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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 34 Recap

Since Zhao Zhiyong received the letter, Gu Yaodong has noticed his abnormal emotions, so he has been watching secretly throughout the afternoon, seeing the other party locking the letter in the drawer. The police officers left the office one after another. Gu Yaodong used the inkpad as an excuse to change Zhao Zhiyong’s lock, and after he left, he quickly opened the drawer and took out the anonymous letter.

Zhao Zhiyong was uneasy, fearing that the letter would be discovered, and he rushed back to the office. Gu Yaodong just locked the drawer in time, and sat down calmly looking at the files. At this time, the atmosphere in the office looked slightly awkward. Gu Yaodong didn’t intend to speak first. As a result, Zhao Zhiyong took the initiative to sit in front of him, chatting about his past with a wry smile, and the situation when the two first met.

Not all veteran police officers have a say. At least Zhao Zhiyong thinks that the police station is still divided into three or six or nine classes, and he is the most inferior ant. Once an accident occurs, he will be the first to be abandoned, so he decided to strive for the top. Only by the absurdity can we protect ourselves. However, Gu Yaodong and Zhao Zhiyong have different cognitions. Even heroes will be afraid, but Zhao Zhiyong succumbed to fear, and Gu Yaodong challenged fear. Perhaps the two people met because of their beliefs, and eventually they would part ways.

Walking out of the police station building, Gu Yaodong’s pace gradually became faster, and he hurried home, then cut out the necessary blocks from a stack of old newspapers, and put the anonymous letter on Zhao Zhiyong’s desk the next day, pretending to be the sender and leading him to March Meet in the bathhouse. Zhao Zhiyong received the news and was in a state of tension throughout the whole process. Although the temporary change of the appointment location is a common phenomenon in blackmail cases, he is related to his own safety, so how can he be calm.

Ding Fang knew that Gu Yaodong was still looking for evidence and he was bound to reverse the case for Yang Yixue, so he wanted to entrust his father’s relationship to help. However, Mrs. Ding was reprimanded by Mrs. Ding, and Ding Naisheng refused on the spot. Seeing that her father was so cruel and ruthless, Ding Fang was a little annoyed and planned to find a friend in the newspaper office to publish in the newspaper. Unexpectedly, Ding’s mother grabbed her and could only reveal the truth about the case, and said that if she continues to pursue the investigation, she might be involved. The head of the senior officials in the various ministries in Shanghai is his father Ding Naisheng.

In the evening, the servants came and went in and out of the restaurant. Mrs. Ding put on a fine cheongsam and dressed up, ready to go out with Ding Naisheng for dinner. Before leaving, Madam Ding explained the seriousness of the matter to Ding Fang. Until Madam Ding took Ding Naisheng out of the house, Ding Fang still did not recover. She sat blankly in the huge dining room. The table full of food seemed to be rich. No appetite.

On the day of the anonymous letter appointment, there were people coming and going in the bathhouse three times. Zhao Zhiyong was at odds with everyone. He was the only one who walked through every corner in his clothes, gazed around, but instead of waiting for the sender, he attracted the attention of the bathhouse owner. Zhao Zhiyong returned empty-handed, looking confused and relieved. The two police officers following Zhao Zhiyong were deeply surprised, but Wang Keda discovered the problem through a second anonymous letter.

At the same time, Gu Yaodong came to the pavilion in the rockery of the park based on the address, and instantly recognized that the man in front of him was the wretched reporter who was pestering Ding Fang. Knowing the reason why Zhao Zhiyong could not make the appointment, He Zuxing suddenly became angry and yelled that Gu Yaodong was blocking his financial path. Even if Gu Yaodong kept taking out the pre-prepared house deed and passbook, he still did not meet He Zuxing’s needs, because he only Want money.

When the two of them were in a stalemate, Ding Fang suddenly appeared and took out 10,000 US dollars on the spot, ostensibly to help Gu Yaodong buy photos, but actually had other plans. Ding Fang learned from Gu Yaodong that these photos would be handed over to the newspaper, so he lied that he could find someone to publish for him, so he took them away logically.

Wang Keda rushed with police officers. There happened to be a path for viewing bonsais beside the park. So Gu Yaodong pushed Ding Fang directly and blocked the door to stop Wang Keda and others. There was a man who became Guan Wanfumo. Open posture. As Officer Liu’s abuse became louder and louder, Ding Fang hid in the corner and saw Gu Yaodong being beaten by several police officers. He couldn’t help feeling guilty.

Originally, Gu Yaodong had planned to ruin his future, but Ding Fang pushed open the iron gate, then walked to Wang Koda, whispered to him to let him go, and made an explanation about the incident, promising to give Ding Naisheng the photo. destroy. Because she was the daughter of Director Ding, Wang Keda could not easily offend him, so he simply signaled to Police Officer Liu and the other police officers to stop here. Gu Yaodong didn’t know the truth, but was still secretly grateful, and cast a grateful look at Ding Fang.

Afterwards, Wang Keda took Gu Yaodong back to the police station. No matter how he cross-examined about the second anonymous letter and photo, Gu Yaodong refused to admit it, but calmly explained why he made appointments to Fuxing Park during working hours. The reason was boring. There is no loophole.

No. 195 Changde Road is still the familiar apartment. At this time, the room is not messy. Thanks to Ding Fang’s cleaning overnight, the windows are bright and clean, warm and peaceful. Gu Yaodong rushed in, and unexpectedly discovered that Ding Fang had changed into a foreign dress that was in line with the director’s daughter status. It looked much more delicate than usual, but also much haggard.

Ding Fang packed all his luggage and returned the keys to the landlord. Gu Yaodong had an ominous premonition when he learned that Ding Fang had retired from the rent, but he suppressed this feeling forcibly, but Ding Fang’s next words made him bitterly cold. I always think that Ding Fang is different from others. She should be a sensible and warm person. Unfortunately, Gu Yaodong still mistrusted her. The photo has been destroyed, which means that Yang Fuduo’s hopes have been shattered. All of this is due to the government’s nominal allegiance to the party-state.

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