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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 33 Recap

From the first to the second sentence of Gu Yaodong, you can almost describe it as a rampage. However, Wang Keda was not angry and laughed. He seemed to have been waiting for Gu Yaodong to find himself. He attributed the person responsible for the kidnapping to Zhao Zhiyong, and downplayed it. To get rid of responsibility, and to cause many unnecessary troubles.

Regarding Yang Yixue’s matter, Gu Yaodong guessed Zhong Baiming, thought of Wang Keda, and even doubted it at the top of the police station and even the head of the General Administration, but only ignored Zhao Zhiyong. So when he learned the truth, he felt sad and disappointed one after another, sad to lose his only friend in the police station, and disappointed that the entire Shanghai police station is a nest of snakes and rats.

At the same time, Li Qikun posted Zhao Zhiyong’s hero report on a large cardboard, and a brand new pennant hung beside it, just like a beautiful scenery at Xing Er’s office. However, Zhao Zhiyong felt that the pennant was dazzling, and he simply asked Zhong Baiming for sick leave, leaving the police station in a daze.

There were not many customers at the small noodle stall, but Gu’s mother was happy. Zhao Zhiyong found a picture of him leading the pennant on the wall of his house. Zhao Zhiyong couldn’t help feeling blushing. He wanted to reach out and take it down, but he saw the proud look of his mother and learned that The original intention of hanging photos simply acquiesced in this move.

After a busy day and night gradually fell, Gu Yaodong came to the noodle stall alone, unlike the police station’s anger and excitement, but low and exhausted. Zhao Zhiyong was startled at first, then smiled bitterly, as if he had already expected this scene, so he took the initiative to make a bowl of Yangchun noodles and put it on the table, slowly talking about his childhood experience, regardless of his mother’s hard work to raise him.

When he said this, Gu Yaodong sat quietly next to him. It was not until Zhao Zhiyong’s story was finished that he mentioned Yang Fuduo, including her poor father. Similar life experience, but a different direction, Zhao Zhiyong took out the envelope that Wang Keda gave him from his trouser pocket, and then took out a few dollars and placed it in front of Gu Yaodong.

When so many people from the police station participated in the investigation of the kidnapping case, only Zhao Zhiyong was selected. How could such an obvious trap be known, but his “assessment of the situation” played a role at the critical moment, so the comparison between stubbornness and temptation, which is better or worse Judgment is made. Gu Yaodong watched the scene of Zhao Zhiyong driving away the drunk for his mother. There was a mixture of flavours. When Zhao Zhiyong cleaned up the mess, when he looked back, Gu Yaodong was no longer seen. Of dollars.

Shen Qinghe learned about the situation in Shanghai through the newspapers while he was recovering from his injuries, and then he was panicked. Accompanied by several days of anxiety, he finally waited for the contact person sent by the old Dong. As the traces of the five people have not yet been known, in addition to the police commissar, the superiors also appointed the Security Bureau, the Security Commander, and other intelligence lines including the city government to participate in the investigation. Now they can only wait for news. Before leaving, Shen Qinghe took out the key and letter prepared in advance from the cabinet, and asked the liaison officer to return to Shanghai and forward them to Gu Yaodong.

He Zuxing compared the washed photo with the newspaper. Even though the image was blurry, after repeated confirmation, he still discovered the amazing secret in the photo. He Zuxing photographed the entire process of Shang Rongsheng’s kidnapping on that day, and then hid at home for a few days. At first he wanted to auction the kidnapper’s photos at a high price, but he was afraid of causing trouble. The Shang family asked for money, so they decided to change their goal and raised the price.

Li Qikun brought back all the letters of the police officers from the Second Penalty Division, including Zhao Zhiyong. Just as everyone was opening the letter while chattering, suddenly there was a roar next to him. Zhao Zhiyong’s face was as gray as death, standing up like a frightened bird, the little horn was pushed to the ground by him, and even the others around him were stunned.

The unknown letter was passed to Wang Keda. It contained a piece of newspaper blocks with a piece of content that clearly took the kidnapper’s face, and pointed out that Zhao Zhiyong was good at committing fraud, so he was extorted for $10,000, otherwise It will be exposed. Zhao Zhiyong panicked and asked for help from Wang Keda, but the response he got was to kill people, there was no room for maneuver, and he was destined to become a shield.

Although the anonymous letter does not reveal the identity of the other party, it is certainly not done by the Communist Party, otherwise it would have made a big fuss. In the end, Qi Shengping and the two directors reached a consensus and decided to let Zhao Zhiyong go to the sender according to the address. Even if there is a problem in the future, he will cover the letter and lie to the outside world about personal grievances and have nothing to do with the police.

At lunch time, Zhong Baiming took Zhao Zhiyong to a high-end western restaurant. As a poor child, Zhao Zhiyong had never eaten such an expensive steak, but he was not in the mood to taste it now, just sitting stupidly, waiting for the last hope. It’s a pity that things went counterproductive. Zhong Baiming still used that rhetoric to complain to him, even frankly confessing that the kidnappers are related to the municipal government. The so-called party-state interests are above all else, which means that Zhao Zhiyong must have the spirit of dedication and sacrifice. Zhong Baiming spoke sincerely, with the concern and love for Zhao Zhiyong in his words, which made him temporarily forget his fear and was a little touched, so he was inexplicably lonely and chivalrous, promising to complete the task.

When Ding Naisheng received the call from Director Duan, he couldn’t help feeling a little bit frustrated. He thought that the kidnappers would be resolved soon, but he didn’t expect waves of unrest. Ding Fang took the initiative to carry his luggage home, dressed casually and plainly incompatible with the surroundings, but Mrs. Ding loved her daughter very much, at most nagging, before Ding Fang could speak, he heard Ding Nai’s tone immediately. Severely ordered her daughter to go upstairs to select jewelry.

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