finally she was able to draw the ideal young man protagonist. Seeing the cartoons drawn on the table, the editor’s eyes shined brightly. This is definitely a great manga. Qi Nian said that this was a painting by a girl who lived next door and hadn’t seen each other for a month.

As for why she knew she was a girl, because of the pile of dolls hanging on the balcony, the pink strawberry desserts in the refrigerator and the absolute hand account control , All show that this is a sweet soft girl. The editor in charge asked how she would deal with it tomorrow. Qi Nian, who is naturally optimistic and strong, is ready to let everything go.

From Xingua in the campus group, Shao Zui knew that someone had opened the tenon-and-mortise box carefully designed by Ji Yanxin, and for the first time he took the initiative to accept a teaching assistant. Shao Zui mentioned the seminar. He was very worried about whether this brother, who had known himself for ten years to remember his name with a mobile phone scan, could handle such a complicated occasion. He proposed to give this task to his new teaching assistant.

Qi Nian looked at himself brushing his teeth in the mirror, feeling that he was alive like an animal. Qi Nian arrived on time on time, but Ji Yanxin could only call her student number, not a word of nonsense, just arranging tasks for each item, and asked Qi Nian to help organize the materials for the seminar.

Qi Nian wondered why he didn’t call his name because he could call him by his name. He could still call him Yanyan, Xinxin…, Ji Yanxin impatiently put Qi Nian on his hand and called Qi Nian in his own eyes. Five is more appropriate, and proposed that as long as one can call her name after a week, it will pass the test.

The secretly photographed girl turned to Ji Yanxin with the camera, and Shao Zui’s face suddenly appeared in front of the camera. She sold the photos of her cousin to earn money to find her idol. This was originally her idea, but it was a waste. Ji Yanxin took the camera and asked her cousin to apologize to Qi Nian. She shouldn’t use the memory card to plant others, and should record the content of the apology as evidence.

Qi Nian dreamed that she was hiding under the desk, holding a seven-year itch sign and kissing Ji Yanxin under her desk. When she woke up, she found that all the names searched on the computer were all Ji Yanxin’s name, which made her suspect that something was wrong. Ji Yanxin flipped through the photos taken by his cousin. After his colleague asked him the name of the girl in the photo, Ji Yanxin blurted out-Qi Nian. Qi Nian remembered the scene in his dream, secretly hid under the desk but was blasted off the stage by Ji Yanxin in public. The reality is always so cold.

In order to make Ji Yanxin remember his name, Qi Nian did everything he could. She printed her name on her clothes, and tried all means to let him see her name no matter if she gave Ji Yanxin a meal. But Ji Yanxin still deliberately called her five, and Liu Xia told her that the English homophony of five was “crap.” The undefeated Qi Nian swears that even if he loses his character for the rest of his life, he will get Ji Yanxin.

Ji Yanxin’s architectural office borrowed a project and will not return until six days later. When Qi Nian was worried, her cousin came to apologize to her, but she refused to say sorry with her arrogant temperament, even more sophistry that she took family photos. Using the memory card as a threat, Qi Nian intercepted information from his cousin and learned that Ji Yanxin cares most about other people’s comments.

Six days later, when Ji Yanxin returned to school, both the students and the sweeping aunt praised that the teaching assistants were very good. She even hand-painted the drawings of ancient buildings and compiled the design drawings of the conceptual city park. Qi Nian’s high abilities completely exceeded Ji Yanxin’s imagination.

He asked Liu Xia about Qi Nian’s whereabouts, but Liu Xia deliberately didn’t say Qi Nian’s name. Ji Yanxin had to find Qi Nian by himself. Qi Nian saw Ji Yanxin holding a black umbrella on the side of the road. Although Ji Yanxin recognized Qi Nian’s super-level performance, she still judged her unqualified. But Qi Nian’s cheeky and invincible patience, she slammed Ji Yanxin and was splashed with water by a passing motorcycle.

Ji Yanxin brought Qi Nian to the office, and when he saw someone outside the door, he unconsciously dragged him into the room to hide. Qi Nian changed clothes and waited for Ji Yanxin outside the door. She imagined in her mind that if she could go in and see with her own eyes, it would be very helpful for painting. The hand scribbled in the air just landed on Ji Yanxin’s chest muscles as he opened the door and walked out. Ji Yan walked forward and pressed on, he asked Qi Nian why he did this.

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